5 Secrets to Grow Your Website Traffic in 2 Months


Every website owner or blogger desires to have more and more visitors on their sites. You put a lot of efforts over a long time but results, sometimes, are not expected. For getting more conversions, traffic is inevitable but for this, you got to reckon for the methods to attract, outnumber the traffic and grow your revenues. Check these 5 secrets for increased website traffic in two months.

Post Fresh Content

This is a fundamental tactic to bring more traffic on your site, as per the SEO analysts. Create a blog and post new articles or blogs thrice a week. You simply put some content into your blog, wait to see the site grow but it needs persistent efforts. For posting SEO friendly content, you should create top-notch ideas for blog posts, create link bait pages and always plan content before publishing. Planned content with creative titles will absolutely bring more conversions.

Analyze and Target Low Volume Keywords

You need to analyze the competitors’ keywords using SEMrush and it’s a never ending journey. You need to constant work on this. Use these tips to analyze and target more keywords.

  • Find more competitors for diversity in keywords
  • Create pages with unique content for new keywords
  • Target the keywords that bring more traffic
  • Utilize the keywords with low competition
  • Regularly analyze the statistics of your ranking

Start on Social Media

Presence on social media matters very much. If you are not using social sites, you are actually missing more relevant traffic. Properly run campaigns on social media tend to outnumber conversions. Here are some helpful tips for social sites.

  • Find a relevant social site for your website
  • Stay active and study strategies of top competitors
  • Don’t ask for likes, rather bag it
  • Follow a time that brings maximum traffic on your posts
  • Be very active on special festive occasions and send greetings etc.
  • Ensure your regular presence on all channels

Strive for Backlinks

Find out the most trusted websites from Google and utilize them for content sharing. Guest posts on trusted sites with a backlink to your site lead to more traffic and more conversions. Earned backlinks are though tough but they are truly natural links and have more values in search engine eyes. A single backlink from famous trusted sites can fetch amazing results.

Present Offers and Use Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a new but quite well means to fetch more traffic. In this method, you pick up relevant influencers and use them for content marketing. By promoting your site and products with influencers, you will have more prospects in digital marketing.

I hope you’ll find this post useful. keep visiting ArtzStudio for more.

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