How Can Social Networking Sites Help Boost Your SEO?


It’s a fact that social media and SEO are deeply interlinked and the former has a lot of benefits we can achieve to improve SEO of our websites with some really good practices. If you are present on social sites, it will impact your search ranking to a great extent. In this write-up, we will include some of the necessary guidelines that every blogger, website owners, and SEO guys should know in order to make most out of the social sites.

Building Links with Social Sites

There was a time when Google, the largest search engine, had allowed any kinds of links for boosting site ranking. People started manipulating the rankings with low-quality links and Google made it a must thing to get good quality links. Social networking sites are believed to be sites that offer high-quality links. With a presence on social sites, you can build positive and quality links and it will directly affect website ranking. Sharing regular blogs with links to your site or uploading a video for every blog you create are perfect practices for SEO.

Growing Number of Followers

Search engines when scroll, they do look for your social presence and find out how often you are sharing and updating on social sites. The number of social site followers matters a lot as they are actual followers and with more followers, you have more prospects to get your content, blog posts and links be shared. You can have fake likes and follower base but it can penalize your social accounts so make sure you interact with real followers to let them share and get engaged in your posts.

Keyword Integration in Content

Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all make it easy to share your content, pins or boards. With blogs and posts on social sites, you can use your keywords in the posts with relevant keywords. This way you divert users to your website and above all keywords matters too in social media posts. This should not be a surprise.

Social Sites Makes Content Searchable

Sharing content is indeed a very effective and a great way to improve your website rankings. With social sites accounts, you let people share your content, search it and engage in sharing to the maximum people. Pinterest is one of the great social platforms that enable users to share content and posts. Facebook is also another perfect site that lets you enable searching option so that people can access your profiles easily, engage in readings and share if they find it relevant and attractive.


After search engines, social media is the biggest source to attract visitors, increase conversions and boost revenues. With some well-planned social practices, a big difference can be made to your website rankings. Social media enables relevant people to interact, share and communicate with your business to make easy purchasing.

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