How Does Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Work for a Website?


Have you ever though how Google brings the relevant sites, links and pages when we search a query on the internet? What are the standards for which the sites are brought at the top? How does the search work? These are the few questions linked with working of SEO algorithms. SEO is a technique to influence the ranking of site, either put it on top or throw it out of the box.

Before Google, the site owners and the technology whiz used to manipulate the markets through different sources but Google came and it solved this issue. Google fought against the algorithm manipulations and focused on content quality and public reputation. Different algorithms were introduced like Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon etc.  Other search engines have almost the same basics but their working procedures vary a bit.

There are small programs in form of particles that are called as spiders. Google uses these spiders to index and rank websites. The spiders browse the websites as people and visitors do. The programs check a lot of things like quality of the content, backlinks, images, nature of information and the keywords used. These spiders then find, go through and index every page of the site and it might happen daily or after months as well. The website owners or SEO expert know that if they want the Google program to index their sites very often, there is a dire need to update content on your site. Blogs can be updated; guest posts can be used to get backlinks on other relevant and top ranked sites.

When a query is searched on the search engine, the spiders get active, move through all the web pages and these pages might be millions in number, they take not more than 30 seconds to index the top sites and this way a site appears in search results if it has been ranked well by following the necessary requirements imposed by SEO. If a site has better ranking, it will appear in the top results and normally the users love visiting top few results. Having a site on top is useful because the visitors and the audience can easily be converted into customers.

Tips to Rank Well in Search Engine

Here we have compiled a few of the useful tips that can be followed to get better performance of your website in the search results.

  • Write content of some great quality
  • The content of your site should be published and spread on multiple sites
  • Content sharing is imperative for better rankings.
  • Your content should have links on other relevant sites
  • The more people talk about your site, the more you get a reputation and better are the results.

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