Should We Care about our Online Privacy?


If I am personally asked this question, my answer will be a big yes. As a technology geek and being familiar with online threats, I have never compromised my online security and so do I suggest for the other users in far and wide. Let it be social media, dating sites, a general knowledge forum or simply Facebook, never pay deaf ears to what goes on regarding the online privacy needed. I would share the online dangers that happened due to the negligence of the teens when they had been online and totally forgot to hide their personal information. Many teens are called for dating, harassed, abused, cyber bullied and in the worst conditions spiked to death.

If you are a parent, you need to be serious about the online privacy of your kids and teens. Nowadays is the time when parents buy their teenager kids tablets, iPads and smartphones when they are only 7-8 years old. The lust of newness is in everybody and as per a recent study, the young kids between ages of 8-10 spend 6-8 hours daily on screen using their digital devices.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Online Privacy:

Here are some tips for you to maintain your online privacy.

1. Say NO to Public WiFis

The biggest cause behind hacking and breaking into someone’s personal information has been reported using the public WiFi. Whenever you connect to a publically available internet connection and use it, your privacy is not ensured and anyone owning the net connection can obtain your personal data behind the firewalls. Thus the technicians recommend not using public WiFi. Educate your kids about it and spread the word.

2. Block Harmful Sites

A number of apps are available on play store and app store that let you block unwanted sites and applications on your target device so use them for your kids and save them online. These apps are almost free and offer a number of other features as well.

3. Monitor your Offspring

You can’t be with your kids and teens all the time around the clock so you have no idea what your kids are up to. Be vigilant and never miss a chance to keep eyes on them. This is the best time to grow them up in perfect ways and educate them about online dangers of compromising the privacy. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instgram, Viber, SnapChat and many other apps will definitely be on the app list of your teens phones. Many of these apps are security killers and hot places for cyber bullies. Use monitoring apps on the phones of your kids and optimize their privacy.

4. Educate Your Teens

Your teens are not the teens of 80s or 90s where children had no idea of technology rather now kids of age of 8 and 10 are getting certificates for being IT proficient. Sit with your kids, tell them that putting private information publically is not the way world works and be around them when they are about to lose their privacy.

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