Q. What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is the Google’s WebCrawler. WebCrawler’s are type of software that discovers new and updated pages, follows links, gather information and then send that information somewhere.

In short, we can say that googlebot is a software that:

  • Finds and retrieve new and updated web pages to be added to the Google index.
  • Follows links
  • Gathers information
  • And then sends that information to one place

Q. How does Googlebot work?

Googlebot follows following steps when it works:

Step 1: It checks the list for where to go.

Step 2: It visits that site and scans that page

Step 3: It collects information about that page and any links on that page.

Step 4: It sends that information to Google.

Q. Why Googlebot matters for your Website?

As already said, Googlebot collects information about your site that is sent back to Google. This information is used by Google to update the Google index.

Google index is important for your website because Google index lists all of the web pages that Google knows about. Google index is where webpages are compared and ranked.

Q. Should I allow Googlebot to visit my Website?

If you want your website to be found by most of the users of Google then your website must be found by Google and ranked optimally. This could only be so, if your website is visible to Googlebot.

Q. Are Googlebot and Google index same thing?

No. They are two different things. Googlebot is a software that:

  • Follows links
  • Finds new and updated pages
  • Collects information
  • Send that information to Google

While Google index is :

  • An index where all web pages found by Google are listed and ranked.

Making sure your site is visible to Googlebot:

Since Googlebot is the source of ranking all of the sites, I’m sure you would agree that it is very essential that Googlebot sees your site and collects information about your site.

To make sure that your site is visible and accessible to Googlebot, you have to answer three major questions.


We’ll look into these three major questions one by one:

1. Can Googlebot “see” my site?

To find out what google sees from your site, do the following Google search,


This will list down all of the pages Google has indexed for your site. If you see less number of pages than you expect then you probably are blocking the Googlebot in your “robots.txt” file.

2. Is all the content and links accessible to Googlebot?

Googlebot does not see complete web pages, it only sees the individual components of the page i.e HTML, CSS, JS, images etc. If any of these components is not accessible to Googlebot, it will not add those components to Google index.

3. Are all my site resources and pages accessible to Googlebot?

If CSS and javascript files are blocked by your robots.txt file then it can cause some severe misunderstandings about your web page content (much worse than just a missing image).

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