Best URL shorteners for Social Networks. Updated 2020

In this post I will make a complete guide of what I consider to be the best URL shorteners , and I will show you how to use it in the different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., but I will also show you how to interpret the analytics of our posts and those of our post competition using this same URL shortener.

To be a very practical guide, I have made a mini guide of Bitly, which is the URL shortener that I use normally and where it taught you how to get the most out of the tool, since there are many analytical aspects from which we can benefit from Use this tool to shorten URL .

What is a URL shortener or link shortener?

A shortener is a program or tool that allows us to beautify and give a more friendly format to the urls we share daily on Social Networks.

The fact that we can limit the urls can be very useful in Social networks like Twitter where we are limited to only 140 characters.

What are URL shorteners for?

It is essential that if you want to work your presence in Social Networks you get used to the use of at least one program to shorten links and this is because:

  • Reducimos los caracteres de la URL y con ello ganamos espacio para poder utilizar y mejorar nuestros tweets.
  • Para hacer un mejor seguimiento de las estadísticas; clics, usuarios más activos, visitas por día, canales y países de procedencia el tráfico.
  • Para poder analizar la competencia que los utiliza y ver el impacto en clics que está tenido un artículo.
  • Para personalizar y hacer más atractivas nuestras URLS, esto puede ser especialmente muy útil en nuestras clases, conferencias, congresos, etc., pero lo podemos utilizar también para publicación muy curradas como por ejemplo un ebook.
  • Nos permite programar desde el propio acortador, pero tengo que decir que yo prefiero hacerlo desde buffer o hootsuite.

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2 Very useful tricks using the and shorteners

If your competition uses or shorteners, you can find out how many people have clicked on these links as follows:

Add a + sign at the end of the bitly shortening ->

What do you think of these tricks using the clipper and the google clipper?

You have a practical example of how to use these 2 tricks in this video, you just have to put the video in 1 hour and 13 minutes and give it a play.

The shorteners and SEO

There is practically no updated information or study to help us see how much authority the link shorter transmits and how much it remains for its use, but what is certain is that if we analyze the bitly shortening we can see very interesting data.

enlaces bitly

In the last year this link shortener has gone from 5 million to more than 15 million links pointing to the page with an increase of almost 200%, and I repeat in just 1 year.

enlaces bitly

If we analyze how many of these links are transmitting domain authority to Bitly we see that the majority with more than 70% dofollow links.

This in the end gives us the result that together we have helped create a domain with a gigantic authority, as you can see in the following image.

authority bitly

Best Pages to shorten URL

bitly1.- Bitly

Bitly is undoubtedly the most used URL shortener and is the one that from the beginning I chose to shorten my links in Social Networks, at least it was until it gave me a few months ago to use buffer as the main tool to program my tweets, it is for that reason the clicks that appear in this graph are very low since I use it now very little.

Although Bitly can be used without having to register, I recommend that you do so because you will access all the functionalities that this tool can bring to your social media strategy, always from an analytical perspective.

Once you have registered and have access to your account, I recommend that you waste 2 minutes correctly configuring your Bitly account:

1.- Access the configuration by clicking on Settings.

acortador bitly

2.- Customize your profile and make sure your email is verified.

3.- In the security section we can add a new security layer, adding our mobile phone to send us a code with it, verify our phone.

Also in this section we can see the ips and location of the last accesses to our bitly account and thus be able to identify if someone is accessing our account from another location.

4.- In the sharing section we can connect our social profiles.

✓ Features

  • Puedes ver seguimiento de las estadísticas de uso del enlace.
  • Puedes personalizar los enlaces para eventos o productos digitales.
  • También puede analizar las estadísticas de los enlaces acortado de tus competidores.

tiny.cc2.- is a free tool you can shorten links, and convert it into a QR code if you wish.

Unlike Bitly, you do not need to register to access web traffic statistics.

The urls can be customized and shared to Facebook and Twitter.

The only bad thing, and it is to put a catch is that the advertising on your page is somewhat intrusive and annoying, and more when it is a tool that you will use many times a day.

is.gd3.- is a very simple application without records. The urls are very short being a domain with so few characters.

The only bad thing is that the statistics are very simple, and we can only see them independently.

ow.ly4.- is a very easy to use link shortener, you enter the url and security code, and you get the shortened link.

Another positive aspect is that it is integrated with Hootsuite. If you sign up via Twitter, you could upload images, Word, pdf and link it to your shortened URL.

You can only use this shortened urls from the Hootsuite tool, which is a complete suite for managing social media posts, although I personally prefer a buffer to program my social networks.

google url shortener5.- Google URL shortener

Shortening of links of Google and in my opinion one of the most professional, since we can take a complete measurement through Google Analytics.

With this shortening of URL of Google you can reduce any link without previous registration.

If we register we can consult all the analytical data such as clicks, sources, countries, etc., although they will not be as complete as their great competitor Bitly.

Unlike Bitly it is a tool that controls spam and spamers very well.

trim6.- Trim

Trim is undoubtedly one of the most unknown shorteners in the online world but you should have to try it because it sure surprises you.


  • Dominio personalizado.
  • Analítica de seguimiento.
  • Totalmente gratuito.

metricool7.- Acortador de Metricool

The metricool social media tool incorporates a link shortener for the content you want to share or programs in your social media profiles.


  • Muy fácil de utilizar.
  • Es ideal al estar integrado en la herramienta de programación de publicaciones en redes sociales.
  • Tendremos acceso a la estadísticas de uso de dichos enlaces.

adf.ly8.- is a shortener that is used to monetize and earn money with the traffic obtained.

The bad thing is the publicity that includes it, sometimes it is too invasive and annoying.

pygmy9.- Pygmy

Pygmy is a very good option to shorten url, since it is a very easy to use and free tool, since it is open source.


  • Herramienta de código abierto.
  • Podemos añadir contraseña a los enlaces acortados.

shorte.st10.- is a free service to shorten URLs. You have an API and different options to use.

It is mainly used in loyalty and marketing sites, that is, focused on monetization and making money online.

kutt.it11.- is a free and open source shortener.


  • Si te creas una cuenta podrás acceder a las estadísticas del enlace.
  • Personalización del enlace acortado.
  • Podemos añadir un contraseña para añadir privacidad al enlace.

smart url12.- Smart URL

It is a URL shortener that is gaining more and more followers in the United States.

Undoubtedly it is a tool with which shortening URL becomes an easy and simple task

Smart URL also allows you to customize your shortened URL as in previous tools.

Create shortened URLs for web or mobile devices.

You can also add a description of the shortened URL. As well as add several URL administrators.

Companies are allowed to use Retargeting.

Finally it allows you to access some basic statistics of your shortened links.

It is certainly a free tool to shorten URLs that we must take into account.

13.- Bridge URL

URL shortener very similar to the previous program and that will allow us to add a series of urls in a single link.

What are you waiting for to start using it?


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I hope this post on tools and programs to shorten URLs or links will be very useful for your social media strategy.

What is your preferred URL shortener and why?

Don’t you like shortening URLs in Social Networks?

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