How to become a professional Android developer for free?

Android is an emerging technology in the current modern world and has a very great potential in it. Top tech companies around the globe are looking for professional android developers. According to a recent survey, consumers are now more inclined towards smartphones than desktop computers. Thus it is very clear that android developers will be in high demand in next 10 years.

Android developers can earn in many possible ways. You can do full-time job, part-time job, freelancing or android courses teaching. But, first you need to be a professional android developer with some cool apps in your portfolio. So, let’s see how you can become an android developer without spending even a single penny.

There are many online platforms which are providing android courses. But, we need to find best courses for free. So we did some research and here are few places to start learning android today!

1. Udacity Android Courses:


Udacity is an amazing platform which is providing a large range of free professional courses for everyone. At Udacity, expert instructors deliver knowledge in a way that it is understandable for everyone. Among all available courses, Android courses are best ones in terms of quality and learning. All these Android courses can be accessed from this link:  Udacity Android courses

Learning from Udacity is very easy. just go to the link, select beginner courses for you and start learning!

2. Udemy Free Android Courses:


Udemy is another very good platform where top instructors from around the globe teach students. Some of the very amazing courses are totally free on Udemy. So, If you are done with most of the android Udacity courses and looking for more training and knowledge, you should try these free Udemy courses: Free Android Udemy Courses

The good thing about Udemy courses is that you can choose your course and instructor after viewing their rating and reviews so in the most of the cases, chances are that you’ll get a right and perfect instructor for you.

3. The NewBoston Android Tutorials:

TheNewBoston is a free training website started by Bucky Roberts, a famous youtube instructor. He offers a wide range of free courses and is very famous because of very descriptive and comprehensive teaching style. You can access his basic Android training course via this link: TheNewBoston Android course

After completing this course, you can try his other android courses as well. Learn from him and don’t forget to thank him and us later.

Learning Android can be a very fun stuff if you’ll keep building applications alongside as well. And who needs to pay when you can learn all this stuff for free? So start learning today and build you android career. Also, do not forget to share this useful information with your friends. Happy learning!

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