In this article, I will tell you 20 strategies to increase the traffic of your website or blog, and you can attract qualified traffic to get thousands of leads.

Yesterday I was at the DMD Madrid congress, and certainly, and although I was with otitis and not in the best moment of health, the truth is that I had a great time. It was very emotional to meet many students of my course + mentoring who had traveled from different cities in Spain (Seville, Granada, Almeria, Vigo, Barcelona, etc.) so that we met in person.

con mis alumnos dmd madrid


Thank you, Jorge, Carlos, Aroa, Elena, Ángela, Toñi, and Ismael for the pleasant time we had! ?

The presentations were excellent, and we learned a lot from all the people who attended the event. I was also lucky to meet my friend Ignacio Santiago personally, and although we didn’t have much time to talk, I was delighted to see him.


And match great friends and professionals from the digital marketing sector.

Before I start telling you the strategies that will help you increase the web traffic of your website or blog, I will recommend following a series of essential tips.

Security basics in WordPress

  • Update the WordPress version.
  • Update the plugin version.
  • Update the theme version.
  • Have an antivirus (Wordfence or iThemes Security).
  • Delete the admin user.
  • Change the database prefix (wp_)

Your Blog Has to get Stronger to Increase Web Traffic

blog musculo

Do you publish articles on your blog, and you don’t get it to work?

Does the Google search not pay much attention to you?

Have you thought that your blog may need training?

First Training: SEO Audit

The first step before starting to perform other marketing actions is to thoroughly review your website or blog by performing a complete SEO audit.

For this, most professional tools are these:

But if you do not have a professional profile, you will likely be choked by some of these tools, if it is your case I recommend using SEMrush to do the initial SEO audit.

Second Training: Increase Authority (DA)

rocky balboa

Once we have prepared our website and we have it well oiled, our next priority is to increase the domain authority, for this follow the following tips:

  • Guest Blogging on sites with great DA and web traffic (Moz Bar and Similar Web).
  • Make strategic content (collaborative, mention, etc.).
  • Do quality networking (friend-building).
  • Quality infographics + dissemination.

Types of Content to Get Links:

  • Type # 1 Rankings.
  • Type # 2 List of tools or resources.
  • Type # 3 Collaborative Content.
  • Type # 4 Infographics with images of professionals.
  • Type # 5 Very complete guides or manuals.
  • Type # 6 Case studies.
  • Type # 7 Video Tutorials.
  • Type # 8 Wow Effect.
  • Type # 9 Useful broad spectrum contents.
  • Type # 10 Very original contents.
  • BONUS #1: Get a DA 52 link in 5 minutes.
    The Internet Day organizes some public awards to which any web page or blog can be presented, and the right thing that it has in addition to branding our brand is that we can get a powerful link to our website.
  • BONUS 2: Get Links Through The Twitter Bio.
    In a few minutes, you can get several links from very authoritative sites just by adding a link in the bio of your Twitter account.
    When you do you have to create an account on the following sites:
    * Klout.
    * Twitaholic.
    * Twitter Counter.
  • BONUS 3: Get links with Klear DA 54.
    When you create a free account with the Klear tool, your public profile will be created where links will appear in some tweets to your blog or website. Easier is impossible! ?

klear tool

  • BONUS 4: Blogs where you should publish a guest post
    One of the best ways to get one or several links in a domain of high authority and traffic is to publish an article as a guest blogger, but sometimes we choose the site where to publish, so I leave this list that I have made with the best places where I would publish a guest post.

best places to guest post in Spain

Strategy 1. Discover The 4 Key Pillars

The objective of this strategy is to identify four articles that can generate 20 to 30 thousand visits each and that allow us to make our blog work. Still, in order to achieve it, we have to make a complete plan of actions that will increase us to Search engine top positions these four items.

Strategy 2. How to Position a Post in 2 Hours

how to increase the traffic of website: non promotional content

I chose a technology issue that has nothing to do with marketing.

  • Content writing thinking about the user experience (short paragraphs, very visual, with videos to retain the user, etc.)
  • SEO On Page format + optimization of snippet looking for a better CTR.
  • I share in social networks and news aggregators (receive 1000 visits).
  • Submission to subscribers (receive 1,200 visits)

Strategy 3. Rich Snippets

how to increase the traffic of website: become featured snippet by listing your content

It is vital to identify the keywords or keywords in your niche that Google shows a Rich Snippet like this that logically will help you get more visibility and web traffic.

Look at this case; being the second result in Google shows it in the rich snippet results having even more prominence than the Top 1 itself.

Strategy 4. Articles t0 Organic Traffic

What can we do with these items?

  • Upgrade content and republish it.
  • Upgrade content, update date, and republish it.
  • Give redirection 301 to new content.
  • Remove old content to reduce the crawl budget.

Strategy 5. Advanced SEO On Page

Did you know that the Meta description of the same web page can change depending on the search?

resultado busqueda

You can add a second link in the Meta description by improving the CTR.

How do we do it?

Add navigation sections with these titles. Use a shortcode.

Do not miss on-page SEO, where you will find more strategies and tricks.

