What are Some of the Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?


WordPress is definitely a great tool to build websites and the standardized requirements make it pretty easy for the hosting services to host any website. Most of the companies when providing hosting offer almost all the services and tools to run WordPress websites but they will not provide support for WordPress itself. If you have a problem other than hosting, the company will not provide assistance and directs you to support forms. When you are not a technical guy, you need a hand to assist in such problems and maybe you think to buy a managed WordPress hosting that provides all such services. You will not be worried about support and maintenance service, hacking and other issues because a dedicated person will be a handling back end and you will just need to work on the front end. Here we have listed some benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

Great Security

Though in all WordPress hosting, security is maintained and all efforts are ensured to keep your website safe from intruders and hackers but 100% security can never be guaranteed. When you have a managed WordPress hosting, your website is updated regularly to the latest versions to keep it protected and safe from any problem. You get complete security in managed hosting.

Core and Plugin Updates

The latest version of WordPress lets the updates happen automatically. In some of the hosting servers, this update feature is disabled because it causes a number of issues when all the websites on a server are updating simultaneously. In managed WordPress hosting it occurs automatically but the hosts ensure that your update goes successfully without any issues and technical pitfalls.

Help and Support

As we have stated above, in shared and general hosting you normally get normal support. In a managed WordPress hosting, the hosting company offers all kinds of support for technical issues and they assign a special developer to take care of your back end. With this, it becomes easy to manage your website and you get enough time to work on other areas needed.

High Speed and Performance

There is a huge difference in performance of website on shared and managed hosting. In shared hosting, the websites are designed for general needs and it creates the environment for lots of unnecessary software to slow down the website and impact its performance. In a managed WordPress hosting, only designated and necessary modules and software are installed for special plugins. These help the website work effectively and improve performance with time.

More of the Benefits

Some more benefits associated with managed WordPress hosting are documented below.

  • Optimized and managed cloud servers.
  • Click installs of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Multisite
  • Scalable servers
  • Dedicated IPs.
  • Server Monitoring
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • Unlimited Staging URLs and website installs
  • Git Integration.
  • Easy Multi SSL integration and One Click Free Let’s Encrypt SSL installs
  • Ability to add Team Members.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • One click website Clone and Server Cloning
  • Automated and free backups
  • One-Click restore option
  • Cloudways WordPress Migrator for quick and free migrations.

So, these are some benefits which you can get by using a managed wordpress hosting. Keep visiting ArtzStudio for more useful information.

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