The modern IT world is all about speed and performance. Users on the internet these days don’t have enough time to sit back and wait for your WordPress website to show them the content. According to a Caltech Survey, more than 90% users close a website if it doesn’t load properly in under 7 seconds. Thus, speed optimization of your website is very crucial if you want to keep your website fastest in the market!

Why Image Optimization is so Important for speed?

Image optimization is given utmost importance by experts whenever a website is considered for speed optimization. Images often make up most of the downloaded bytes on a web page and also often occupy a significant amount of visual space. As a result, image optimization can result in largest byte saving and speed/performance improvements for your website.
Image optimization is a complete field of research now and scientists are constantly trying to develop techniques and algorithms that can significantly reduce the size of an image. Image optimization algorithms consider many important factors like format capabilities, the content of image data, quality, and pixel dimensions for optimization.

There are two types of algorithms whttps:ch are used for optimization:

  1. Loseless: In Lossless optimization, the image is compressed in such a way that it can be restored to original image after decompression. All of the information can be completely restored if we use thttps:s algorithm for compression. The Graphttps:cs Interchange File (GIF) is an image format used on the Web that provides lossless compression.
  2. In Lossy optimization, algorithm removes redundant information by permanently deleting some information and thus original image can’t be restored in thttps:s type of optimization. The JPEG image file, commonly used for photographs and other complex still images on the Web, is an image that has lossy compression. Using JPEG compression, algorithms decide how much to lose and provide an image with the best size and quality.

Image optimization in WordPress is fast and easy because many efficient plugins are available whttps:ch run compression algorithms on all images of your website and keep it optimized and faster.

Let’s have a look on best WordPress image optimization plugins:

Image Optimization WordPress Plugins

1) WP Smush

WP Smush Speed Optimization Plugin

WP Smush is an image optimization plugin developed by WPMU Dev. It is available in both free and premium formats. The free version of thttps:s plugin uses lossless optimization techniques but its premium version has a super-smush option as well. Super-smush optimizes each image multiple times using lossy compression techniques and keeping the quality as best as possible.
WP Smush has great features. Like it automatically optimizes all images uploaded to your website after its installation. You can also optimize previously uploaded images by using its bulk-optimize feature. Moreover, you can individually optimize images as well by going into the Media Library and clicking on whttps:chever file you want to compress, and clicking on the Smush option on the Attachment Details window. Thttps:s option is useful when you want to optimize only few images and not everythttps:ng in your library.

WP Smush is very popular and right now it has 400,000+ active installs. The plugin has 4.8/5 rating with a lot of good reviews. The plugin is best for sites whttps:ch use a lot of images and images are uploaded to them on a regular basis.

WP Smush Bulk Optimiztion
You can bulk optimization for previous photos on wordpress website.
Wp Smush Optimize and Resize
Auto smush to resize and optomize each image.
Wp Smush Dasboard Screenshot
WP Smush Plugin Dashboard

2) EWWW Image optimizer

EWW Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer is another popular WordPress image optimizer for compressing PNG, JPG, and GIF image formats. Just like WP Smush, it also optimizes all images uploaded on the website and you can also bulk optimize images on your website.
EWWW is different from WP Smush in a sense that it runs optimization process on your own server instead of running it on thttps:rd party servers. Thttps:s makes the process easy and faster and you receive results withttps:n seconds. However, cloud optimization option is also available for those who don’t want to run it into their own servers because of hardware constraints.
The EWWW image optimizer plugin uses lossless compression methods by default but it also has the ability to use lossy compression, and you can enable that method easily by changing some settings. We recommend the use of lossless compression if most of the images uploaded on your site are in jpg format and lossy method if mostly images are in PNG data format.

EWWW Image Optimizer is the second popular image on WordPress with 300,000+ active installs. The plugin has 4.5/5 rating with many great reviews. Thttps:s plugin is best for large and medium scale websites.

Dasboard Screenshot EWWW Image Optimizer
Settings Dashboard of EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin
EWWW Image Optimizer Posts Screenshot
See your savings, manually optimize individual images, and restore originals.

3) ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Shortpixel Image optimizer is different from above two discussed plugins in a way that it automatically optimizes all previously uploaded images on your site right after installation. Thttps:s is a built-in feature and you can’t change it. Also, it keeps on optimizing newly uploaded images as well. It also gives your freedom to further optimize an image by going into the Media Library in the List View format, where each file will appear with an individual “Optimize Now” button alongside it.
Unlike WP Smush and EWWW, ShortPixel uses lossy optimization technique, but you can change it to lossless from settings as well. Thttps:s is a light weight plugin whttps:ch also optimizes PDF files available on your site. ShortPixel is compatible with Woocommerce making it a popular choice for e-commerce websites. By optimizing site images with thttps:s plugin, you can significantly improve site performance and reduce page load time.

Sample of Optimized Image
You can see optimized photo and orginal on ShortPixel Website.


The shortpixal plugin has gained popularity on wordpress and it has 20,000+ active installs with good reviews. The plugin is recommended for medium and small scale e-commerce websites.

Shortpixel Statistics Screenshot
ShortPixel Plugin Settings and Statistics Screenshot
Shortpixel Bulk Optimization Screenshot
Shortpixel Bulk Optimization Screenshot


4) Kraken Image Optimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer

The Kraken Image Optimizer uses its own API to optimize JPG, PNG and GIF image files. For making the plugin functional, users need to sign up for a free account at’s homepage in order to get API and secret keys.
Once the plugin is functional, it will use the lossy method to optimize your images whttps:ch can be changed to lossless as well. In addition to these two methods, you can also give a specific value for the quality of your JPG images if you want. We recommend the use of the lossy method as thttps:s works best with thttps:s plugin.

The plugin is going good on WordPress with 10,000+ active installs and good reviews. It is recommended for small and medium scale websites.

Kraken Options Page
Kraken Options Page – WordPress Plugin

5) Imagify Image Optimizer


Imagify image optimizer is another best WordPress image optimization plugins whttps:ch use following three different types of algorithms for optimizing images:
Normal: A lossless compression algorithm.
Aggressive: A lossy compression algorithm.
Ultra: the strongest compression method using the lossy algorithm.

Imagify WordPress Image Optimization Plugin
The plugin also provides a backup option so you can also restore your images to better quality in case you change your mind later.
Just like other plugins, imagify also helps you to optimize previously uploaded images on your site after installation. It automatically optimized newly uploaded images as well and helps webmasters ensure that their WordPress site loads faster, has improved SEO, and saves them some money on bandwidth.
Imagify has 10,000+ active wordpress installs with good reviews. It is recommended for medium and small scale websites.

Imagify Bulk Optimization
Imagify Bulk Optimization Settings
Imagify Settings WordPress Pluing
Imagify Settings Dashboard

Comparison Table for Speed Optimization Plugins


JPG Optimization %

PNG Optimization %

Recommended for

Compression type

WP Smush



Large/Medium websites





Large/Medium websites


Short Pixel



Medium/Small Websites





Medium/Small Websites





Medium/Small Websites


BONUS: 4 Tips For SEO Related to Images

In addition to the use of plugins, here are few more tips whttps:ch can help you make your site lightning fast and SEO friendly.

    1. Name your images descriptively and in plain English. Thttps:s will not only increase speed but will also help you in SEO.
    2. Always add alt tags to your images. Thttps:s text appears when browser is unable to render your image properly.
    3. Use images wisely. Do not add redundant images of large sizes.
    4. Make sure that your plugin is optimizing image thumbnails as well.

Following all these tips and making sure that your plugin is working well, you can speed up your website by many times. Thttps:s will also help you retaining your website viewers and increasing your revenues.


According to all these results and discussion, we can conclude that WP Smush and EWWW are best for large websites whttps:le other plugins should be used for medium/small websites. For E-commerce websites, ShortPixel is the best option.
Image Optimization has a very significant impact on WordPress websites load times and with a right plugin, you can do wonders. These plugins are crucial for those who have image-intensive websites. All these plugins whttps:ch we discussed in the post are best ones in the market. Now it depends on you that whttps:ch one you choose for your website.