How to make money with a blog: 10 Ways to Get Money

I think that for all of us who are dedicated to the world of blogging or want to dedicate ourselves is the big question of the million, right?

I still remember the day I told my family that I wanted to be a blogger.

They looked at me with a perplexed face saying “What has this man stung now?”

They didn’t think I could make money with my blog and even less that I could live on it.

But the reality is that now I can proudly say that it can be done .

It doesn’t matter if you have a blog about cooking, travel, photography, fashion, personal, etc.

They are blogs that can be monetized as long as it is done with strategy.

So in addition to telling you different ways to make money with a blog I will also give you a series of tips and mistakes that you should not make .

Can you make money from a blog?

Before telling you different ways to make money with a blog I would like to answer a question that I often ask many times.

Is it possible to earn money fast with a blog?

Lately I read in many places that creating a blog and making money is “sucked” and is the simplest thing in the world.

Well, I’m sorry, but based on my own experience I have to tell you that if you’re going to look for the fast track, it’s NOT POSSIBLE .

Creating a blog and positioning your brand to generate trust, credibility and security requires a maturation process of at least 12 to 18 months .

You must take this into account yes or yes.

If you are thinking of opening a beautiful blog, start offering services and launching a course or an infoproduct, you might take a big hit if you have not worked the maturation phase before.

Therefore, it is possible to make money with a blog , but as long as we do things under a strategic plan.

Therefore, during this article, in addition to telling you different ways to monetize a blog I will tell you a series of recommendations.

10 ways to make money with a blog

This sure that what interests you most is to know different ways to make money with a blog, so I will tell you the main ones that I know.

Now, I recommend that you stay with me until the end of the article because then I give you the roadmap that I would follow if I started again from 0.

Servicios1) Servicios

Offering services can be one of the ways to make money “fast” with a blog.

This will really depend on the knowledge we have about the area where we want to specialize.

I explain myself, imagine that you want to offer Facebook Ads services.

It is not the same as offered by a person who already has a tour managing accounts and customers than another person who is taking his first steps with advertising.

In this article where I explain 47 ways to work from home and earn money, I already mentioned some of the professions that will allow us this.

For example:

  • Consultoría
  • Community manager freelance
  • SEO
  • Psicólogo online
  • Inversor
  • Redactor
  • Copywriter
  • Trafficker
  • Programador
  • Nutricionista online
  • Entrenador personal
  • Abogado digital
  • Wedding Planner
  • Etc.

But in this list I would also like to mention another way to make money with a very interesting blog .

And it is the subject of mentoring or mentoring.

More and more bloggers or entrepreneurs who decide to hire the services of a mentor to guide them with the road map they have to follow.

You can choose a tool to book sessions at the times you specify (after filtering) and that’s it.

Of course, the most important thing is to decide the price per hour that you will charge per mentoring session.

I know professionals who come to charge 200 to 400 euros per hour of mentoring, so you will see that it is a very profitable business.

Formacion online2) Formación online y presencial

If you like to teach other people and transmit your knowledge, training is an area that I recommend you experience.

I myself have based my business model on training.

Now, there are endless possibilities that we can consider but the main ways you can try are:

  • Cursos de pago
  • Talleres presenciales
  • Webinars de pago

➡ Online Courses

To me the launch of my Course + Mentoring allowed me to quit my job at the University and be able to live as a freelancer.

It may seem a little crazy to leave a permanent job to become a freelancer, but let me tell you that it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Moreover, I am already preparing the fourth edition of this course that will begin in just over a month.

Now, if you are thinking of creating an online course, first of all I recommend that you define:

  • Especifica la temática.
  • Analiza otros cursos online similares.
  • Realiza la ficha del curso.
  • Crea un equipo de trabajo.
  • Crea un vídeo de presentación.
  • Diseña y crea la landing page del curso.

If you want to learn a little more about the subject do not miss this article that I wrote in my friend José Facchin’s blog and where I explain how to design and sell an online course.

In this case, if you want to sell online courses, I recommend that you work your email marketing strategy very well .

Here I would like to quote my Javi Pastor who is a wizard of emails to earn a lot of money online.

Look I will tell you, one day having a beer both in Madrid told me to design a very specific type of email and send it 24 hours before starting the course, the result is that 10 people signed up with the email and generated € 7,000 of Revenue with a single email .

