What are the Best Creative Link Building Campaigns?


Link building benefits can be manifold like improving website authority and boosting brand awareness. With creative and quality link building campaigns you will be getting links that your competitors will struggle for. Here we have listed the best creative link building campaigns that would definitely turn to be effective for your SEO.

Start Viral Blog Posts

When it comes to link building, you develop various methods to get backlinks from a certain website but this method here refers to offering products that really attract the users. It can be starting a blog or page that caters food, garment, medical, fitness and other needs. This shouldn’t necessarily be relevant to your niche or business but with some catchy content publishing on good authority websites will really attract a good number of users to your content. As the content will have links to your websites so you get a great exposure and increased number of links from quality sites.

Offer Scholarships to Students

Educational websites are believed really great and the traffic is really organic that plays a good role in your ranking improvement and brand awareness. You need to start a campaign of offering scholarships to the students of universities and colleges. When you will list the scholarships on various sites, add links to your website as well. Thus this way you ultimately get quality links and increased number of visitors to your content and products.

Guest Posting on Relevant Websites

Previously Google let the bloggers and website owners get links, no matter of what quality they are. As time passed, people started using fake links and Google changed the way and now search engines only prefer quality links. Find out the best websites relevant to your product or niche and outreach them for content posting. If you have to pay a little in return of quality backlinks, you must go after it. The other way is offering them your products like if you have an application, offer them a premium version to acquire links.

Create and Share Infographics

This has been a widely used campaign for link building. It’s fact that images and videos attract the users better while providing them enhanced and improved understanding too. You need to create viral and catchy topics for infographics, present some really interesting and little-known facts and share on all the sites. Getting your infographics published on sites will spread your brand name and a description of 100 words with the image will fetch a backlink as well.

I hope you’ll find these techniques useful. Keep visiting Artzstudio for more useful stuff.

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