How Can You Optimize Your New Websites?


Google says it’s not a marketing service. These words say a lot for the websites that contain news or have a separate section assigned to latest news and trends. A news website has a lot to be done for its optimization but does remember that without a dedicated news website, you can hardly make it be indexed so first set up a separate news website. Here we have some hacks that help in optimization of a new website.

For a WordPress News Website

If you have a news website in WordPress, there is a plugin that takes care of many factors. News SEO WordPress plugin creates separate XML sitemaps, editors’ picks, RSS feeds for using standout tags and meta news keywords and also helps optimize some other advanced sitemaps. Make sure that this plugin is installed in your WordPress news website if you are really serious about it.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP lets the users see and review instant articles on a news website rather than bringing the full desktop website. Definitely, you will have a lot of users on your news websites who often visit to get updates and check the news. With this increased number of users on mobile devices, your website should be friendly and fetch all the updates in the best ways rather than making it complex and provide a whole desktop version for all fancy things.

Crawl Speed

You want your news to be indexed fast by Google and multiple factors can help in this regard. You will surely make sure the website is optimized for fast speed but along with that you should have a separate XML sitemap and a new website has different sitemaps than the regular ones. Google directs for a news website this way.

  • A news website can contain news from the last two days.
  • Update news website instantly with latest articles.
  • The limit for URLs per news sitemap is 1,000 URLs.
  • Don’t create but updates sitemaps for new articles.
  • Don’t try to use Google Sitemap Generator but deploy your website plugins.

Site Structure for News Websites

A news website has a different structure because you will have articles on one side and taxonomies on the other hand. Be sure about the former because it’s more important and give your best to optimize taxonomy pages by doing these steps:

  • Evaluate and list your categories.
  • Add sub-categories and tags.
  • Add pagination and remove outdated content.

Update Articles as News Comes

The news website should be updated as there comes a latest story or news. There is no need of article for every update but update titles of your articles and it will let Google know that your article is updated. This way you can gain more viewers even during the news as well.

So these are the tactics using which you can optimize your site. Keep visiting ArtzStudio for more useful articles.

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