What are the best WordPress E-commerce plugins?


E-commerce is a growing business nowadays and anyone with some good plan and dedication can reach boundless heights in a short period of time. In this article, you will now why choosing WordPress to build an E-commerce website is a great option, what are the issues with WordPress and their solution then finally we will tell you what are the best E-commerce plugins that you can use to build your website.

Choosing WordPress for E-commerce

WordPress were initially used for blogging websites but due to its powerful yet simple architecture makes it the most used tool among developers. The scope of WordPress is increasing day by day and so the websites based on it. But there are some security concerns if you use WordPress for Ecommerce which should be taken care of on time.

Security Issues And Solution

Since you are going to build an E-commerce website then you have to be very conscious about each and everything since it could be money and goods that you are dealing with. Since a lot of websites are based on WordPress, hackers try to hack WordPress websites. The location of files, backend of databases and the permalinks have the similar structure in all WordPress websites unless you change them.

Well, although these issues exist but they all are resolvable. Let me share names of few notable big name brands that are using WordPress for their website :

1. eBay

2. PlayStation 

3. Fortunefortune.com

4. overclothing

5. livechic

and many more.

In order to make your website secure please read the article: What are the top WordPress security plugins?

Ecommerce Plugins

So, selecting an E-commerce plugins depends on a lot of factors. It depends on what you are selling like digital products including photos, ebooks, software etc or you are selling physical products and you are providing delivery service. Some plugins word good for both kinds of businesses.  Secondly, you need to consider which payment method are you willing to implement and is that supported by your current plugin.

1) WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the mostly used and effective E-commerce plugin. WooCommerce spans upon more than 18% of total E-commerce websites. It is frequently updated with a lot of functionalities and options available to developers. This plugin is meant to sell both products and services online and is compatible with a number of add-ons and themes.

2) Shopify


Shopify is a strong competitor of WooCommerce. It charges a monthly subscription fee. Shopify is a standalone service but also comes with WordPress integration. It is super easy to make an e-store using Shopify and it supports both digital and physical products. It helps in integrating online payment or payment through cash and it has a large support community also.

3) Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is another famous plugin for selling digital products. It is very easy to use and is compatible with a lot of themes and plugins. It works with almost all kinds of themes. Even if you do not have decided a theme then Easy Digital Downloads has themes built specifically for the plugin.

4) WP eCommerce


WP eCommerce is another simple yet powerful WordPress eCommerce plug-in that has been around for last several years. WP eCommerce allows you to customize HTML and CSS, so you could have full control over the look and feel of your eStore. Whether you sell physical inventory, digital downloads, memberships or subscriptions, this amazing plug-in has made selling an absolute breeze. Even, you can add extra functionalities to your store by purchasing a variety of upgrades and premium add-ons available.

5) iThemes Exchange


iThemes Exchange works for selling both digital and physical products. Its setup is quite simple including questions regarding your products and services. It offers free Stripe add-on unlike which offer paid membership to add Stripe addon.


If you want maximum control, flexibility, and features, then WooCommerce is the best solution for you. Or, if you are just selling digital goods, then you should check out Easy Digital Downloads. Otherwise, if you want a quick setup and ease of use, then Shopify is the best eCommerce solution for you. Hope you liked the article. Maybe you are interested in reading What are the must have plugins for a new WordPress website.

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