What are SEO Best Practices to Follow in 2017?


2017 has started and it’s imperative to follow the most dominant SEO best practices for the New Year. When compared to 2016, some SEO practices will still be followed but in 2017 optimization of pages with faster, timely and interactive search results will be focused. Here are some of the SEO best practices to follow in 2017.

  • Mobile search optimization and AMP
  • Content quality should be excellent with uniqueness.
  • Google Rank Brain and interactive search results.
  • Social media optimization with a great focus on video optimization.
  • Moving towards HTTPs
  • To not forget other search engines like Bing and Yahoo
  • User experience in the new SEO.

Mobile is the Future

If you really need to target a good and increasing number of visitors, the website should be mobile-friendly. A website that focuses on user demographics and looks pretty amazing and responsive on all screen should be preferred.

Voice Search Feature

Typing is terribly boring and spare your consumers this hectic practice by adding a voice search feature on your website. Let the visitors communicate with you by recording messages and submitting them. It will save time and facilitates users as well.

Make Site Super-Fast

Website optimization is a highly significant element in driving a huge traffic. Remove all the unnecessary information, curtail irrelevant content and make it informational for the consumers. Gain their time and engage them for maximum time-period on the website. This will come handy in boosting speed and website performance.

Unique and Smart Content

This is one of the reasons that why many sites don’t rank on top. Focus on the quality of content and provide information with maximum readability. Unique ideas with nicely written content prove effective in user engagement and to attract them.

Social Media Presence

Some brands are successful on social media while other never make good. The only reason is a lack of generating and increasing customer interest.  Make sure you captivate the users by sharing valuable content, comment there and gain their trust by offering great customer support.

Long Tail Keywords

Being more specific in terms of customers and users with descriptive long tail keywords is a great choice for high ranking. This way you become less competitive, gain more relevant users and successfully draw a huge traffic.

Quality Link Building

Make sure to get quality backlinks from the relevant websites. The keywords to be used should be easy to understand and help the users find compatible websites with their keywords. This game of keywords plays a pivotal role and will dominate in 2017 too

Don’t Forget Child Search Engines

Undeniably Google is the king of search engines but never believe that it’s the only search engine to drive traffic. Make your SEO that enables users to find you on other search engines as well.


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