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What is a Digital Trafficker? What Are Its Main Functions?

Have you heard of digital trafficker as a new profession? Do you want to know what exactly people who do it do? Well, if this topic is of interest to you, stay until the end because today I will tell you all about these professionals and I will discover what areas of the digital world you must master to be one of them.

In recent times there has been a lot of talk about them in the online media, although very few are more or less clear about their functions. Since, as it happens with the majority of the new professions born thanks to the current increasing digital transformation, it takes a little for them to gain rapid recognition in society.

For all this, and as I tell you in advance, it is important that you know that this is a somewhat complex profession or specialty, which requires mastery of multiple techniques and facets of advertising and digital marketing in general. Before going into details, shall we start by looking at its definition?

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What is a Digital Trafficker?

A digital trafficker or traffic manager, is responsible for the planning, management and analysis of advertising campaigns on the Internet carried out by a brand. Its main function is to compare quality traffic, with the aim of achieving the highest conversions with the least possible investment.

His figure, within the professional horizon, is one of the most in demand today. And this profile, may be specialized in one or several branches of online advertising and must have knowledge of the latest Internet Marketing techniques and tools, which we will delve into later.

In this way, a digital trafficker can design or optimize an advertising strategy according to the characteristics of the business and its market niche, the existing budget and the target audience of the brand, whether it is of the B2B (company to company) or B2C (business to person).

What is a Digital Trafficker for? What Role Does It Play?

The role of this professional is to manage paid advertising for a product or service, as I mentioned earlier.

Plus, you need to think creatively, to get the brand message across to potential customers.

The following points are in which this professional most influences:

” To plan

This area is the foundation of the entire strategy.

Here you should think about the Buyer persona (ideal customer), Customer Journey (ideal customer journey), Distribution channels (social networks, search network / display network), etc.

” Implement

Once you have thought about the strategy and selected the different channels, it is time to execute it, taking into account the budget.

” To size

There is no use putting together a good strategy and not measuring, which is a big mistake.

If we do not measure, we will not know if the campaign is achieving the objectives or if it is going very badly and take action to improve that problem.


It allows us to make decisions regarding campaign performance , such as making changes to graphic art or copy, increasing or decreasing the budget, or trying other segmentation.

What Types of Digital Trafficker Are There?

We all like to specialize in something specific, the same goes for this professional, who can be an expert in a single specialty or know a little about all of them, that’s why I’m going to mention the types that exist.

1) Digital Trafficker Social Media Expert

This typology has in-depth knowledge about the use of Ads (paid advertising) in the different social channels such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

In this way, you can know which channels to use for campaign execution, based on the ideal customer and the type of product or service.

2) Specialized in Google Ads

This type of Digital Trafficker dominates the paid ads published on Google, has the necessary knowledge to study and select the keywords that will activate the ad , in addition to knowing remarketing and retargeting.

3) Specialized in Infoproducts

Infoproducts are digital products that seek to transmit knowledge or an idea. These can be ebooks, courses, etc.

The professional of this branch has great creativity when putting together these types of strategies, so that the sales of these products have successful results in a highly competitive market.

4) Specialized in Automation & Sales Funnels

Automated funnels that, through the phases of the Customer Journey, help us transform visitors into customers and then make it easier for us to retain them, are one of the marketing techniques that are most used today.

The function of this professional is to maintain a constant flow of quality traffic, thanks to a good audience segmentation, to feed all the different steppes of these automated sales funnels.

5) Trafficker Digital eCommerce Specialist

In this case, you should make a study of the products that are sold in the online store to plan a good strategy that will generate more sales.

It should be noted that the price of the products can make the strategy vary a little (if they are cheap or expensive products).

6) Local Business Specialist

As in the mentioned points, the Trafficker is in charge, among other tasks, of making a detailed study of the store to create a powerful strategy and attract potential customers.

These businesses can be restaurants, coffee shops, or just a store for personal accessories or home supplies.

What Does a Digital Trafficker Do? What are Its Functions?

digital traffic marketer working on his phone

If your intention is to hire or become one of them, you need to know what this professional does and what functions he performs:

1. Internal and External Audit

An audit helps us know how we are doing in every way, compared to our campaign and the competition.

This internal audit is based on the analysis of the factors used in a subsequent campaign , to see what worked and what did not, such as the sales funnel, objectives, announcements, etc.

The external audit is based on the analysis of the factors used by the competition, such as the sales funnel, ads, segmentation and keywords.

2. Design and Organization of the Strategy

The Trafficker Digital must be able to put together a strategy according to the objectives of the company and that is according to the buyer persona, selecting the appropriate channels for its execution.

This must be structured based on the sales funnel or funnel according to the product or service. The funnel serves as a guide to know how we can proceed at each stage of the ideal customer journey.

