In this article, I will tell you the SEO techniques that best results and work best in 2020. I will try to explain each of these techniques in a very simple way so that it is easier to apply them and improve your SEO positioning.

Every year, SEO evolves, changes and becomes a complex discipline to follow and be updated with the latest algorithm updates, but according to a Bright Edge study, organic search remains the biggest driver of web traffic and revenue for virtually all industries.

BrightEdge traffic study

Another aspect that we have seen over time is that if we seek the effectiveness of our SEO strategy, we must necessarily link it in total symbiosis with other strategies such as content strategy or social media strategy.

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Now let’s see what are the SEO techniques that will take off your web positioning in 2020.

Technique 1. Segment Your Audience

An important aspect in any marketing strategy is to segment the audience that we are targeting so that they are more interested in the information, product or service that we are going to offer.

It is key to be successful with the user target, as this affects our choice of keywords. It is about offering what the user is really looking for or demanding, and not offering to offer.

Then we must ask ourselves questions like;

What information do I have of the client profile that I want to capture? Do I have enough data to define our target well?

Technique 2. Use Your Competitive Intelligence

Businesses that are already established play with an obvious advantage.

They have all the information and knowledge necessary to make decisions. Predict your next moves. Imagine how the market can evolve in the future and detect threats.


Monitoring and analyzing your competition is nothing new. Businesses have always done it and for very clear reasons:

  • Helps to make better decisions.
  • Detects new opportunities.
  • Helps to predict the next movements of the competition.
  • Points out problems that can be solved quickly and other opportunities.

What actions should we take?

  • Step 1. Identify the Competition
  • Step 2. Research your Organic Strategies
  • Step 3. Analyze your Payment Advertising
  • Step 4. Check out social media too

Gaining competitive intelligence is crucial if you want to make better decisions, increase your focus on marketing and detect new opportunities. With a simple process, you can quickly determine the marketing tactics of your competition and discover ways to overcome it in searches.

Technique 3. Develop a Content Strategy

This technique is one of my favorites and it is about merging the SEO strategy with the content strategy in order to find those contents in which we really want to position ourselves and in which we have to be very clear about why we choose them.

This technique does not seek as the main objective to bring as much traffic as possible, but what it seeks is to define the niches in which we want to position our brand because we understand that these keywords are associated with the achievement of objectives that we have established in the Strategy.

a man making read his content with his friends content marketing content distribution seo techniques

Now I will explain it with an example so that it is understood much better;

Suppose I publish a guide on how to design and optimize a curriculum vitae to find work, and that this article was without a doubt the post that brought more web traffic to my business, so the question is, would I be correcting with the choice of this content?

The answer is very simple and it would depend. It would depend on whether that traffic we are getting is making it profitable in some way, whether to get subscribers, customers, etc … If instead, we cannot convert that traffic because it is not our user target, then it would not be a wise choice of content.

The figures for visits is an abstract value that should not make us lose sight and make us lose attention in what really has value in the content strategy.

In most businesses, the majority of traffic comes from 4 or 5 keywords, so the first objective of this SEO technique will be to position ourselves in them and try to reach Google’s Top 10.

There are many tools to analyze the best keywords but my favorites are:


My favorite tool, SEMrush, to analyze the best keywords of other websites similar to mine, and surely the tool that has helped me the most to find the best traffic niches and with that to achieve more than 400% increase the organic traffic of my blog.

In this SEMrush video tutorial, my friend Alicia Rodríguez teaches us how to use organic research to analyze other blogs of our theme and sector and to get niches with a lot of traffic and increase visits to our website.

Keyword Planner

A more complete tool, Keyword Planner, to conduct a thorough study of keywords. It is the most basic and at the same time the most complete, and a fundamental element if we want to make a good study of keywords.

Google Trends

A very important tool, Google Trends, to analyze the trend over time of the keywords we have selected. Not only is it about getting good keywords but we must analyze their tendency to decide whether or not to include it in the study of keywords.

Here you have a good tutorial to start using Google Trends, and thus be able to apply all the possibilities offered by this tool to improve our web positioning. It is increasingly important to know how to choose the themes and titles of our content, and this tool will help us see the evolution of the chosen terms in order to choose those that have a better impact on SEO.

