What is the Best SEO Friendly CMS in 2016 for a Blog?


Selecting and deciding on a versatile CMS is very tricky. Many of the CMS present today might be fancy but often they don’t proffer the expected functionality and tools that the users need. Here we have listed some of the important points that should be taken into serious considerations while deciding a CMS for your needs. Our write-up aims at covering the best CMS and these criteria will serve us as a help to come to a final and decisive conclusion.

Factors to Consider for the Best CMS

  • The core functionality of the content management system should be overlooked.
  • User-friendly editor
  • Proper management of assets
  • Adequate search functionality
  • Flexible customization ability
  • Roles and permissions
  • Support for multiple websites

So which is the Best CMS Today?

As for as the query “the best CMS for blogs in 2016” concerns, WordPress is the most popular, widely used (55% and Joomla 20%) and versatile content management system for the blogs nowadays. Basically it was suitable for blogs but now you can develop multiple sites of different standards and kinds. Even now with WordPress, eCommerce websites can be developed as well but that requires additional plugins of wooCommerce.

WordPress is available in two forms; wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The .org version of WordPress proffers the same functionality as .com but it supports some extra features for the bloggers too. WordPress.org is considered to be a great choice for developing sites for the users who need to have complete control over their blogs with all customization abilities in their hands.

Reasons to Prove that WordPress is the Best CMS

Here we have listed some of the reasons to convince the users that WordPress is a CMS that’s matchless and unique.

  • A perfect choice for blogs
  • Reasonably a better choice for personal sites, BBC, CNN, Harvard University Review, New York Times and many other sites are WordPress based.
  • SEO-friendly Content Management System that supports multiple plugins for SEO.
  • Undoubtedly, wordpress is a very responsive CMS today.
  • The wordpress premium is the most secure and sensible choice.
  • Not that much expensive or costly, rather costs not more than $60 for premium themes.
  • A CMS developed by top professional and engineers

Final Thoughts

The facts and current statistics prove WordPress the best and most used CMS nowadays for blogs and websites as well. Due to its top-notch development, it caters a wide range of users in its community and the number of widgets and plugins available take it a step ahead of all. More than half of the websites in this time and age is WordPress based and the fact is a real testimonial of its worth and vitality.


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