Cloud storage has become a fundamental tool for anyone who, like me, works day after day with professional documents in digital format. I am sure that, if you are a freelance worker , you must have a large number of projects for different clients, for which you need some functional and reliable alternative.

On the other hand, if you work for a company it is quite common nowadays that you are asked to have shared folders with other departments or colleagues, to which all of them can have access.

And if you are simply a private Internet user, having a free cloud storage unit is super useful in order to keep a backup copy of an important personal document.

The truth is that, although offering  free and unlimited cloud storage is not usually too frequent, they do have entry plans with large capacity and without investing a penny.

For this reason, I have selected in this article the 15 best plans with cloud services so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. I will review its advantages and possibilities, so that you can make an informed decision. Take note of all of them!

The 15 Best And Free Cloud Storage Systems

Some offer you more capacity and others have better connectivity between devices.

There are some that give you more upload and download speeds to their servers and some of them even offer  unlimited free cloud storage .

Either way, they all have a free cloud storage option  and that’s why they’re on this list. Let us begin!

1.Free Cloud Storage: MEGA

free cloud storage example

Attention to this first option, because it comes hitting very hard. ” MEGA “, heir to the ill – fated Megaupload  Kim Dotcom, offers  50 GB of storage .

You can use it without paying anything and available at all times.

I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages that I find:

  • You can use it from the computer, but also from your mobile.
  • Supports .zip folders.
  • Excellent sharing options.
  • It does not offer high bandwidth, limiting it to 10 GB every half hour.
  • It lacks advanced protection for links.

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2. pCloud

This interesting proposal offers you up to 20 GB of cloud storage . It is perhaps a lesser-known alternative, but it works like a charm.

free cloud storage example

Also, just for registering, pCLoud gives you a 10 GB drive so you can try it.

Among its advantages and disadvantages, you will find that:

  • There is no bandwidth limit. As fast as your connection!
  • It allows uploading any type of files.
  • It has an advanced search engine, so you can always find the photos you want to see.

On the other hand, if you want to have an account of at least 500 GB, you have to pay a monthly fee.

3. Mediafire

Mediafire, free cloud storage example

Another proposal that you may know, because it has been on the Internet for a long time, is that of Mediafire , does it ring a bell?

This solution offers you free cloud storage up to 50 GB , although you will have to share links and meet their conditions to reach that quota.

Regarding its strengths and weaknesses, you have to take into account that:

  • It offers the possibility of uploading files of up to 25 GB.
  • There is no bandwidth limit.
  • It has a mobile application, which you can download on your smartphone and view your saved files from wherever you want.

Instead, in Mediafire you have to log in every time you want to access your unit. And another disadvantage is that if you do not enter in a year, your account will be deleted . So be very careful!

4. Dropbox

free cloud storage example

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A classic among the classics, with a lot of fame but that, as you will see, may not be the most affordable option.

They offer you  2 GB of free storage in your cloud, which you can expand up to 18 with more or less simple tasks.

Its advantages and disadvantages? They are clear:

  • It accepts all kinds of formats, being able to upload files of the size that you consider.
  • Excellent applications and data accessibility.

Instead, you will need to complete a lot of tasks to achieve 18 GB in Dropbox , in which you might have to invest time that you don’t have…

The bandwidth is limited to 20 GB per day , which could also short quedársete, if you need to store files professionally.

5. Box

BOX Cloud Storage

Very oriented to document storage, Box  offers you  10 GB  that will work perfectly if your idea is to work with Microsoft Office.

It is an excellent interface to search your files and have them all at hand in case of emergency.

You will be able to add new notes and work on projects, since the upload is limited to 250 MB per file.

If you don’t pay, features are limited, as in most professional tools. However, you could get a lot out of it if you are a private individual.

6. Flipdrive


Another of the services that are not very popular is Flipdrive , but that could interest you thanks to the  10 GB of free cloud storage that it offers you.

The main points in favor of Flipdrive are:

  • You can share files with anyone , whether or not they have an account on the service.
  • The user interface is minimalist and simple.

On the contrary, unlike some of the other programs, it can only be accessed via the web and does not have a mobile App.

7. Google Drive

free cloud storage example

A giant in this of the shared files is Google Drive .

Logically, the support given by the Internet search engine «Google» helps, a lot, to make this happen.

Up to  15 GB for free ,  to which from time to time you can add some MB at no additional cost while completing a task.

