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Why Does Not Your Brand Strategy on Pinterest Work?

Your brand has been presented on Pinterest for some time now, but you can’t get almost any interesting benefits from it. Although you have heard it said that this social network can bring a lot of play to a brand of any business sector.

What is probably happening with your Brand on Pinterest, is that she does not have a professional strategy or, the one she owns, is not designed and designed taking into account the particularities of that social network and that is why you make some basic mistakes that are causing failure your work.

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We have already seen how to improve your strategy on Pinterest. But perhaps before making any kind of change or improvement, we need to know what our failures are to pay more attention to them

So, I would like to give you some clues that will help you more easily detect those shortcomings.

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Some weaknesses of a brand strategy on Pinterest, which can make the presence of your brand not attractive on that social platform;

1. You Have Not Successfully Completed Your Profile

It is a matter of common sense. If people don’t know who you are, how you could expect them to follow you or interact with you. It is unfortunate to find (with the amount of information we have available today) a large number of brands that do not have a complete profile on social networks. Pinterest is one that makes this task easier for you, you just have to provide a short description, verify your website and link your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and mail. A very tiring job, right?

2. You Don’t Know The Tastes and Needs of Your Target

Not having well defined who is the target audience of our brand and what are their needs and interests, unfortunately, is one of the most common mistakes of any social media strategy. Without that information, of course, Pinterest doesn’t work.

3. No One Understands The Names of Your Boards

Be original and creative, but don’t sin extravagant. If only you understand the name of your boards, they will not be attractive to your audience. That is, they will not awaken in them the impulse to see what is beyond.

4. The Titles or Descriptions of Your Pins Are Meaningless

A common mistake is not to include a personalized title, and with keywords, on your pins. Or that when pinning your content, they only have a meaningless word or URL as a name. This is a very common fault in a host of websites. A lack of attention like that, makes the content of your brand lose part of its virality.

5. You Don’t Share Enough Pins to Trigger Engagements

Sharing content on Pinterest only from our brand is a typical rookie mistake, although it is very common on all social networks. In case you did not know there is something that is in the genes of all social platforms, that is the need to be truly social. Your brand can share its own content, but also from third parties.

Contrary to what is thought, this will make us much more attractive and will ultimately benefit our own content. It is best to have a brand strategy on Pinterest out of varied and relevant content that provides added value and/or is of interest to our target.

6. You Don’t Balance Pleasure With Business

Do not forget that displaying your products and services on Pinterest will be very important to increase traffic to your website and improve your conversion. Talking too much about leisure or pleasure in your Pinterest profile can distract you and your potential customers from the main objective of your Brand. Or, conversely, just talking about products and services will make you less attractive. Once again, balance is the key to success.

7. You Don’t Pin at The Right Time

If you only share your pins once a day or at times when your target audience is not connected, you may be missing the game. Analyze the virality of your content and thanks to this plan, not only the number of times you are going to pin, but also the best times to do it.

8. You Think Pinterest is Just a Matter of Photos

I’m tired of saying it, there is life on Pinterest beyond the photos. A good video, a colorful infographic or a very informative presentation can also have an overwhelming impact on this platform.

9. You Don’t Customize Your Pins

This is an unforgivable rookie mistake. If you do not put a title that attracts your followers and, above all, a link to your website or blog on your pins, do not expect people to arrive by magic to your page. This is another important reason, why Pinterest doesn’t work.

10. Your Website is Not Pin-It Friendly

Your website or blog has no pin-it button available. In addition, this problem is also related to points 4 and 9, do not personalize with title and links your content … Do not get tired of throwing all your work on Pinterest to the trash. Think that your website is your home and if it is not in order, your brand’s social media strategy will not work.

11. You Don’t Use Pinterest As a Social Network

There are many who do not take adequate time to comment and/or reply to the comments of the other users of that network. Don’t believe yourself a Hollywood star. People not only want to see beautiful photos on Pinterest, but they also look for good interaction from your brand.


My question is: Have you forgotten that you represent a brand? He thinks that this is also a social network that needs professional planning and management. If your brand is only dedicated to pineapple photos crazy (as any user of the lot would do) or make many of the mistakes that I comment here, undoubtedly its presence on Pinterest will be very unproductive and in many cases, you will be wasting your time and investment to the trash

What other failures can make a brand’s strategy fail on Pinterest?

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