How to Prevent Your WordPress Website from Getting Hacked?


The age of paper documentation and keeping files for the record is gone as everything is doing online these days. One of the worst things that can happen to your business these days is hacking of your site. Hacking of your business website can considerably cost you loss of money and brings you business to zero. WordPress website is easy to attack and it’s increasingly become common when it comes to hacking a website, either in one’s personal or someone else’s bad experience. There are certain ways you can prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked like:

  • Keeping a backup of your website
  • Making sure the internet connection is secure
  • Keep Your WordPress website updated
  • Change your passwords regularly and frequently
  • Prevent directory browsing
  • Restrict admin access to static IPs


One of the great things about WordPress is that it’s fully an open platform but it makes it less secure as well. Due to its huge extensibility, anyone can create add-ons, plugins, and themes for it. These themes and extensions for WordPress are made with great security and installing them on your website can make it less secure. Always take care while using extensions, add-ons and themes on your website and make sure there haven’t been any security breaches because of that plugin, add-on or theme.

Improve Security

There are many ways you can secure your website. Some methods are quite simple to be done while other requires you to know a bit of complex coding. The overall security of your WordPress website should be robust enough to be breached.

Backup Your Website

This is one of the most common things that people prefer but there are many who overlook it. Always have a backup of your website so that, in the event, some malicious attack occurs and takes down your website, you don’t waste months and years on restarting it. This can be done by buying an external hard disk and store your entire website data on a daily basis. It will be saved with you offline and no one can access it without your permission.

Security Plugins

Though we have mentioned the first cause of hacking as plugins and extensions, but these are in order to make your website more secure and protected. Installing a good security plugin reduces risks of any cyber attack and keeps your website scanning regularly to avoid any malicious code.

Protect Internet Connection

If you make sure that your internet connection is private and encrypted, you decrease the chances of getting your website hacked. Your IP address should never be visible to any users and subscribe to some good VPN providers who encrypt your connection and make it secure.

I hope these all security measures will help you keeping your site secure. Keep visiting ArtzStudio for more useful information.

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