What are the Best Platforms for SEO Training?


There have been so many online and offline training centers, indeed platforms, to learn digital marketing and boost your SEO skills. The courses offered by all the platforms and coaching centers are not same- they have variation in the syllabus, fee structures, training and teaching the advanced SEO practices.  For picking up an SEO platform you need to consider some serious factors. Ask them following questions and if they have answered in YES, do go for them.

  • Do the platforms provide Google Certification?
  • Do they have a Questions & Answer session at the end of very lecture/training?
  • Do they provide video and recording of their lectures?
  • Are they offering placement opportunities to their trainees?

ICA Digital Marketing

This online platform is really a great source when it comes to learning SEO and digital marketing. Their courses have been divided into different modules that are as follows:

  • 1st module: Digital Marketing
  • 2nd module: Search Engine Optimization
  • 3rd module: Social Media Optimization
  • 4th module: Search Engine Marketing
  • 5th and last module: E-mail Marketing


Almost every tech-savvy guy knows about this platform. Undeniably this platform is really huge with more than 30000 online courses. When it comes to SEO, there are 280+ free and paid courses. The instructors are professional and highly skilled. They teach you basics of SEO, SEO best practices and educate on how anyone can rank their websites in Google easily.


This online SEO platform has a slogan to ensure effective learning today for better tomorrow. Regarding SEO and digital marketing, they offer both online and offline courses. The website says they provide coaching and training to every graduate who looks forward to having a promising career in SEO and desires to increase traffic to their websites. Courses include:

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?
  • Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista)
  • How does search engine spider work?
  • Understanding Google Page Rank


Every SEO guy is well-conversant with MOZ. After kick-starting their services in 2004, the platform has become a reliable and authentic source for SEO and digital marketing counseling. After reviewing their services, this is the only platform that comes to the expectation and ensures all those four factors we asked in form of questions. They have sessions, webinars, quizzes, videos and a lot more to provide extensive guidance.


After having read and checked their services for quite a long time, we recommend this platform. Their blog focuses on providing informational but quality content. They offer the best SEO and digital marketing courses that you guys can enroll anytime. Some courses include:

  • Inbound marketing courses for SEO
  • Guide about landing pages
  • Comprehensive guidelines on blogging
  • How to improve your conversion rates?
  • Analyses and a lot more.

I hope these platforms will help you learning SEO. keep visiting ArtzStudio for more useful stuff.

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