This Google Trends tutorial is done by Irene Ferrer.

Keyword Tool IO

With Keyword IO, a very simple tool to use you will find the most important searches from any keyword base.

Technique 4. Keep Your Content Fresh

This SEO factor which although has been with us for a few years is undoubtedly giving a lot to talk about the latest updates of the Google Algorithm, since we can see how our posts that are well-positioned in the SERP begin to fall after a few months and their place is occupied by fresher and more current content, even from less authoritative domains.

This is because Google is giving importance to the freshness factor and less importance to more traditional factors such as domain authority.

What do we have to do to take full advantage?

You have 2 options:

1. Recover old posts by adding more fresh content and updating the date.

2. Recover old posts by adding more fresh content and eliminating the date field.

We will now see these two aspects in-depth:

1. Retrieve old post and update date

The process is very simple but I will explain it in 4 very easy steps to follow:

1. Eliminate the little relevant or outdated content.

2. Add 30% or 40% more content to the post.

3. Update titles (H1, H2, and H3).

4. Change the date and click on “update”.

Only with this method, you can see how an old post ranks again in a few days on the top positions of Google.

2. Recover old posts and remove the post date

1. Eliminate the little relevant or outdated content.

2. Add 30% or 40% more content to the post.

3. Update titles (H1, H2, and H3).

4. Delete the date of the post and we update it.

How do we delete the date of a post?

There are 2 ways to do it:

1. Manual method

The manual method can be applied in two ways;

1. Hide it from CSS

You go to your style sheet and add;

.entry-date{ display: none; }

2. Modify the programming of your theme

Complex to apply if we are not a programmer since we have to find the file of our theme that shows the date and delete the function, this depending on the template can be in single.php or any other file.

2. Automatic method (Recommended)

old post data remover

Install the plugin Old Post Date Remover and decide the age of the post from which we want your date to disappear. You decide 30, 60 or 90 days, I have personally opted for the latter and I have opted to hide the dates if the post has more than 3 months.

old post data remover configuración

Do not miss this Luis Villanueva experiment tells us how to rank a keyword to the TOP 3 in just 8 hours.

Technique 5. Long Long Long Tail

I recommend that you squeeze all the potential that long tail has since this SEO technique can help us position content in deans of keywords, you have heard correctly, in dozens of keywords in which we can position ourselves and get to capture web traffic.

I will explain it to you with a very visual example.

I’m going to SEMrush, and I’m looking for the combinations of a keyword that I want to write and that is “free image banks” in Spanish, and the application returns a total of 34 similar keywords that generate traffic.

It is not bad to make a post to position ourselves in more than 30 different keywords on Google.

banco de imagenes gratis

Now we are going to do the same thing but we are going to use the process in reverse, that is, we are going to analyze keywords that have many similar keywords like the one in this example, for this, I have to look at keywords that have the following characteristics:

1. Generate different combinations depending on whether the word is singular or plural.

2. Use of words with many synonyms.

3. Be a search widely used by users, that is, they are things that we need every day in our work and therefore we need to look for them almost daily.

What is your average position in a single post?

I have to tell you that I have come to see a post with more than 3,000 keywords positioned and with web traffic exceeding 100,000 visits.

Technique 6. Optimize Loading Speed for Mobile Devices

If you think that just having a responsive design you already have everything done, you are very wrong, you have to put yourself on the side of the user and really see if you would wait 7 or 8 seconds to load your Blog from a Smartphone and a 3G connection, you already I say that nobody expects so much unless he is a super fan of your blog, hehehe.

google's page speed analyzer google page insights

So set the goal of lowering the loading speed from mobile devices within 3 seconds, here are some tips for this:

1. The logo image must be different depending on the device. If someone connects from a computer it is normal to show an image of a higher resolution and larger size, but we must show a very different one if it is connected to an iPhone.

2. Unlock the CSS and JS for the Google robot. Typically, these files are unlocked and Google can access them to assess that none of these items is blocking mobile viewing.

3. Appropriate images for each mobile device.

4. Forget about Flash or similar technologies.

5. Use a font and size that is readable without zooming. I recommend that you use a paragraph size of 12 px.

6. Choose a good professional theme. In Themeforest you can find all you want, although there are also many other professional theme companies.

