How to Change Content Strategy if Your Site isn’t Ranking up?


Digital marketing comprises a number of factors but one of them is SEO content strategy that many people don’t even focus though it produces the best results. The users are attracted with informational content rather than promotional posts. To hold, maintain and boost the ranking of your website, a powerful SEO strategy is inevitable and a common question arises if you have done all the SEO efforts but your site doesn’t rank top, what kind of content strategy should be employed. We have created this article to help the readers regarding the very issue.

Top Ways for a Powerful SEO Content Strategy

  • Creation and publishing of quality, compelling and relevant content
  • Identification of areas where to focus your content efforts
  • Utilization of proper and well-researched keywords
  • Attractive content formatting
  • Last but not surely the least, prefer informational content over promotional.

Publishing Quality, Compelling and Relevant Content

For ranking your website in top search, creation and publishing of quality and relevant content should be given due efforts. The audience always looks forward to getting informative and useful content that you can target to attract a huge number of audience. But for quality, compelling and relevant content you need some tips that are as follows:

  • Thorough study of your audience and their needs
  • Using relevant keywords related to your product
  • Avoiding keyword stuffing as it really harms
  • Creating content that answers exactly what your customers and visitors look for
  • Use plagiarism tools to make sure the content is not plagiarized
  • Along with all this, posting content on regular basis for better website ranking

Using Appropriate Keywords in Your Content

Keywords are handy in providing the track for walking and later on starting running in your business. Without detailed research of relevant keywords, all of your efforts will go in vain. Keywords are great when it comes to targeting the right visitors and gather all of your relevant customers on your website. Do the followings for keywords research.

  • Use keyword search tools, compare them and also use keyword suggestions/ideas
  • Avoid using generic keywords
  • In start or if you are not getting desired results, use low volume and long tail keywords in sustain in the industry
  • The more specific your keywords are, the better ranking your website will achieve

Attractive Content Formatting

We see really good content on some blogs/websites but the formatting suck and users stop visiting those boring sites. In order to keep a hold on your visitors, formatting of content is a must-do element and you can do formatting by:

  • There should be sufficient white space and paragraphs between content
  • Use high-quality images as visual appearance attracts better than words
  • Make sure the content is readable and doesn’t appear at the bottom
  • Use an easy-to-read font style for making it easier for the visitors
  • Use of powerful and attractive colors should be preferred
  • Last but not the least, do give a revision to the content to make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes, poor sentence structures and punctuation errors.


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