Email Marketing Strategy That Generates Sales Every Month – 5 Steps | Marketing 360 (Youtube Video)

Want an automated email marketing strategy that generates additional sales every single month? Try this holiday promo strategy! It’s 5 easy steps, let’s break it down.

Tip #1 – Pick at least 1 holiday for each month of the year. Here’s a list of popular holidays to choose from:

Jan – New Years / Martin Luther King Day
Feb – Valentines Day / President’s Day
Mar – St. Patrick’s Day / Mardi Gras
Apr – Easter / April Fools
May – Mother’s Day / Memorial Day
Jun – Father’s Day
Jul – Independence Day
Aug – Back to School
Sep – Labor Day
Oct – Halloween
Nov – Veteran’s Day / Black Friday / Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday
Dec – Christmas

Tip #2 – Decide on the promotion for each email. Write the content, create coupon codes (make sure they have an active window), setup calendar reminders, etc.

Tip #3 – Create your email templates, build your automated list via your CRM and email marketing software, then schedule your send date/time for each email. Make sure to send your emails at the right time, in advance, plus additional emails if needed leading up to the event.

Tip #4 – Set reminders to alert your team and sales people about these promotions in advance.

Tip #5 – Make a reminder to reset/adjust your campaigns at the start of each year. Review your results and optimize as you go. Track the performance and additional sales you drive from these campaigns. Once you know your stats, you’ll know how many more sales you’ll generate each year as your list size grows. It will be a mathematical certainty!

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