The main advantages of Google Drive are the following:

  • Incredible accessibility and synchronization .
  • With the guarantee of Google’s own servers, a giant on the Internet, as you already know.
  • The size of the files you can upload is highly variable.
  • It has full compatibility with the most varied versions of Excel, Powerpoint and Word, the main tools of the MS Office package.
  • It implements automatic saving , so the problem of losing files you are working on and losing due to a computer failure has gone down in history.

8. One Drive

It is Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which usually comes pre-installed on the Windows device.

It offers you only  5 GB free for your files although, by paying, you can expand them. I say “only” because if you work with digital files, they might fall short.

Still, for your personal use, it could serve you perfectly.

Among its characteristics in favor and against are:

  • Great accessibility and synchronization with your Microsoft account.
  • It works perfectly with Microsoft programs.
  • Heavy reliance on the Microsoft ecosystem. If you don’t like that, things get complicated.

9. Hidrive

Up to  10 GB to store in the cloud for free make this service a very interesting option, among all the ones on this list.

Hidrive is highly geared towards those seeking to share data anonymously and without having to worry.

Its capabilities and limitations are:

  • Shared files are deleted by themselves if you want.
  • It does not require an account to access the files that you link.
  • Relatively poor security, lacking advanced encryption.

10. Yandex.disk


With its  10 GB  capacity, Yandex.Disk offers you a good connectivity and interface, which the user usually likes a lot, due to its rather pleasant and intuitive appearance.

It has some features that you will like:

  • Great ease of use.
  • It has a desktop and mobile application for any operating system.

On the other hand, its limited capacity to expand space if you need it afterwards is its main brake when it comes to hiring it.

Although they are interesting cloud storage  options  , they may not be the most competitive when you consider the above services.

All in all, it may be what you’re looking for, because you need some extra capacity or because you feel like trying new services! Among them, I will highlight the ones that I show you below:

11. Sync

Sync cloud storage system

Its “only” 5 GB of free capacity make Sync an option for professionals who do not plan to store too many files or simply for private users.

It has a great ability to recover files , in case you have deleted some of them by mistake or you have regretted having sent them to the trash.

12. Amazon Drive

Incredible as it may seem, the well-known Internet marketplace also has a free 5 GB of cloud storage, called ” Amazon Drive “.

This digital giant is working on this service that, although still very green, knowing them you can imagine that they prepare interesting things for the coming years to come.

13. hubiC


The good thing about hubiC , this somewhat unknown option of virtual hard dusco, is that in case you take photos with your mobile and forget to save them on your unit, it does it for you.

It is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

14. Jumpshare


Jumpshare has up to 2 GB of free space is our private cloud, which just by registering you can enjoy immediately.

It is widely used by users who, for whatever reason, are interested in sending links that expire.

15. iCloud

iCloud for Apple

With this tool you will get 5 GB free from the hand of Apple , once you register as a user who owns a device of this brand.

The great disadvantage of iCloud is that, if your mobile or computer is not Apple, its operation will not be optimal and advertising for the apple brand will appear at all times, so that you can purchase some of its products.

What Are The Benefits Of Free Cloud Storage?

You can already imagine that having access to quality platforms of this nature offers you great opportunities to manage your projects with some credit.

You have these advantages, compared to other more traditional storage systems:

1. Backup Always At Your Service

Of these, I would tell you that the most important one lies in being able to have a backup copy when you need it or in the fact that you have the ability to work from anywhere.

2. You Can Have “almost” Unlimited Space

Although free and unlimited cloud storage is something for which there is still time, we are getting closer and closer to interesting services.

If you think about it, a few years ago it was unthinkable to have a few GB available. Among the alternatives that I propose above, you will see that you add more than 1 TB of space if you have multiple accounts .

What Are The Benefits Of Free Cloud Storage?

3. Share Files in “1 Click Only”

If you want to have your documents at hand, send them to others or feel more secure with your backups in various services, cloud storage is the way to go.

In addition, you have to consider that the future does not go through physical hard drives, but through cloud alternatives  .

It is increasingly seen that multimedia content is enjoyed without a physical copy, remotely, with examples such as Netflix, HBO, Spotify …

Therefore, copies and projects will be kept less in a physical space at home or in the office: we move them to the Internet, from where you and I can access them without problem.


This proposal of the 15 best cloud storage systems represents your roadmap to start moving in a connected environment 24 hours a day from anywhere.

Once you jump in and adapt, it will be weird to use portable hard drives or USB sticks to upload your files to.

Nothing more practical than the cloud and each time at a more affordable price. The future is here! Don’t be the last to take advantage of it.

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