When I told him he told me another day I tell you another type of email when we see each other !!! Hahaha

Here I am not going to go with stories, hire someone like my friend Javi Pastor or my friend Alejandro Novás, and you will see how they help you generate sales through email, yes the two are very busy and I do not know if you can convince him.

➡ Face-to-face workshops

Many times we focus so much on the online that we forget the physical part.

And let me tell you that I consider this a serious mistake because with face-to-face workshops we will not only be able to earn money directly.

If not, we will also be able to close other agreements and subsequent collaborations.

➡ Paid Webinars

This may seem contradictory but it is not.

We always have the perception that a webinar must always be free but it is not.

In this case I will tell you how to make a paid webinar for a very small audience where you give a masterclass and mentoring included for a specific period of time.

For example, imagine that you make a paid webinar for € 29.90 and during that session you give a very practical 1-hour masterclass and answer the questions of the attendees for another hour.

Of course, I recommend that you limit 20 people maximum so that the attention can be given and thus attend to each and every student.

Online betting3) Sponsorships

One of the great benefits of creating a powerful brand is the

Some of the main ways to monetize a blog through sponsorships are :

  • Podcast.
  • Artículos Patrocionados

Let’s see some more concrete examples to give you an idea:

Podcast patrocinados

Lately I have seen that more and more people decide to set up their own Podcast to get to their community in a “closer” way.

A clear example is my friend Oscar Feito.

Podcast example

If you manage to have a large community behind your podcast, there will be several companies that want to sponsor your podcast.

Of course, the economic amount will depend mainly on what your audience is, so, before thinking about this type of monetization, first I recommend you create that community.

➡ Sponsored articles

Every week I receive a proposal to publish a promoted article but perhaps those who do not know is that in my blog I do not publish post promoted .

In other words, I only decide the editorial calendar of my blog and I do not add content to promote a specific service or product.

I do not say with this that it seems bad to me who does it, for nothing.

I think it is a very effective way to make money with a blog but in my case I have preferred not to do it simply as a personal brand strategy, and especially being very selective with the content that is going to be published on my blog.

Now, how much should you charge for a promoted item?

The eternal question, if your blog is less than 1 year old, you can charge 75 to 100 euros for a promoted post.

But if you have a blog with hundreds of thousands of visits and with a large social community like me, you can raise the figure considerably from 300 to 500 euros per post .

Here if the personal brand factor and authority to define one price or another intervene a lot.

Advertising4) Advertising

When we consider how to make money with a blog, surely one of the main ways that comes to mind is the issue of advertising.

Now, if you really want to live from a blog you will have to analyze the niche very well.

Because not all sectors pay for the issue of advertising equally .

There are sectors (such as digital marketing) that you will need a fairly high level of visits to get a decent monthly income.

While there are others more specific such as lawyers or traffic accidents in which we do not need to have such a high level of visits to monetize.

Here you will have to take into account mainly three concepts:

  • Publicidad por CPC
  • Publicidad por CPA
  • Anunciantes privados

➡ CPC Advertising – Adsense

In this type of advertising Google Adsense is usually the best known platform and is usually used (although it is not the only one).

Adding the famous Google ads on your blog will help you earn money and get a constant monthly payment.

In my case I have 2 ads on my blog and the truth is that they work very well for me and generate 600 to 800 € per month, and even some month has reached over € 1,000 .

➡ CPA Advertising

In this other type of advertising we get a commission every time the user carries out a certain action.

We usually associate CPA with getting a sale.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, there may be other types of conversions like filling out a contact form.

➡ Private advertisers

In these two types that we have seen before we use an intermediary company to be able to place the ads of the companies in our blog.

But we can also do it directly and skip intermediaries directly reaching agreements with other brands .

For that I recommend that you add a tab in your blog with all the conditions associated with this type of sponsored publication (in which we will go into more detail later).

Afiliacion5) Marketing de afiliación

A very effective way to earn money with a blog is through the affiliation or recommendation of products, courses or services through the blog .

That is, basically affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which a profit is generated each time the product and / or service is purchased.

In fact, it is one of the marketing techniques that you will hear most during this year because it is having a fairly important boom.