The stages of the funnel are classified into three:

  • Conocimiento: en ella queremos que nuestra marca sea conocida para nuestro público objetivo.
  • Consideración: aquí queremos que el usuario realice una acción, como ir a nuestra página Web o descargar nuestra App.
  • Conversión: en ésta, queremos que el usuario genere una conversión que sea beneficiosa para el negocio.

With all these points in mind, the Trafficker Digital must make a very exhaustive planning of the strategy in each stage of the funnel.

3. Create the Campaigns

Once the Trafficker Digital has a well-armed strategy and established objectives. It is time to start with the creation of the campaign.

Each distribution channel has a way of working and a type of audience, so it must be segmented so that it can target the target customer.

Then all that remains is to generate the ads and the copies by doing A / B tests to see which one has more results.

4. Study of the Campaign and Optimization

Depending on the type of campaign and the part of the sales funnel, it is very important that the Trafficker Digital knows what metrics to observe for its analysis.

There is a lot of difference between the metrics of a campaign:

  • “Alcance”
  • “Consideración”
  • “Conversión”

So if you want to dedicate yourself to this profession you must be very clear about this.

It is also necessary that you have knowledge of other tools that will help you a lot with the strategy, since they give you more versatility in a campaign and are necessary.

A web analytics tool (for example Google Analytics), you can help us know how a campaign is developing based on the metrics obtained.

This allows us to change the action plan in the middle of a campaign that is not going very well, or to see if a campaign is giving the expected results.

Another knowledge that will be very helpful to us is Email Marketing, because in a certain part of our funnel we can send a persuasive email to the potential client to generate a conversion.

To optimize a campaign, just look at its performance and see which factors are working and which are not. In this way, we can make decisions on time and, for example, delete or change an ad that is not generating a result.

5. Inform The Customer

At the end of the campaign, we will have to make a document with all the information collected from the metrics. It is advisable that you only show what the client wants to see.

And as expected, the customer will only care if the campaign was successful or not.

Tips for working as a Digital Trafficker

I suppose that at this point in the post you are already more interested in being a professional of this nature. If so, I am going to give you some advice to take note of:

1. Mastery of Distribution Channels

As we have already mentioned throughout this post, if you want to be a Digital Trafficker you must have knowledge of all the advertising tools of each distribution channel.

Since not all clients are the same, each one has a certain type of target lead and this is reflected in each channel. However, it is advisable to test on several channels, to see if you have a result.

2. You Must Measure Your Campaigns

In addition to knowing how to use all Ads, it is advisable that you learn to use measurement tools, since they will give you the results of your campaigns and, in this way, you will be able to optimize.

Also, you will not be launching a campaign blindly, because most likely it will fail for not measuring. And remember, if you don’t measure, you can’t optimize.

3. You Have to Be Self-Taught

It never hurts to learn about other areas that can help you achieve a better result. Such as Email Marketing, which will serve you well for remarketing and retargeting campaigns.

Know a little about Copy, video editing and graphic design to create good ads.

I do not mean that you must also be a professional in these matters, but you must have a basic knowledge to be able to defend yourself or understand the needs of the strategy.

Anyway, although you can also hire an external consultant for design or copy issues, knowing a little about everything (outside your specialization) will stand out a lot from the rest of Digital Trafficker.

4. Do A / B Testing

It is recommended that you have 2 versions of an ad in each campaign. This will help you know which one has more results according to the objective set for those ads.

Also, you can delete or pause the ad that is not generating the expected result.

5. Show Your Work

At the beginning it is a bit difficult to get clients (I say this from experience), but a good way is to demonstrate what you know how to do. So they can see the results obtained and you will attract the attention of customers, a good practice is to invest in your own blog and advertise yourself.

The results obtained can serve as a sample of what you know how to do and demonstrate that you have authority on the subject . The idea is that you build your own portfolio, to show it to the world.


Now, with everything already mentioned, you know what it means to be a Digital Trafficker. With this information, you can make the decision to hire one specialized in a specific area that suits your business.

It can be a professional for campaigns on social networks, Google, infoproducts, eCommerce or a physical business.

If you still have no idea who to hire, I invite you to analyze a little: what is your service or product about? What is your value proposition? And what type of people do you want to target?

You must think about these points first, since it is impossible to sell to everyone, you must have a segmented audience that wants what you offer.

If you think this way you will most likely not be successful, although of course, a Digital Trafficker can help you with this point.

If this is not your case and what you want is to become one, you also know the points that you must take into account to be a great professional.

Remember that this profession requires a lot of practice, to improve on the way.

It is best to start as soon as possible, today there is a great demand for this figure in the digital world . Ensuring you a job in this interesting and fun area.

Do not forget that you must be self-taught, learning from other areas makes you a more desired person for the job, my advice is to go and prove what you like and what you do not like.

And, last but not least, if you do not measure, you will not know where you are currently and what actions to take to improve, the KPI’s are your best allies in this task.

These points are what differentiate you from the rest and make you stand out

So don’t wait any longer and take the initiative to become a digital trafficker!

Leave me a comment, indicating your doubts about this beautiful profession 😉

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