How to Improve your iPhone Battery Life?


FILE - In this Sept. 25, 2015 file photo, a Apple iPhone 6S is displayed at an Apple store on Chicago. The fight between Apple and the FBI over access to a San Bernardino killer’s iPhone isn’t the first time industry and government have tangled over privacy and security. Every revolution in communications technology has sparked new fights over its use that changed the course of law enforcement, surveillance and civil liberties. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Apple when introduced its first ever iPhone in 2007, no one knew that the brand will produce revolutionary smartphones that people will wait to get a piece. Now after many years, Apple has become the biggest and best technology giant that has millions of user of its products. iPhones are very much liked, used and traded all around the world. There are few of the features that make iPhone a choice of millions of people and battery life is the one among such specs.

The users should clear two things; battery life in iPhone is the amount of time your battery runs once it’s recharged while battery lifespan is the amount of time your battery last before it’s replaced after purchasing the iPhone. Following these general and few particular tactics will help in boosting your iPhone battery life and lifespan:

1. Update your iPhone to Latest OS

Apple lets its users enjoy the latest software in their devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The reason behind updates is that Apple keeps on removing the bugs its users report so using the latest iOS will let you spare some amount of battery in your device as the latest versions are a refinement in every aspect.

2. Keep your iPhone in Comfortable Temperature

The iOS users should know that their device have batteries that work only in comfortable and a range of ambient temperatures. For iPhones, 32°F-95°F (0°C-35°C) is comfortable and if any of the extreme temperatures drops, it may damage the battery for good. I myself have experienced that when I went to a very cold place, the battery of my iPhone suddenly dropped but it was temporary and once you get back to the normal temperature, battery charging of your iPhone will be fine. Thus it’s suggested to maintain the limited temperature range for your iOS device.

3. Remove Cases While Charging iPhone

Many people use various sorts of cases and covers to protect their phones. When you are charging your iPhone, all such cases should be removed in order to avoid any extra heat that may damage the battery or phone.

4. Optimize these Phone Settings

The settings of your phone directly impact the battery life and lifespan as well. Optimization of the settings will help you enjoy your battery for an increased amount of time. During charging do the following:

  • Put your iPhone on lower power mode to save the battery consumption and let it charge quickly.
  • If you are in a hurry and want to recharge your phone, keep your phone on airplane mode and it will give your battery a fair boost.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen to a comfortable level and turn off auto-brightness adjust.
  • Charge your iPhone on a laptop as it charges quickly as compared to the socket. In the event, the battery of your iPhone is drained, charge it on wall socket and plug into a laptop when it turns on.

5. Keep a Check of Battery Use

In the settings, you can check which apps are consuming your battery. It will give daily and weekly reports so you can minimize the use of apps which cause your battery die early. WiFi is normally preferred over cellular data to save a fair amount of battery.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy your iPhone experience without worrying about the dying battery. Keep visiting the blog for more hacks!

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