There are affiliate platforms that allow us to affiliate any type of product. They usually work as follows:

  • Te registras como afiliado.
  • Analizas los productos que te interesaría afiliar.
  • Generas un link de ese servicio.
  • Añadimos esos links en nuestro página web o blog y tratamos de promocionarlos.
  • Cuando conseguimos que nos compren esos productos conseguimos una comisión.

Some of the affiliation platforms that we can use are:

  • Hotmart
  • Amazon
  • ClicBank
  • Awin

In my case I recommend a series of tools or services such as Raiola Networks , SEMrush or SEObox that report me € 500 to 1000 per month of income.

Another example would be some of the affiliates of my courses , which earn thousands of euros in commissions through the promotion of my courses in their respective Blogs.

In a first release you are interested in getting as many affiliates as possible but then in future releases I recommend that you select only those people who really convert and make sales.

It is not a matter of traffic or community , you can have a low traffic affiliate that converts a lot because it has a super faithful community and that follows its recommendations.

The key is to find what bloggers are really converting in your sector, be sure that it is not easy but you should try to get 5 to 10 affiliates that generate sales of your courses or infoproducts.

Infoproductos6) Infoproductos

Have you noticed that there are more and more people who decide to start selling infoproducts to make money with a blog, right?

Just this year I am seeing that there is a great boom in this type of products.

A format widely used today by many bloggers and which consists mainly of offering a fully recorded course.

Which makes it easier to automate and sell it, but where live and direct classes will not be held as a normal course.

Of course, they also tend to have a lower price than online courses.

There are mainly two types of infoproducts.

  • El tutorizado, donde contestamos las preguntas de los alumnos a través de un grupo.
  • El no tutorizado donde realmente no tenemos ningún contacto con los alumnos.

I prefer tutoring more than non-tutoring because it will allow you to create a closer relationship with your students but logically it takes extra time to answer questions.

Other examples of infoproducts can be:

  • Ebooks.
  • Checklist y hojas de ruta.
  • Masterclass grabada.

Definitely a great alternative to start monetizing a blog.

Ebooks7) Digital products

There are many people who often confuse digital products with infoproducts, but there are really certain differences.

Digital products are mainly:

  • Plantillas.
  • Plugins.
  • Herramientas.
  • Aplicaciones.
  • Software
  • Etc.

Let’s see some examples of the templates to make it clearer.


Vilma Núñez

There are many bloggers who have found in the creation of templates a way to make money with a blog.

Think for a moment about the number of templates we need and use every day to manage a project.

Maybe it can be a good way to receive a money ticket, right?

Vilma Nuñez is a magnificent example of how to make money with a blog through the sale of templates.

It has a very complete set that you can use for social networks, email marketing and content marketing, etc.

Transcripciones de contenido8) Productos físicos

We can create an online store with the products we sell or we can sell directly through our blog.

Normally, there are two main types of products that can be sold:

  • Libros
  • Productos artesanales

And we can use the blog and our brand as a way of dissemination to publicize our products.

For example, imagine that you write a book aimed at entrepreneurs.

You could make an article with the best books for entrepreneurs and in that list add your book.

And you could also promote that book through the blog either through banners, by sending it to your subscribers, etc.

Trading9) Membresía

When we managed to generate a powerful brand, another way to make money with a blog would be to set up a membership.

At the end of the day, we could say that it is a private community that is accessed upon payment of a monthly fee .

There may also be free memberships with additional payment options, but they are usually paid.

Does Netflix sound to you?

Your business model after all is a membership that for the payment of a monthly fee you can access all your videos and depending on what type of fee you choose, you will have different services.

Oportunidades laborales10) Oportunidades laborales

Until now all the ways to make money with a blog that we have seen were related to the sale of products and / or services.

But we can get another set of benefits that do not necessarily imply having to start our own business.

There are many people who decide to create a blog to :

  • Posicionarse como un especialista dentro de su sector.
  • Crear una marca personal potente.

And this can lead directly or indirectly to a series of additional opportunities such as :

  • Asistir a congresos y eventos como ponentes.
  • Participar en talleres formativos.
  • Dar clases en escuelas de negocio, de marketing, etc.
  • Conseguir un aumento de sueldo.
  • Conseguir un mejor empleo.

These are things that can be achieved thanks to a blog (as long as things are done well).

