What are the Best Platforms for SEO Test of a Website?


It’s really somehow hard to evaluate how the search engine sees and ranks a certain website for some keywords because there is some level of secrecy. But the website owners and SEOs can do this with help of some tools, some paid and some free tools are easily available to analyze your website and a have a look at what Google or search engines see in your websites. The tools listed here for SEO test of a site are critical because they allow you to focus on the areas the search engine deems important. With these tools, you can have a better idea of your site and run it like a marketer after finding areas that need efforts.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is hailed as the best platform to see your website search engines sees it the way. These tools are user-friendly and explain the fundamental elements and necessary details of the search engine. The tools like Fetch as Google, Pagespeed Insights, Google Developers and others, you can understand and analyze a good number of website areas.

Google Analytics

According to the SEO experts, this is one of the most reliable and effective SEO tools. The most important part of SEO is the data through which you can understand your visitors and none can do it better than this tool. It really comes in handy for evaluation and understanding of very important user data. Many of the SEOs have recommended giving this tool a try because it’s free and reliable as well.

SEO Report Card

This is another useful tool to analyze your website in comparison to your competitors in the industry. After getting some information the tool provided enormous information and analyses of the website in the following areas.

  • It gives ranking analysis like where your website exists against the keywords you had selected and made efforts for them.
  • The tool provides a detailed list of the websites where your site is linked back, means it gives link building information.
  • The on-site analysis of the website as for how successfully your incorporated your keywords.
  • The website metrics, including the trust level and website authority.


This tool is really effective and awesome in many ways. It lets you explore the new and existing dimensions for diverting your efforts for improved optimization and revamping the site. It counts existing SEO, social media, usability and such other information to provide site analysis. This tool proffers analyses in the following areas and the users can download their PDF reports as well.

  • Marketing Checklist
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Technologies
  • Social
  • Local
  • Visitors

I hope these tools will help you know more about your website. Keep visiting ArtzStudio for more useful information.

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