How to Increase Conversion Rate from Cell Phone Visitors?


The conversion rate can simply be stated as the capability of a website to turn visitors into clients. It’s inevitable for a website to convert mobile visitors into your clients because according to a report, only in the USA 52% visitors use mobile phones as compared to the 42% on desktop. The number of users on mobile devices is increasing in leaps and bounds and you must make your website mobile-friendly. If you fail to do so, the following are the possibilities:

  • 47% visitors leave the site and explore other brands if the website is not mobile-friendly.
  • 45% users get frustrated and plan never visiting the website again.
  • 35% believe the brand is a frustration and they can’t serve the customers.
  • 33% think of using the website in the future and most probably the majority of them never comes back.
  • 27% stop believing in the brand by quitting purchasing their products.

The facts show it’s really frustrating for the website owners when they lose their regular and permanent customers. To solve this hiccup, the website must be capable of converting visitors into clients by using the following methods.

A/B Testing Mobile Landing Pages

With this, you can focus on making your customers call your brand whenever they visit the website on their mobile devices. For the top of the buyers, you must focus on branding content rather than offers and inventory while the bottom funnel must focus on a single vehicle to make users avoid scrolling again and again. The offers advertised should be specific rather than generic and provide an option to call with a single click. This tactic brought an improvement of 53% in getting more clients.

Address Objections

Your brand and marketing teams should be all time available to address the confusions and objections of the customers. With an offer, your visitors might not be agreed or satisfied and addressing their objections on time comes handy in bringing more conversions.

Increase Trust

Building trust is one of the ways by which you can make your consumers fall in love with you. Be genuine, never put up fake or outdated offers and gain the trust of your customers by providing the qualitative and affordable products they have been looking for. Content, information, contact details and offers should be updated that don’t cause any problems.

Make Purchasing Easy

With a few simple steps, shopping on any website can be made easier than ever. Avoid asking for a sign-up, don’t require customers to fill so many options, deliver their products free and make your purchasing steps as easy as you can.

Remove Distractions

With a number of competitors in the markets, survival is only possible when you stay focused. The website should be ads-free, not distractive, must have relevant content and caters needs of users on the first page where every user lands.

I hope these tips will help you increase your conversion rates. Keep visiting ArtzStudion for more useful information.

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