7. Choose the best hosting provider.

8. Avoid large images.

9. Simplify the design so that user navigation is much clearer and more comfortable.

10. Avoid using small buttons that reduce the user experience.

Technique 7. Become a Google Analytics Pro

Whoever says that understanding the Google Analytics well is an easy and simple task, is very far from reality, and it is true that the SEO world is getting closer to certain KPIs in marketing that we can analyze with this tool, and that we have to control our fingers to use in order to improve our web positioning.

Not only are we interested in analyzing this KPI but we have to perfectly analyze user behavior from the moment it arrives to our page until it leaves, all in order to improve our accessibility and usability, in order that all our visitors find the information they are looking for, and all this in the simplest way.

It is not surprising that more and more SEO experts are being trained as experts in web analytics, a binomial that is now a guarantee of success.

Technique 8. Look for Broken Links of Authority Domains

It is not an SEO technique that I do not use but I do know for other colleagues in the sector that is still used very much, despite being an ancient strategy.

On this occasion, I will explain how we can use it with the Ahrefs tool, and specifically with the “Site Explorer”.

enlaces rotos ahrefs

In the example you can see how the Domain of moz has at least 2,392 broken links.

Technique 9. Do Guest Blogging

Today, there are a large number of platforms to create a free blog in a matter of a few minutes. Specifically I will focus on 2 platforms that are the best optimized from an SEO point of view:

1. Word Press

WordPress is a very powerful platform with which we can create and position a free blog in a few months.

From the SEO point of view it is a very well optimized platform and it has an authority of 97/100.

2. Blogger

Blogger is 100% adapted to Google guidelines so it will be easier for us to position a blog or a web page.

From the SEO Blogger point of view, it has 2 great advantages over the rest of the free platforms; the first is its great authority 97/100 and the second is its adaptation to the rules of Google’s game.

How to position it?

I only know a unique way to position a blog and it is with a lot of work, so if you are going to create a free blog with any of these tools, and you will leave it abandoned, I already told you that it will not help you to improve your web positioning, but instead, we publish an article every week we can get in a few months a blog that brings visits and authority to our main website.

Technique 10. Audit Your Website Regularly

This SEO technique I have left at number 10 because I consider it a round and very important strategy if we want to build a strong and consistent website with which we can then get the approval of the Google search engine.

I leave you here 3 very good tools to do an SEO audit, the first one is a bit more complete to use, but it is also the most complete, and the other applications are easier to understand and follow their recommendations to optimize our website.

Screaming Frog

Undoubtedly the most complete tool to perform an SEO audit, but I anticipate that it is not easy to use and you will have to dedicate many hours to be able to realize its full potential.


SEMrush is a much simpler tool to use than the previous one and with which we can do a good SEO audit. Once we have done the analysis we can download in excel and pdf format the errors that we have to correct in each section.


This SEO tool has been recently updated its auditing approach, and although the analysis is much more basic than the previous ones, it can also help us correct some of these errors.

[clickToTweet tweet = »Implementing a #SEO audit will boost your web positioning in a short time» quote = »Implementing a #SEO audit will boost your web positioning in a short time»]

Of course, I recommend that if you want to do a good SEO audit of your website or blog, it is best that you hire a good SEO professional.

Technique 11. Improve Your Landing Page

There is no use for an SEO strategy if we take web traffic to a landing page they do not convert.

Technique 12. The Power of Infographics

You may think that infographics are another resource within your content strategy, or you may think that it is an element that does not convince you and you do not decide to use it, but I want to convince you mainly for 3 reasons:

1. Increase web traffic. A year ago I started to make infographics and my blog has gone from 4,000 to 40,000 visits in 12 months, and my referred traffic has increased by more than 2,000%.

aumento visitas blog marketing and web

2. Natural link building. The infographics are a facilitator when it comes to getting 100% natural incoming links and in a spectacular time.

crecimiento enlaces entrantes

I recommend you try Image Raider, a tool with which you can analyze on which web pages and blogs your infographic has been published.

3. Improve your brand image. Being an element that has great social virality we can get to know our brand in a very short period of time, but also then I will mention how this benefit will indirectly improve our web positioning.

Technique 13. Social Authority

Social authority is a factor that is very difficult to falsify and is, therefore, an element that transmits and gives quality to a brand.