Dropshipping11) Vender el blog

Have you ever considered selling your website?

I personally have not contemplated or contemplated it, but I know people who are dedicated to creating projects, “fatten” them and then sell them for quite interesting amounts.

In fact, there are companies that are mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of websites .

Depending on the niche to which you are going, there will be a series of metrics that are taken into account to be able to assign a value, such as:

  • Autoridad del proyecto.
  • Tráfico
  • Nivel de enlaces
  • Cuánto factura el proyecto

If you want to create different niches and then sell them, it could be an interesting idea for you.

How to make money with an online blog

Now that we’ve seen different ways to monetize your project, I’m going to tell you the roadmap that I would follow if I was wondering how to make money with a blog .

These are steps that are often overlooked and that can mark the success or failure of a project.

Here is also a presentation about a presentation I made about different ways to make money with a blog.

And now, let’s see those essential steps that I consider to establish before creating any project.

1. The theme is essential

The first step will be to choose the theme of our blog.

This step is essential because depending on your choice the monetization options may vary from one project to another .

Some of the questions that I recommend that you meditate are:

  • Cuáles son tus pasiones o hobbies.
  • ¿Qué se te da bien? ¿Cuáles son tus habilidades?
  • Qué tipo de blogs o libros te gusta leer

These are some questions you can ask yourself, but then I also recommend validating the theme and analyzing the profitability of it .

2. Define the business model

Then you will have to define what the income paths of the project will be.

I recommend that you make a canvas model and determine how you are going to monetize the blog .

Before we have seen different ways to make money with a blog, which are going to be the ones that best fit your business idea?

Having this clear is essential because then it will affect the entire strategy that we define later.

3. Analysis

Having the two previous points clear, the next phase in any project is usually the audit.

In this case you will have to do an external analysis of other blogs of the theme you have selected and analyze how they are monetizing your project.

Some of the elements you might consider are:

  • Blogs de más tráfico web y autoridad.
  • Blogs de más audiencia o engagement social.
  • Estrategia de contenidos.
  • Frecuencia y estilo de publicación.
  • Estrategia de captación.
  • Estrategia de venta.
  • Objetivo y finalidad del blog.

In this way, what we are going to do is a complete analysis to know which are the blogs with more traffic and authority where we can publish an article.

Then we have to see what are the objectives of the different blogs analyzed, as well as the content strategy and what kind of editorial calendar they are using.

As well as analyzing if they use a newsletter to make their content known to subscribers and what email marketing strategy they are using.

To finally analyze online and face-to-face events where we can connect and network with certain bloggers in our sector.

4. Definition of objectives and user profile

A key aspect and that is not given the necessary importance, and that will mark the course of our actions in the world of blog, so be very clear about the objective (s) for which you decide to enter the world of blogging.


  • Mejorar la Marca Personal.
  • Captar más clientes.
  • Vender más productos.
  • Crear tu propio auto empleo.
  • Ganar dinero.

Once we are clear about the objectives that we intend to achieve, we have to define the user profile of each service , production or action that we want to work and improve over time.

5. Editorial Calendar

In this phase we are already clear about the way forward, so we are already able to define an editorial calendar with a minimum view of 3 months .

In principle it is only enough to define the titles of the articles that we will be publishing on the blog at that time, and each election has to be an action aimed at the objectives that we have defined above.

Choose the tool you like best, I use Google Calendar, other people use a template in Excel, so choose the tool with which you feel most comfortable and start now to design your editorial calendar.

6. Launch

The launch of a blog always has to be done with at least 3 or 4 articles , but strategically decides each of these contents.

The first post can be a personal article, where you talk about why you have decided to enter the world of blogging and what you hope to achieve.

It is very important that from the first post you leave an imprint of your own communication and narrative style.

The second article writes a very powerful guide to a topic that interests you a lot, such as a social media guide or an SEO guide, etc.

The third article chooses a good long tail where you can capture a large volume of traffic.

The fourth article can be a strategic one where you try to achieve a great viralization and above all that you make yourself known to many professionals in the sector.

7. Promotion

This is the phase where it fails most or is not well understood.

If you think that promotion is reduced to sharing in social networks you are very wrong.

Promotion are a set of SEO, Social, Branding and Networking actions that are necessary and fundamental to get your blog mature enough to take the step to monetization.

