What is a WordPress Child Theme? And How to Use One?


WordPress child theme is simply a theme that supports the functionality and inherits the main theme- parent theme. The basic concept of the child theme is that it helps in adding to the functionality without changing the parent theme directly. WordPress child theme is not intact so everything is built in the child theme.

Advantages of WordPress Child Theme

There exist a good number of benefits of the child theme and some are listed as follows:

  • Helps you to alter styles, functions, layout, templates and more.
  • It makes development faster by saving time in the creation of something that already exists.
  • Upgrade the parent theme without making any changes to the parent or losing its customization.
  • In the event of not being satisfied with the child theme, just disable it and bring everything back to default.
  • A gateway to learning about how themes actually work.

So far we have learned that a WordPress child theme is not a standalone thing but proves handy in modifications or addition of files to the existing theme. It completely depends on the parent theme to work and perform all functions. Now let’s see how you can create and use the WordPress child theme.

Creating and Using WordPress Child Theme

  1. Create a New Folder for Your Child Theme

The first step in the creation of the child theme is to make a separate new folder in WordPress directory. You can choose any name for the theme but make sure it makes some sense.

  1. Create a New Style.css File

Only one single file is needed to create the child theme and it’s a stylesheet. This is the only file needed that time but you can make others later on. The information header should include the name of your child theme and the theme that your child theme will be using as its parent.

  1. Fill the Stylesheet with Required Information

Add the information on top of the new style.css file and commented lines will make the information header. It should be remembered that information header should be right at top of the style.css.

  1. Go and Activate the Child Theme

With these three simple steps, you end up creating a valid child theme. And now it’s the high time that you activate it.  Got to the “APPEARANCE” section in your admin panel area and there will be your new child theme available to be used.

Why Use WordPress Child Themes?

Child themes are only effective and useful when you modify your themes. Here are some reasons to use them.

  • Easy updates
  • You know what you have changed.
  • Easy to restore.


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