What are the technologies that will change the world in next 5 years?

This world is now all about technology and how it is growing rapidly. Every day, we come across new trending technologies and we are going to a complete tech-era. According to Moore’s law, the computational power of this world will rise exponentially, not linearly. Thus, we should expect amazing technology enhancements in next 5 or 10 years. It is very important to remain updated about the new upcoming technologies so no one will lag behind only because of less information.

We at Artz Studio did some research about the technologies that are expected to change our world soon. After this research, we handpicked five top technologies for you. All these technologies are very important and Scientists are working day and night to bring them into the local market. Let’s have a look on all these one by one.

1. The Internet of things


The internet of things is a concept that all devices in this world will be connected to the internet soon. This is not about a new thing but actually, this concept is slowly integrating into our very own internet. According to a recent survey, there are twenty billion devices in this world which are currently connected to the internet. That means on average, every person is having 3 devices connected to the internet right now. And this number is increasing rapidly. As a result, our internet will soon turn into the internet of things which will totally change our lives.

2. 3D printing


3D printing is a concept where you don’t need industry to build anything and you can make almost anything at home. Currently, 3D printers are available in the market. All you just need to do is to purchase a 3D printer, design the thing you want to make and give instructions to the computer. With in few minutes, 3D printer will make your product ready. 3D printing technology is progressing rapidly and it is expected to change our manufacturing industry soon.

3. Self-Driving cars


You must have heard about Google self-driving car where you don’t need to do anything. Just sit in the car and it will take you where ever you want. However, it’s not just the Google working on these self-driving cars. There are at least 10 more companies which are working day and night to build their self-driving cars as well. As soon as self-driving cars will hit the market, entire transport industry will be revolutionized.

4. Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is the technology where you can control your devices and instruments with body gestures. this technology is becoming very popular and more companies are now working on their augmented reality products. In next 5 years, our world will be having a lot of augmented reality gadgets.

5. Cloud computing

cloud computing

Cloud computing is a term which is used for those systems which store and process their all data at a central data server. the world is moving rapidly towards cloud computing and in next 5 years, we’ll all be living with clouds everywhere!

These technologies are for betterment and well being of human race so these should be used wisely. I hope you liked the article. Stay tuned for more amazing stuff!

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