How to Know What Keywords Your Potential Customers are Using?


In practical language, a keyword is an informative word that describes a product or services or the organization used by the searchers to reach their relevant targets on search engines. In short, it’s the keyword through which the potential customers access a certain business and purchase their desired products. For survival and sustainability of an online business (as most of the business is now online), it’s highly significant to figure out the potential keywords and make hard efforts to integrate them into your content. For a comprehensive understanding of keyword game, let me mention some kinds of keywords here.

  • Broad Keywords: these are short keywords- maybe one word. Anyone can easily apply the industry specific keywords to their business. In other words, they are generic keywords with high competition.
  • Fat Head Keywords: Very similar to broad keywords but are made of two or three broad keywords.
  • Chunky Middle Keywords: These are the most competitive keywords used by potential customers into search engines on a daily basis.
  • Long Tail Keywords: They are longer keywords- even phrases comprising a number of words. They are a good fit for the startups and small business because they have very less competition.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords are really game changing for a business as they provide insights into real customers’ behaviors, interests, questions and what they are looking for. Here are few points to make it clear why keywords are important for a business.

Content Foundation

Readers or the customers are attracted when informational content is shared. These are the keywords, either on the homepage or blogs, which build an understanding of the customers regarding your business and products.

Purpose and Understanding

The readers and visitors can easily scan the keywords they used the search engines thus it gives a clear idea of their desired results.

Help Search Engines

The keywords used on a page let the search engine determine purpose when it crawls. Keywords come handy in bringing a page on top as well.

Best Ways to Figure out Potential Keywords

Use Your People

By people, we mean anyone who is your customers, a staff member, who makes purchases with you or even buys products of your competitors. You have to work for the people to understand what they need, what questions they have and what they look for. Many a time, the keywords business uses are not actually used by the people so listen to them and note everything they tell. It will play a big difference in your keyword game.

Get Social

Social media is really informative in a way to gather information about what people are talking regarding a certain business. Through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube you can learn a lot about the keywords.

Google Tools

This tool has impressed a large number of SEO experts and it readily gives insights into Google’s search database. The search suggestions or ideas that you see as part of autocomplete reflect what people actually search for. Along with this, Google Planner is an awesome choice to figure out the keywords your potential customers use.

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