What is the Best WordPress Plugin for Facebook Engagement?



The bloggers nowadays tend to look forward to the plugins that prove handy in social engagement. It should be remembered that engaged audience is actually what trades with you and becomes your permanent customers for the offing as well.

Here in the write-up we will include the best WordPress plugin that bloggers can employ to get increased audience and boost the level of sales. In addition to this, few more factors matter the most as well like content strategy for audience engagement.

Social Master WordPress Plugin for SEO:

Social Master is the so far one of the best plugins for social engagement, getting more traffic, boosting the website and ultimately increasing sales too. It’s a very safe, clean and durable plugin that replaces a number of extensions and keeps the WordPress code clean with optimized pages. It doesn’t make use of Java or Ajax development at all.

Main Features:

  • Supreme widget for social sharing with zero mistakes and conflicts
  • Must have viral share plugin
  • Built-in html5- No JavaScript
  • Facebook Like and Send, double punch action
  • Twitter Follow and Tweet, Google Plus, Tumbler, Buffer, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube – StumbleUpon, MySpace, Reddit, Digg – Soundcloud,  Spotify, Reverbnation, and Feedly.
  • Shortcode Framework ready, to publish inside pages and post

The features listed above demonstrate a number of social media platforms and the bloggers or website owners can decide which social platforms or forums will appear, and their respective buttons can be added or shown. Furthermore, for more than one social forum engagements the users can add more buttons as well by setting their necessary orders.

LTE Version:

The LTE version of this WordPress plugin includes the followings:

  • You can hide, change or display the widget titles
  • It’s a very fast loading plugin for social purposes
  • Integration of horizontal and vertical display
  • Facebook and Twitter like, send and follow buttons for all the respective platforms

Advanced Version:

  • The advanced version gives all the features offered in LTE version and further are listed below.
  • Google Plus button with other social networking shares too
  • Social Master advanced widget button
  • Reddit, PinInterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler and all social websites are integrated into this advanced version with their like, follow, send and other buttons as well.

This WordPress plugin is designed with utmost care and offers multiple features that the bloggers find very facile to use and implement on their blogs and websites. The users can customize their settings and decide which features or buttons will appear.

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