What IT technologies should you learn to stay ahead in the industry?

According to a latest survey, IT industry is the world’s second largest industry and is about to become the biggest one. People working in the IT industry are making good amounts and IT leaders are among those people who are making top salaries around the globe. Since, IT industry is progressing and changing rapidly, it is important to stay informed about hot IT technologies. So, you’ll be able to stay ahead in the market and get most out of your learning struggle.

Our ArtzStudio team did some research regarding IT technologies and we handpicked few technologies for you. We believe you should learn these technologies to stay ahead in the industry. Let’s have a look on these:

1. Node.js


 Node Js is a server side scripting language with no blocking properties. this means that application built in node js will be able to operate in threads and do many tasks at one time. This will increase speed of the application. This is why Node js is now becoming a famous technology around the globe and top IT companies are looking for Node js developers.

2. Hadoop


Hadoop is a technology used to process big data in very less time. Since, modern world is all about big data and managing it, leading IT companies are looking for more and more Hadoop developers since it is one of the perfect solutions for managing and dealing with big data.

3. Cassandra


Cassandra is a database management system which allows developers to manage big data across multiple servers easily. Thus, it is a best fit where scalability is concerned. Cassandra is a free and open source project by Apache Software foundation. Thus, anyone can use and learn it easily.

4. Angular Js


Angular Js is a front end technology which is used to build single page applications. This javascript framework is based on MVC architecture and applications built in it are very easy to use where end user don’t need to go on different pages again and again.

Becuase of the increasing popularity of Angular Js, companies are looking for its developers and are willing to pay more and more to them. You should definitely learn this technology.

5. Android


Who doesn’t know about Android? It is a famous technology and getting more famous around the globe. Everyday new android applications are being uploaded on play store. Becuase of the large amount of work, android developers are going to be in demand for next 10 years. learning android thus can be a very useful thing.

We hope this article will help you getting an idea of famous technologies. You are most welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section. We’ll be glad to hear your view in this regard. Stay tuned for more useful article regarding emerging technologies.

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