What are the Best Link Building Techniques for SEO?


Link building still remains to be an important factor for evaluating organic search rankings. Here we are presenting some of the very useful link building techniques for 2016 and implementation of these will turn out to be productive for ranking and website traffic.

Get Backlinks

This is indeed a very purposeful way for SEO of your website. Look for the friends, relatives or people in your circles with relevant niche websites and ask them to publish your posts with in-content links. Do remember that websites must be of relevant niche otherwise it will not be effective and impactful.

Testimonial Link Building

This technique has proven a win-win tactic for the bloggers and website owners. In this technique, the businesses expect you to share your views regarding their products. In return you are awarded with backlinks and it’s a perfect way to obtain potential traffic with higher approval rates than your standard links.

Make a Blog

Having a blog with one post and backlinks to your site is of no use until you keep the blog alive with regular posts and updates. The blog should be relevant to your niche and content posted should be updated, fine and natural. This is how you can back link your main site and earn it in best ways.

Enlist your Site in Directories

Get your site enlisted in the best and most trustworthy directories. You will not only get link to your website but it will be informative for your potential clients to reach you online. Once your website or business is registered in directories, it becomes easy very easy for your site to be indexed with key search engines. Listing can be done in Dmoz directory project.

Write Natural Guest Posts

Build links for your business and customers through guest posts. Making a guest post, make sure the website is relevant and your content is not a review of your product but informative. It will help in getting linked and appear in top searching results. This way you can ensure your customers get the utmost satisfaction as well.

Recover Dead Backlinks

You may some broken links to your site when a site is relaunched or the location of the pages is changed. Use Link Juice Recovery tool to find out all broken links with 404 errors and link them again to your site with fresh and informative content.

Create Newsletter

Many of the bloggers don’t understand the importance of newsletters. Create an effective and well-researched newsletter, utilize it properly and the benefits will turn to be tremendous in the best scenarios. With a quality newsletter you actually attract more traffic and obtain backlinks.

Build Relationships

Building food relationships with relevant communities, forums and portals is necessary for good backlinking. Start with comments on some of the relevant forums and actively participate in the discussions centered on your niche. With this you can achieve quality backlinks and opportunities to hook up with impressive people who care about your passion.

I hope these all techniques will help you building good backlinks. keep visiting Artzstudio for more useful articles.

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