What is the best way to create a mobile app for your WordPress website?

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Apps are becoming more common than websites themselves. Since they are easy to access on phone and works faster. But, what is the best way to create a mobile app for your WordPress website? Well, there are a couple of ways to convert a WordPress site into an Android or iOS app. Following are the best possible ways to create a WordPress mobile app:

Making an app using plugins


The easiest and convenient way to convert WordPress apps into an app is through using plugins. There are many advantages of choosing this option. Using plugins to make an app is the fast and efficient way. It saves a lot of your time of designing from the beginning. These plugins do not demand a lot of knowledge programming since they are plugins they just ask you to drag and drop or use code snippets at most.

Here are the top plugins that convert a WordPress site into an app.

1. AppPresser
2. Worona – Native Mobile App for free (iOS & Android)
3. MobiCloud
4. WiziApp
5. JoeMobi
6. Mobile App Converter
7. Mobapper – Native mobile apps for WordPess (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry)

Making an app using PhoneGap Build Service (PGB)

PhoneGap is an emerging technology of building apps. The reason PGB Service is trending is that the apps that it builds can work on Android and iOS, you do not have to make separte apps for them. It is also very easy to use. Following is the step by step guide on how to convert your website into an app.

#Step1:We will be using PhoneGap Build Service (PGB) for creating our simple App. PGB is a great Build Service provided by the Adobe to create a Mobile Application on the go.

#Step2:The process starts with registering yourself with Phone Build

#Step3:Well now it’s time for selecting the plan type and by default Adobe PhoneGap Build offers a free plan which can be used to build App only once.But I say its worth trying! You can also try the Paid Plan.

#Step4:After selecting the desired Plan,you need to Log in with your Adobe Id, however, you can create a new one if you don’t have one by just signing up.

#Step5:Now you need some specific files(also called PGB App Files). However, if you don’t know how to build them, you can just download them from the Github using this link.

However I strongly advice that if you are going to build a professional App for your blog,you can always consider a professional’s help.

#Step6: Now you need to configure your App.Just open the config.xml file from the downloaded folder wp-barebones-mobileapp make the following changes:

  • widget @id – convention is to reverse your site’s domain name and add a suffix of .app
  • name – the title of your site.
  • description – a short description for your site
  • author (@email, @href) – your details
  • content @src – change this to the home page of your site
  • access @origin – this determines which websites the app can browse. The 2 extremes are to enter your domain name and therefore restrict the app to only browsing your website or to use ‘*’ and allow any website to be browsed

#Step7:You can create some logo and icons for your App from App Icon or Make App Icon. You just need to replace the icons with the default icons and the splash screens too.

#Step8:Now you just need to start the KGB Process by uploading the .zip folder “My WordPress App”.Once uploaded, click the Ready to Build Button.

#Step9:After the build is successful the following screen will show up:

However, if you are using a Free Version of the PhoneGap Builder ,you will not be able to download the iOS App since it is available only for paid version.

#Step10: You can scan the QR Code with your Android Device to download and install the App directly to your Device.

#Step11: That’s it.You have now successfully created a Mobile App for your WordPress Site.


So far we have discussed multiple solutions to create an app which all are easy to implement. Plugins are preferable if you do not want to leave the WordPress environment and PhoneGap is preferred when you want a cross-platform app. So, whether you have an online store, subscription website or just a static website, you can easily make an app out of it for your visitors.

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