Strategy 6. Long Tail

My blog has increased a lot in recent months, mainly motivated by growing a lot on a cellular level thanks to the long tail niches.

Strategy 7. Attract Social Traffic

how to increase the traffic of website: social media marketing traffic

✓ I increased the published tweets from 8 to 16 every day. (+1,000 mentions / day).

✓ I uploaded the articles to news aggregators such as mktfan, blogs, or marketertop.

✓ I published and participated more actively in groups and communities in RRSS.

✓ I started using LinkedIn Pulse. (Increased traffic on LinkedIn by 400%)

✓ I increased my readers in Feedly (+ 5,682 readers).

✓ Periodically send the newsletter.

Strategy 8. Who Shares My Content?

Did you know that you can analyze who shares your content on Twitter?

It is very simple; you have to go to the twitter search engine and add the URL of your website and add it to the end / *. I give you an example;*

In this way, we can talk with every one of the people who are interested and disseminate our content on this social network. We can also use it to analyze who disseminates our competition.

We can also segment the search to a specific account;


Strategy 9. Who Shares My Images?

A strategy that I love and with which it manages to recover many links to web page or blog, and with it also increase web traffic.

I explain everything in this article called Tricks with Google Images.

Strategy 10. Do You Analyze If your Images Are Original?

Some people think that duplicate content is only reduced to text, but it is not like that, our images can also be detected as duplicate content. It is imperative to analyze Google Images to see if the image is original.

Strategy 11. On-Page Optimization Thoroughly

There are two fantastic tools with which we can do on-page SEO optimization very thoroughly and in an advanced way with those tools;

1. The yard

2. Ryte

Strategy 12. Referred Traffic

Do not forget the importance of the traffic referred to your blog, especially those coming from other bloggers or colleagues in the sector.


✓ The primary source of my blog is the newsletter.

✓ We have to create lasting relationships with other blogs.

✓ Match other bloggers in face-to-face events.

Strategy 13. Optimize the Conversion Funnel

Getting or increasing web traffic from a blog is of no use if it is not converted; this is a critical aspect of any marketing strategy, and therefore, it is necessary to optimize the conversion funnel in all its parts.

In my case, this optimization has increased lead acquisition by 400% and now exceeds 1000 leads weekly.

conseguir leads


Sumo Me + Mailchimp

✓ Thrive Leads + Mailchimp

Subscription Strategies

✓ Free Courses: +19,000

✓ Blog Guides: +23,000

✓ Ebooks: +12.000

Total 54,000 subscribers

Strategy 14. Monitor Who Links You

Receive an email with the pages that link you (More how and simple, impossible) with the Monitor Backlinks tool.

Strategy 15. Long Content vs. Short Content

It is not true that we have to write thousands of words to position our articles, what we have to think about what information users are looking for, and if our content is the perfect answer to that search, in each case, the extension can oscillate and change a lot.

Strategy 16. Create a family

how to increase the traffic of website: make other bloggers to write for you

Invite bloggers to your blog will allow you to cover more topics that your readers benefit from valuable content.

Strategy 17. Retrieving and Distributing Link Juice

The objective is to identify the most authoritative pages of our website and make a small content upgrade, adding 10% more content and then add links to pages that we want to position:

1. Analyze old posts with a lot of authority.

2. Find a post of type rankings; Example a tool post.

3. Convert external links to “nofollow.”

4. Update and refresh the content, adding a section of links just after the introduction of the content. Objective to transmit authority and traffic.

Objective: Retrieving link juice and send it to several contents that we want to position strategically.

Strategy 18. Repeat The Keyword in Meta Description

how to increase the traffic of website: different meta descriptions

If you repeat the keyword in the meta description, your search result will be more visible because more text will be boldly bold, and with it, you can increase the CTR.

Strategy 19. Keep an Editorial Calendar

If we want to increase the traffic of visits to a blog, something fundamental in the planning and to have an editorial calendar of our future publications in the blog.

It is also crucial to make a calendar of our collaborations in other blogs. Still, it is important that you do it in places with a lot of traffic and authority, here I leave you a list of 50 marketing blogs where you should publish a post as a guest blogger.

Strategy 20. Optimize Loading Speed

Optimizing the loading speed will help us increase the traffic of our website or blog, it is that simple and important.

In my case, I use:

Tips to Successfully Launch a Professional Blog

  • Build bridges with other professionals and companies
  • Do not become obsessed with content generation.
  • Always bet on adding value to your content.
  • Build an audience around your brand.
  • Never stop training and learning.
  • Spend more time working your brand outside your Blog than inside.
  • Help to other professionals in your sector whenever you can: “Practice Personal Networking.”

I hope these strategies help you achieve or increase web traffic, but remember qualified traffic that you can convert into leads, prescribers, or clients.

I finish the article with this photo where I had a beer with my students of the first edition of the course + mentoring, in a couple of weeks I will open the inscription of the second edition, so I hope to have you as a student soon! ?

lesson to learn how to increase the traffic of website

Would you like to add some more strategy to increase web traffic?

Can’t you increase your blog traffic?

How to Increase Referred Web Traffic by More Than 30,000 Visits?

How to Increase Referred Web Traffic by More Than 30,000 Visits?

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