Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is a marketing trend that focuses on increasing the organic traffic in order to get more conversions and more sales. There are a lot number of factors that count when it comes to SEO. Technical and practical steps are involved to optimize a site in a way that it appears in top search results. SEO is important for all the sites and blogs. Let me explain with an example. When a user has to buy or purchase something, he/she normally, now, comes on web search engines. The search engine might be Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other. As the user puts the query, the search engine gives him the useful results apropos the query. The results appeared on top are better ranked and of those websites that have worked a lot and improved their SEO.

From this simple example, it becomes evident that SEO is the backbone of any business especially in this time and age. When people search the products you sell, you will be getting direct customers through your website if it’s properly ranked. For ranking a site on top, content, keywords, SEO strategy, quality of the goods and optimization of your site are important.

Why a Site Needs SEO?

There are two major types of sources where you can get visitors and convert them into customers. First, the top search engines like Google, Bing and others and second the important and top social media platforms like Facebook etc. Most of the organic (non-paid) traffic comes through search engines and thus focusing on keywords and your ranking is highly required to stand in the market. No matter what type of products, services and facilities you offer, to get a considerable number of customers you got to rank your site on top.

It must be kept into mind that search engines make all this happen; they either let you flourish or throw you out of the competition due to poor ranking. SEO is the backbone of your business. I have personally seen multiple international companies that performed well but they finally came to SEO for ranking and optimization of their sites.

Factors Affecting a Search

Here we listed some important points that impact a search and ultimately the users.

  • The query searched on search engine
  • Your location
  • The creators of the product or content
  • Your friend zone
  • The device, the device through which your search your questions

What Does Actually SEO Do?

Now the beginners should be able to understand what SEO is for actually. So we have listed some of the functions:

  • Site optimization
  • Optimizes keywords
  • Builds useful links
  • Content generation
  • More conversions and more customers
  • Increased traffic and sales

I hope you’ll find this article useful Stay tuned for more.

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