If we have authority or influence in a certain social network we can attract thousands of visits to our website, and logically this web traffic will be of great help for our posts to climb in the SERPs.

In addition, the social authority will also not help our content reach more people and with it we can get other professionals to share it or mention us on their websites.

There has been a lot of talk about how social bookmarks impact SEO, but today we don’t know for sure that they are a factor.

Do not miss this is a great post by Jesús Pérez Serna where he tells us about the influence of Google Plus on SEO.

I totally agree with Jesus that directly it is very complicated to specify whether they impact or not, but indirectly they do influence and improve our SEO positioning.

Technique 14. Use Internal Links

The internal links give consistency to our content strategy and allow readers to go deeper into different topics, but it is also a basic SEO technique that you have to always use so that you can transmit the internal Link Juice well.

Use these internal links with common sense and as long as they add value to the content.

One aspect that there are people who overlook is to send link juice from the posts to the categories so that in turn they pass it to the articles of that same category.

Technique 15. Brand Image as a Relational Marketing Strategy

Well for the end, I have left one of the SEO techniques that I like the most and that is to improve your brand image as a relational marketing strategy.

That is, the first step is to work thoroughly with our brand image for 6 or 12 months, and then start connecting with other professionals through effective, real and lasting relational marketing strategies, we don’t create an exchange relationship, we really create Real and strong relationships, which over time and in a natural way will give a great boost to our SEO strategy.

Technique 16. Increase CTR

Today we know that it is key to get our result to capture the attention of the course and thereby attract the greatest number of clicks, but if you think about it this requires understanding and entering a part that may border on psychological as we must Understand user behavior when they visualize our results in SERPs or have tools that can analyze it and give us recommendations for improvement.

Aspects that we can improve in our search results:

1. Optimize titles. We can get more impressive titles, so I recommend that you add a call to action or a simple word all in capitals at the end.

2. Optimize description. There are different ways to optimize the description to get more user attention and thus get more clicks;

2.1. Repeat the keyword twice. We will get our search term to match more words from our search result and with that, both keywords appear in bold, something that will logically capture the user’s attention.

2.2. Add the voting stars. It is an element that with a single glance captures more attention and gets more clicks.

2.3. Add symbols in the description. Google did not totally eliminate from the SERP that we can add certain symbols that can make your search result stand out more, so take advantage of it. Of course, if you put it at the beginning or end of this description Google automatically deletes them the key is to place them in the center.

2.4. Add links to bookmarks. There is a wonderful WordPress plugin called Table Content Plus, with which we can fully improve our On-Page SEO and user experience. Of course, not to install it will appear in your search results since Google needs the domain to have some authority on the Internet to be able to show it.

Something you may not know is that Google has the ability to adapt your Meta description based on the search terms, and may even select a different internal link to a bookmark based on the search, it seems crazy but it’s true, I discovered it and I am using it to the fullest to position more quickly in keywords with presence in different countries.

busqueda trabajo mexico

busqueda trabajo colombia

Do you realize how the internal link changes depending on the parameter of the country we have chosen? What do you think of the idea? We can use it to add internal links that improve your On-Page SEO, which capture more user attention and lead you directly to the information you need or need.

Technique 17. Attract Attention of People in Your Twitter Feed

My blog is now added in 150 users who publish a tweet shortly after each blog post, so I thought if I analyze at the time of publication of any blog in my sector, I could find all users who use similar tools Twitter Feed and try to attract them.

How do we do it?

It is very simple;

1. Analyze in the Twitter search engine the page of the blog of which we want to find the users that have it added to your Twitter Feed, and find all the people who have published a tweet that includes a link to that page.

2. Find a time of the week where there are many followers tweets at the same minute or in a very small interval of time.

3. You already have it, now you just have to try to attract them and get to know your Blog, and you’ll see with time and queue conversation you get many professionals to do it.

This technique can be perfectly combined with the date update, because when we update a post and put the current date we will get hundreds of tweets through these users since for the tool it will be like a new post, so in this case, the update can be doubly effective.

Technique 18. Improve Positions with Increased Traffic

There are 3 mechanisms with which you can get to attract a lot of traffic and that are the following;

1. Social traffic. You can attract a lot of traffic from social networks in a very small interval of time. I have managed to exceed 1,000 social visits of a post in a single day.

