What are the Essentials of a Client Winning SEO Proposal?


SEO is so important for a business that it speaks itself. The results and revenue generation make SEO a priority of every business. For SEO agencies, it’s inevitable to have regular work with clients who are fair and professional. Client acquisition comes when you have an attractive and well-done SEO proposal. Follow these practical steps in your strategy and planning to give your SEO proposal a professional touch.

Primary Audit and Review

The SEO guys or agencies should review their existing performances in order to find out the problems to be fixed and areas to be focused. It helps to determine directions of future SEO efforts and proffers a map route to work smoothly. It also impresses your clients.

Keyword Identification

Clients look for the SEO agencies who offer qualitative work and you should prepare a list of relevant and popular keywords using tools and keyword ideas to make your proposal worth appreciating. A pre-study of clients’ websites, its keyword identification will leave really positive impacts on the client to hire your services.

Benchmark Top Competitors

The SEO proposal you are going to forward your client should contain an analysis of top competitors’ websites, their SEO strategies, keyword, social site turnouts and other relevant information. Your client will have a clear idea and most of his work will be done directly.

Technical SEO Audit

Definitely, there will be a lot many other SEO guys and agencies applying to a certain client. Make your proposal perfect with the technical SEO for the facilitation of your client. Make it as simple and understandable as wins heart of the client.

Backlink Audit

Your SEO proposal should cater the backlink needs of the client needs. Highlight some poor quality links, present the sites where high-quality links can be acquired and suggest the ways your client finds impressive.

Content Quality Analysis

Give your client a review of on-site and off-site content so that he understands you have done a great job on the proposal. Give suggestions for web pages, articles, blogs, product pages and other sections of clients’ websites. Do tell him what type of content would work effectively for attaining links from other relevant sites.

Social Media Review

With growing importance of social sites for SEO, you should do social media audit and present to your client. It should include how the social sites can be used and what are the areas that need more focus for better site ranking.

Cost and Resources of the Service

Last but not surely the least, your SEO proposal should cater the basic needs of a client. The proposal should include cost, resources, team, the number of team members, time availability, the output period and some previous projects that your agency has done successfully.


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