What are the Ultimate Add-Ons for Visual Composer?

We know that WordPress is one of the ideal platforms when it comes to building a great-looking, functional and responsive websites with little technical know-how.  You can add and install as many plugins in WordPress as you want in order to give your websites more aesthetic looks. Among these plugins, one is the Visual Composer plugin that has sold more than 85,000 copies and has been growing in popularity since 2011.

According to the recent statistics, Visual Composer is in use of more than half a million people and you can extend its functionality by adding more add-ons. Here today we will discuss the ultimate add-ons that can be used with Visual Composer.

Best Add-ons for Visual Composer

Ultimate Add-Ons for Visual Composer

This add-on for Visual Composer is the most versatile and widely used add-on that supports more than 40 elements allowing you to integrate them with Visual Composer. There are many old features but you will find a good number of new as well that come in handy to add new elements to your page builder. The most used and effective elements in this add-on are interactive banners, lightboxes, and countdown timers.

Tmeplatera for Visual Composer

This is a very powerful add-on for Visual Composer that lets you create, manage and set control access to your templates. It was built by the developers of Visual Composers and has been hailed as the most useful add-on. Templatera allows you to save and re-use templates but you can’t save and re-use elements. This is some kind of nuisance but real problem occurs when you have used an element multiple times and need to make manual changes.

Video and Parallax for Visual Composer

As per the recommendations and experience of developers, this add-on delivers what it claims and has been found a great plugin for Visual Composer. Parallax backgrounds help you make beautiful websites to engage a great number of visitors. With this add-on, you can add standard-width and full-width videos or parallax backgrounds and also specify the directions for parallax effect.

Easy Tables for Visual Composer

This is another ad-on developed and created by Visual Composer developers, too. This amazing add-on lets you add more beautiful, excel-like, tables to your website pages. This doesn’t only help you add tables but also is a great tool to customize font sizes, colors, borders and moving columns and rows. You have all the control over what kinds of actions you want to carry out for customization of your tables on the website pages.

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