Is WordPress a Content Management System (CMS)?


A content management system (CMS) is an application that provides the users with different scenarios to manage, access and use website data, information, content and other applications. The purpose of a (CMS) is to get access to a website including its content, data and other information for recreation, editing and upgradation of the necessary changes. WordPress is world’s most popular CMS. It’s free and open source CMS. According to a study of April 2016, 60 million websites are WordPress based and its use as a CMS has increased to 26%.

WordPress Content Management Tools

  • Post Types
  • Taxonomies/organizing posts
  • Custom fields
  • Author archives
  • Dynamically created pages
  • The wordpress blog page


When you are using wordpress, you can switch from one theme to the other. Different themes employed help in changing the look of the website and this can be done in content of the site. The change in themes not only revamps look but alters the functionality as well. WordPress sites need one theme all the time and a theme in wordpress can be changed through CSS, HTML and PHP. When it comes to wordpress themes, there are two types; the free themes available in wordpress directory and the premium themes that can be purchased.


WordPress plugin architecture enables the users to add more features and extend the functionality of the website or blog. There are more than 40000 wordpress plugins available and they all let the developers and users alter and tailor the sites to their specific needs. The customization of the plugins normally includes SEO, client portal, CMS, content displaying features, and adding navigation and widgets. it should be remembered that all plugins not come with updates so some may not support few features or don’t work at all.


The benefits associated with wordpress as a CMS are added here:

  • Very easy to use as compared to CSS, HTML and PHP
  • The community provides useful support
  • The thousands of plugins available make it easier than ever
  • The themes and templates let you enjoy website with multiple themes
  • Manu management of wordpress enables for changes and updates
  • No standards in adding files by yourself


  • Modifications require PHP knowledge
  • For graphic changes, you need to know CSS and HTML
  • Needs multiple plugins and better efficiency
  • Content is not protected at all
  • Formatting tables may become very complex

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