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Doug Kendall

Doug Kendall: Will the Supreme Court Prevent Citizens United From Being Fixed?

Founder and President, Constitutional Accountability Center

We should all care about having fair elections, free from corruption, at both the federal and state level. For that reason, we should all be watching the McComish case closely. Will the Court that permitted the injection of unlimited corporate expenditures into our election process now prevent one of the best ways to ensure candidates without corporate backing have a fighting chance? We'll know the answer soon.


Geraldine Ferraro Dies Aged 75

Geraldine Ferraro Dead Dies

WHAT COURT ORDER? Wisconsin GOP Tries To Force Anti-Union Law Into Effect

Wisconsin Protests

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Libyan Woman Claims Rape By Gaddafi Soldiers, Is Dragged Away From Reporters

Libya Woman Rape

'They Defecated And Urinated On Me And Tied Me Up'

Massive Protests Against Budget Cuts Rock London

London Protests Budget Cuts

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Gaddafi's Plastic Surgery.. Israeli Rocket Shield.. Syria Facts.. Elderly Rapist.. Adultery Legalized

Key Prosecution Witness Gives Conflicting Testimony In Knox Trial

Amanda Knox Trial

Witness Is 'Self-Described Drug Addict And Homeless Man Now In Prison'

Christina Patterson: Why, In Spite Of Everything, I Still Love Obama

Obama Town Hall

Katie Couric Likely To Leave CBS Evening News


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Last 'Oprah' Show.. ABC Host Called Out.. Beck Show Dropped.. CNN Vet Rips Cooper

WINNER: Mega Millions Jackpot Ticket Worth $319 Million Sold

Mega Millions Ticket

U.S. Rushes Fresh Water To Overheating Japan Nuclear Plant


Japan's Quake By The Numbers

NASA's Comet-Hunting Spaceship Shuts Down After 12-Year Run

Stardust Nasa

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iPad 2 Swarms.. Racy Video Game Ad.. EEE Pad.. Facebook Corrects Rumor

LIVEBLOG: GOP Rift Over Role of Social Issues Surfaces At Iowa 2012 Event

Iowa 2012

Warren Buffett: Social Networking Sites Are 'Overpriced'

Warren Buffett Social Network

Kentucky Stuns Top Seed Ohio State

Kentucky Ohio State

Budget Impasse Increasing Risk Of Government Shutdown

Budget Government Shutdown

Syria Pulls Troops From Restive City After Violent Crackdown

Syria Protests

Dozens Dead.. Demonstrators Enraged

Rhinos Slaughtered For Horns Worth More Than Gold

Rhino Poaching

Gaps In U.S. Radiation Monitoring Revealed

Radiation Detectors Out Of Service

Francisco 'Franky' Carrillo Freed 19 Years After Wrongful Conviction

Francisco Carrillo Freed

WATCH: U.S. Soldiers Bring Aid To Remote Japanese Communities

Us Aid Japan Tsunami

President To Deliver Nationally Televised Address On Libya

Obama Libya Speech

The Insanity Continues In The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup

Gop Primary Election 2012

Gaddafi's Son Had Internship In U.S. Just Before Libya Conflict


Washington D.C.'s African American Population Plummets

Washington Dc
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The One-Moment Insomnia Cure


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PHOTOS: Inside The Former Inca Empire In Peru

Peru Taquile

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Cities Around The World Go Dark Tonight For Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2011

The Key To Preventing Type 2 Diabetes


PHOTOS: 11 Lamest 'Jersey Shore' Products

Jersey Shore Products

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PHOTOS: Ryan Gosling's Best Looks

Ryan Gosling

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Woman's Mission To Help Families Of Fallen Firefighters

Wildland Firefighters Foundation

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Madonna's Malawi School Fails.. Millions Of N. Koreans Need Aid

Groupon's Slump, Elvis Impersonators, And More Must-See Tech Stats

Tech Stats

This Week's HuffPost Family Dinner Download: LOL, OMG & The Dictionary

Family Dinner Download

An Open Letter To Beauty Icon Diana Ross

Diana Ross

WATCH: Suspect In Police Officer's Death Surrenders And Frees Hostages On Live TV

Jamie Hood

Police: Neighbors Shoot At Each Other Over Defecating Dog


WATCH: First Look At Will Ferrell On 'The Office'

Will Ferrell The Office

Mayor Of Philadelphia Suburb Dies In Skydiving Accident


Two Young Parents Both Diagnosed With Cancer Within Days

Bk Couple

Who Wrote The Bible And Why It Matters

Who Wrote The Bible

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Tennessee Amends Anti-Sharia Law.. U.N. Votes On Religious Freedom