2. News aggregators. They can help us to increase traffic and to get high quality links, as in btiácoras.

3. Email Marketing. It is another channel with which we can take thousands of visits to a post in a few hours.

I have very clear that post traffic is a very important factor to scale positions and improve our web positioning.

tráfico social

What do you think?

Technique 19. SEO Branding As Definitive Technique

If from the minute 0 we are working on the SEO and brand strategy simultaneously it will be very good for us, because after 12 to 18 months I will be able to see how the results obtained are amplified and improved thanks to the good work done.

SEO Branding will be the tool you need to create a Professional Blog and achieve the best results in a very short period of time.

You just have to analyze the growth of domains that link my blog in a natural way as they have increased last year exceeding 1000 domains.

grafica ahrefs

Technique 20. Bait Pages

The Bait Pages Technique is to take advantage of the visibility that some pages of our website have to get traffic from related keywords that, when combined, will multiply our traffic, in other words, we will launch the hook with a page that points to many keywords to attract all possible visits from it.

«But Mario … do I have to create new articles?»

No, just “make up” those you already have to shape them.

If you have ever been interested in web positioning (if you have not done so you should start doing it) you will have read that there are different types of keywords and that it is best to create an article (or page) for each keyword you want to attack.

Do you know what the problem is with this?

That you can spend a lot of time creating content to achieve eachand every one of them and as you go into the dark path of the websites you will realize that you have so much work ahead that time will be your most valuable asset.

For this reason with the bait pages, we will be able to optimize our time and effort to try to get the most out of our content.


Technique 21. Strategic Contents

A strategic content can be 1000% more effective than it would be a normal content, that is why I am going to recommend that you add in your editorial calendar some strategic contents such as; collaborative content, presentation content in society or mention content.

The strategic content seeks to achieve the greatest possible amplification and that your information reaches as many people as possible, being able to reach more than 1 million people without the need to invest a single euro in advertising.

Technique 22. Optimize the Crawl Budget

The crawl budget is the tracking budget that Google assigns to each website.

A very common mistake is to think that the more pages we publish on our website the more traffic we are going to get, and this is not true because the more pages we have more time Google will need to track them all, which could cause a percentage of our pages to Our website is not being indexed and with it we will be losing traffic and visibility on Google.

It is important to analyze which are the pages that we are interested in indexing and which are not, so that we reduce to the maximum the necessary time that the search engine needs to index our content, in this way we will be able to increase the traffic and curiously indexing fewer pages.

  • Duplicate Content
  • Errors 4XX and 5XX.
  • Errores 4XX y 5XX.
  • Other technical errors.
  • Bad browsing experience
  • Low quality content or spam.
  • Hack pages.

Technique 23. Publish Videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTube have a lot of potentials, we just have to watch the channel owned by Google and it will continue for a long time, but a very common mistake is not to optimize the videos on this channel well, so I recommend that you make a summary of each video 200 to 300 words to help you improve your on-page SEO optimization of the same and get visibility and traffic through YouTube.

That is what happens normally, because of laziness or not wasting much time we add one or two sentences and that’s it, and this is a mistake because we are not optimizing the quality score of that video.

Technique 24. Internal Link Building

Several years ago when Google announced that incoming links from other pages that point to our website or backlinks would gradually lose strength, but today you have to know that it is still very important to position on Google and more specifically if we talk about High competition niches.

Then, starting from the base and recommendations of Google where he urges us to get natural links, he led me to the conclusion that this natural link building could also be called friend building, that is, it is very important to create a real relationship of friendship with other professionals of our sector because we will get many mentions of your articles and create diverse agreements and collaborations.

If you build this friend with an SEO consultant it will be much better! ?

Técnica 25: OTE (On-page + Traffic + Experience)

One of my favorite SEO techniques is nothing more than getting a post in a few days or weeks in niches with a lot of traffic and all without having to get links. For this, we need to create a modular content of great quality and value and where the user experience is prime. This content will be optimized by your on-page SEO to finally carry thousands of traffic visits to get thousands of positive signals sent to Google from the experience of these visits.

Do the test yourself and tell me the result! ?

Would you like to add any more techniques to the list?

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