What are the best smartphones in the world?

Purchasing a smartphone can be a difficult decision since all smartphones are mostly the same in shape and prices. However, it really matters when it comes to the performance, design and flexibility. Selecting a right smartphone can take you to many benefits in the long run. while not so good smartphone may be a problem when you’ll try to resell it.

We at Artz studio have been dealing with smartphones for a while. We not only did desktop research but also tested and made a comparison of smartphones’ performance. After all the research, we have handpicked these smartphones for you. We believe purchasing one among them will give you a lot of benefits in the long run!

Let’s have a look on top results:

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


There are so many reasons why this smartphone is best in the market. It has a large 5.5 inch HD display with a very good battery. The phone is water resistent, comes with great graphics and provides an additional SD card slot for expandable storage. This phone has a good resale value in the market as well.

2. Huawei p9


Huwaei p9 is a brilliant smartphone from Huawei Incorporation. It has 4GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery which makes it a perfect choice for those who use multiple applications whole day. The phone has a perfect display and performance while it’s camera results are very good as well.

3. iPhone 6S


iPhone 6s is one of the most beautiful smartphones in the world. It comes with not only a very beautiful hardware but also provides elegant interfaces. this is the reason why iPhone is popular around the globe. However, it is an expensive option as compared to the other smartphones available in the market.

4. Nexus 6P


Nexus 6P is a beautiful smartphone designed by Huawei technologies. It comes with great features like timely updates, beautiful and strong hardware and good camera result. The smartphone has a strong body and lasts longer as compared to other smartphones.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung is about to launch it’s Note 7 smartphone which considering it’s features can be considered as one of the best smartphone out there in the market. However, we’ll come to know about it in detail when it will be out in the market and people will actually use it. We would love to update you regarding its feedback.

Smartphone is not only just an investment, it is rather a smart move which should be taken after due consideration. You should always check local warranty, camera, battery and RAM before purchasing a smartphone. Also, we would like to hear your opinions in this regard as well. Let us know your views in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates!

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