How to Do Effective Keyword Research and Use it in SEO?


Whenever we have to find something online, we use certain words, phrases, and keywords to figure out where our relevant items, articles or products are. We get a number of pages respective to our keywords. SEO keywords of a website are the words and phrases, either short tail or long tail, through which one reaches your website and products. For making customers access your website, the keywords selected should properly define what you have or sell. Your keywords define the number of visitors and ultimately the conversion rate. We have drafted this write-up to make your keyword research easy and accessible in simple steps.

Start with Brainstorming a List

The website owners should understand the needs of the customers, demographic demands and how people will find their products. Never restrict yourself for keywords and organize a comprehensive session where your team sits, brainstorms, presents ideas for describing your business and also consider the user perspective as well. This way, you get more relevant but a number of keywords as multiple people are suggesting.

Select Keywords and Use Keyword Research Tools

Once the brainstorming is done, you have to pick up a number of keywords that you believe will be a fit choice for representation of your business and products. Use the keyword tools that make keyword research easier and more relevant. With help of such tools, you easily figure out the best possible and final keyword options. There are so many free and paid keyword research tools to analyze the popularity and use of your keywords.

Consider Keyword Suggestions for Refinement

It may happen that you have not described your business in the right and targeted keyword. Google Keyword Planner or other tools bring out the best and effective keyword ideas based on the research and usability of the consumers. With help of these suggestions of keyword ideas, you get similar but more descriptive and relevant keywords that can also be used for your business.

Ask yourself Some of the Questions

Some questions should come into your mind once you decide your keywords. You should ask yourself do the keywords, keyword ideas or terms we have finalized properly describe our business. You must yourself these are the keyword people will be using to find your business and products. Honest answers to such questions make you more productive and goal-oriented. In the negative case, reconsider your keyword research process to come up with better and effective keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Many a time keywords, phrases and search terms that we figure out really describe what we want to but they fail to bring useful results. The competition in every business has grown leading to a competitive analysis of your keywords when you plan some terms. Use low volume but long tail keywords in start to stay focused and survive in the run.

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