If you want to know a little more about what actions they are, leave me a comment in this post and I will be happy to expand this information.

You should think about applying the Pareto principle, where you dedicate 20% to content creation and 80% to promoting it.

8. Readers and Subscribers

One of the main objectives of a blog should be to attract or capture a reading community around your brand , but to achieve this the best way to do this is to provide true value in each content you do.

You also have to try to increase your subscriber list from the start, since in the future it can be a very effective channel to make money with a blog.

1 year ago I told my friend Rubén Alonso’s blog about my experience and my best strategies to increase the list of subscribers.

A year later I almost doubled the number of the post and by the beginning of the year I will prepare a post for my blog where I will explain how I have obtained more than 100,000 subscribers of the blog .

9. Social Community

The social community is a very effective channel to build trust and credibility of our brand and logically this will improve in the future the monetization of our blog.

One of the keys to the success of a project on the internet is based on creating an online community and a brand environment.

So I recommend that you dedicate the necessary time to see how you can create your own community.

10. Quality Networking

If you want tomorrow, get an affiliate network to help you sell or publicize your courses or infoproducts.

This step is really indispensable if you really want to scale your business, but for this you will have to create relationships with all the professionals that you would be interested in having as affiliates.

Because the normal thing is that nobody wants to help you promote something if they don’t know you at all or have not had any relationship in the passage with you.

So take 6 to 12 months to create a relationship with other professionals and thus generate a friendship with them, and really do not hurry to ask them to help you with the promotion of your infoproduct.

11. Measurement and Results

Everything that is not measured cannot be improved, so I recommend that you mark a series of objectives and KPI to see if we are on the right track or not.

If, for example, we have set a goal to start earning a specific amount 6 months after the start of the project and we are not getting it, we must analyze why.

And we will have to carry out a contingency plan and a series of additional measures to try to reverse the situation.

10. Monetization

The monetization of a blog should not begin before the 12 or 18 months of life of your blog and as long as your project is mature enough to do so.

(And with monetization I mean earning real money, not a few euros. That amount can naturally be obtained much earlier).

This does not want to discourage you but rather the opposite, I want to encourage you to get it and really make money with a real blog.

So you can live on your own project and don’t just limit yourself to getting a series of extra income.

5 Common mistakes when you want to make money online with a Blog

1. Create a free blog and earn money

If you analyze it for a moment and put a little common sense you will realize that it is not possible.

Imagine that for example you just opened a physical business and surely you know that when you open it will not rain sales because you have to devote time to actions to publicize your business because the same goes for a blog.

2. Monetize a blog without investment

Following the previous example, if you had to open a physical store, wouldn’t you invest a significant amount for the design of the entire store?

Well, the same goes for a blog.

Do not expect to achieve great results if you are not willing to invest money in hiring services or the necessary tools.

3. Think that you can live on the ads in Facebook Ads

You have just completed a Facebook Ads course and you think that you are going to make another selling through this channel.

Stop for, wake up from sleep!

If you want to sell you have to position your brand before to inspire the necessary values that give way to the purchase.

To be recognized before we have to be known!

4.- Sell a course or infoproduct that does not have sufficient quality

If you think that the fact of doing a course or infoproduct will rain sales, believe me that it is not.

Do not think that the user does not know what they buy and remember that this user makes up to 5 comparisons before making a purchase decision.

So think about why they are going to choose your product against that of another competitor.

5. Do not perform a complete market analysis

If you are going to sell a product online you have to deeply analyze the market , even before you start designing the course.

You have to check what offer there is in the market and what your course or infoproduct provides that others do not do or have.

This last point is fundamental, if we are going to offer the same thing that people who are already positioned in the sector already do, why would they buy from us instead of them?

make money with a blog infographic

Conclusions on how to make money with a blog

You see that it is possible to make money with a blog with one of these 10 ways that I tell you in the article.

If you have just created a blog and you think it is possible to monetize it and start making money online you are very wrong, so I recommend that you mature your project well as explained in the article.

Finally, I recommend this great article by my friend Miguel Ángel Trabado where he teaches why you should invest and bet on the new digital advertising formats.

Well I really hope that all the tips and recommendations will help you generate revenue and sales with a blog.

Is it possible to make money with a blog and live on it? Would you add any more method to the list?

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