When do we want to increase web traffic? We always become obsessed with getting search engine traffic or also known as organic traffic and getting social traffic. But why do we always forget to increase the web traffic referred to our projects on the Internet?

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This may happen because we belittle the amount of web traffic that we can contain through a link posted on another website, but let me tell you that in my case there are more than 30,000 visits per month of this type of visitor traffic, so Let me ask you, would you like to know how I managed to increase the referred web traffic?

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Every month 2 or 3 invited professionals will give a masterclass on an area of their specialty and with a clear practical approach.

How to Reach Goals With A Blog?

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1. Initial audit

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I will not leave you alone with the training content. We will conduct group and individual mentoring sessions every month, I will tell you what the path you should follow and how to travel it in the fastest way.

4. Exclusive masterclass

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5. Access to tools for free

You can use the best blogging, social media and SEO tools for free. Thus, you will have everything you need to take your blog to the top.

6. Networking and collaboration

You will have a forum available to contact other students and teachers in which all your doubts will be resolved. You will close agreements with people who will make your way in the world of blogging.

I want to enroll in the course + mentoring

Now, we start with the actions I have taken to increase the referred web traffic by more than 30,000 visits.

How to Increase Referral Traffic of a Webpage or Blog?

1. Publish articles in Blogs with a lot of web traffic

Here I will explain something new, it is a method that can give you very good results if you apply it and for this, you will need to use 2 tools and follow these recommendations;

Point 1. We will elaborate a list in excel with the blogs that more traffic referred we can get if we publish a guest article.

Point 2. You go to the google search engine and look for “best marketing blogs”, substitute marketing for your sector in case it is.

Point 3. Write down the URL of the blogs that appear in the ranking.

Point 4. Analyze the estimated visitor traffic with a similar web.

Point 5. Analyze web traffic with SEMrush.

Point 6. Analyze the main sources of referral traffic of the top 10 blogs, this will help you find other blogs where to get a good referral web traffic.

Simple, right?

For example, I will analyze my friend Rubén Alonso’s blog so you can see how easy it is to apply.

trafico web ruben alonso

Now I go to SEMrush and analyze web traffic, and this is the result I get.

trafico web semrush

Now we click on “Traffic Sources”, to see which blogs or web pages that take the most traffic to Rubén Alonso’s blog.

trafico referido ruben alonso

Marketing and Web, as you can see, occupy the second position of referred traffic.

Have you seen that simple, right?

The same you have to apply to dozens of blogs and you can really see which are the most worthwhile to publish a guest post and with that get 2 good links that give us authority and get referred web traffic.

Finally, I thank my marketing brother José Facchin who is the main source of web traffic referred to in my blog.

trafico web referido blog marketing and web

2. Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Let me tell you that lately, I am dedicating a lot of effort to perfect my email marketing strategy to the maximum and how to get a higher percentage of the emails that I send to subscribers and increase the number of clicks, and I have reached over 3000 clicks and I have achieved an opening percentage close to 60%.

ejemplo email marketing guias

Remember that it is not about getting a lot of subscribers but getting quality and well-segmented subscribers since we will have a better response to the emails we send.

3. Get on the Cover in the News Aggregators

Today in the online marketing sector there are only 2 news aggregators that can help you get more visibility and traffic but it is difficult to get a cover on them, and if we do not, believe me, your content will pass totally unnoticed

How do we get a cover?

1. The simplest and most effective solution is to create a group on Facebook with other professionals who have the same objective of achieving that cover and among all it is easier to achieve it.

For example: to get a cover in mktfan you need to get 25 votes.

In the case of logbooks, it is a bit more complex, since depending on the volume of post uploads, which is much higher than that of mktfan, the amount to get on the cover can be higher or lower, but we can get points in 2 different ways; by direct votes or by tweets that mention the article, it is very important that you do not rely on the automatic synchronization of blogs through the feed because “it fails more than a fair shotgun”, so I recommend that you upload it immediately after to publish the post, so that it counts each and every one of the tweets that are published.

You also have to know that the mktfan news aggregator uses totally arbitrary filters and it may be that the content does not go up until days after you published it, it only happens to the users that they decide, but I honestly believe that it is a bias that goes totally in Against the idea an aggregator.

Why are aggregators important?

1. You get instant traffic and quickly.

2. You can make your content known to other professionals in the sector.

3. Many professionals use aggregators as a content curation tool, so we can get a lot of social traffic.

4. As a branding strategy to boost your brand.

News aggregators are a very simple and fast way to get referral traffic and get to know many professionals in your sector.

4. Spend Time Doing Quality Networking

Connecting with relevant professionals in a sector is not something simple, it requires a lot of time, patience and effort, but it is very important because when we get to have a close relationship with other professionals, there will be more possibilities for this person to mention you in his Blog and with it Let’s increase the referred web traffic.

The best way to do networking is to do it in a personal way, so I recommend you go to all the face-to-face events that you can because that is where you can be born and start a friendship with a great professional.

Another mechanism that can help you is to create a high-quality course where great professionals from your sector participate, in this way you will open a communication channel so that over time a closer relationship with these professionals is created.

Just a few months ago I launched the 365 Mkt digital marketing course where more than 48 teachers from 8 countries participate, and where today more than 18,000 students have enrolled.

It is also very interesting that you connect to online events and take advantage of the fact that many people are following the congress hashtag to let you know. On October 6, Thursday, you have the opportunity to follow the Marketing: Business and Digital Monetization Event 2016 where you will have 8 hours of presentations on how to generate income on the Internet. Also, follow the hashtag # NMDigital16 and ask the speakers questions or share those moments that you liked the most.

5. Design a Blog Branding Strategy

Performing a Blog Branding strategy can take time, at least 1 year, but you have to know that when you get to convert your blog into a popular blog in the sector, the mentions will rain from other websites, so your Referred web traffic will begin to increase exponentially.

But the human being is an impatient being and there are very few who have the tenacity and patience to effectively apply a brand strategy and thereby amplify the effect of any action they take.

dominios blog

6. Amigo Building

If you get to connect with other professionals on a personal level, and over time you are making good marketer friends, you will see how at the same time the number of mentions of your blog begins to increase.

Of course, this said can be easy and simple, but it is not, most professionals realize when another professional approaches only with the goal of getting something from that relationship, and we usually shy away from these people.

So how do we make friends with other professionals? There must be moments, as it could not be otherwise, we have to coincide with these people in many moments, spaces, conversations, etc., so that we naturally and gradually build a friendship that goes beyond the virtual.

If instead of looking for something specific and a benefit for your blog you are interested in knowing the person behind each professional, you will see that there is much that can be learned and how you can grow both professionally and personally.

Shake hands with many people without asking for anything in return, you will see how those actions will be rewarded in the future.

I take this opportunity to thank Miguel Ángel Trabado because he is a professional who has been helping me a lot in recent months. I would also like to thank Álvaro Fontela, Manuel Vicedo, and Rafa Sospedra because they are professionals with great humanity and because they always come when I need them. Many thanks also to all who have helped me to spread my course + mentoring.


These 6 strategies will help you increase Referred Web Traffic on your website or blog.

Start doing an excel with the best blogs to publish an article, and then introduce other strategies such as email marketing and news aggregators.

Spend a lot of time doing quality networking and strengthening relationships with other professionals in your sector, it won’t be simple or easy, and it will take a lot of time, but it’s something you should do yes or yes.

Finally, work your personal brand and practice the “Amigo Building”.

How would you increase the referred web traffic of a web page or blog?

Do you think that referred traffic should be taken into account or is it better to bet on other channels?

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