If you are one of those who is constantly aware of the latest trends in the Online world, it is very possible that you are hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Digital Marketing.

However, when we talk about some technical and concrete term, it is always good to go back to the root and understand what this dizzying irruption is about and how you can adapt to it, so as not to be left behind on this very competitive path.

Therefore, to better understand what exactly it is and, above all, what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, it can be very helpful to follow this interesting guide carefully, in which we will also review its applications in Online Business.

It is therefore evident that, at least in our sector, we never stop incorporating new terms.

So much so, that it sometimes becomes difficult to follow the latest trends when they are renewed so regularly.

But, this is precisely what Digital Marketing is about: innovating continuously .

And, precisely because of the incessant aspiration to innovate, as I mentioned before, Digital Marketing is immersed in a changing scenario, which is constantly evolving.

Therefore, it is important that you always stay alert so as not to miss these advances.

As Darwin said: “It is not the strongest species that survives or the most intelligent, but the one that best adapts to change.”

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How To Apply Artificial Intelligence To The Digital Strategy Of An E-Commerce?

In terms of “future of technologies“, this is the most repeated question among all marketers and bloggers, who although a few years ago were a little suspicious, throughout this 2018 it seems that the environment is more receptive to incorporate them into our day a day.

And, as you can imagine, given the large number of daily tasks that an Internet professional like you or I have, including it in 2.0 tools, helps us complete these tasks even more quickly and effectively.

But, before starting with the strategies related to this area that we can use, I would not want to continue without showing you a definition as exact as possible of this term, since sometimes it can be somewhat abstract and confusing:

What is Artificial Intelligence or «AI»?

The Artificial Intelligence (also known by its initials “IA” or in English “AI”) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by complex algortimos by machines and computer systems.

From a few years to this part, it is a concept that, whether we like it or not, is already implanted in our society and that it will advance day after day, with the aim of improving our lives, both personally and professionally.

This term, which is often and especially in Latin America, is called “Computational Intelligence”, encompasses all those processes related to:

  • Learning : obtaining information and patterns for transforming data into information.
  • The reasoning : to reach approximate or definitive conclusions.
  • Autocorrect .

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What Types Of Artificial Intelligence are There?

The primary objective of “AI” is to optimize the activities of human beings, as I mentioned earlier. Taking this into account, we could distinguish two main types of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Weak AI

In this case we are talking about systems specifically designed for a particular task. One of the world’s most recognized cases of narrow or weak AI is that of Siri, the personal assistant developed by Apple to facilitate the use of iPhones.

2. Strong AI

It is a type of technology capable of learning in order to find solutions to unknown tasks that are presented to it.

Although not long ago there was talk that the future of business models would be tied to developments based on Artificial Intelligence, today we can already say that it is about the present, which invades the largest and most evolved companies.

Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have become the first promoters and defenders of a digital transformation that includes technologies of this type.

And is that the results that can be expected from this technology are really amazing.

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How Can We Apply Artificial Intelligence To Digital Marketing?

The possibilities offered by this technology in the field of Digital Marketing are to streamline, facilitate and simplify the tools that make it possible to meet the target audience and offer them exactly what they are looking for, need or are interested in.

A study called ” 2017 State of Marketing ” and published by Salesforce, indicates that more than 50% of the Marketing professionals who participated, use this technology and 30% plan to implement it in the medium term.

In turn, the same study affirms that 57% of the respondents believe that Artificial Intelligence is fundamental to be able to do a personalized follow-up of each client and 59% maintain that it is very useful to increase productivity .

That is, if what we are looking for is to know our target audience in depth in order to predict purchasing habits, Artificial Intelligence appears as the best option.

This is because its technology allows knowing the tastes, desires, preferences and habits of consumers.

All this information must be translated into the creation of intelligent segmentations so that the Marketing Departments can offer better services, offers and communications.

The uses that can be made of this type of technology are multiple. Your choice will depend on the business objectives and the ability of each company to choose or develop the type of Artificial Intelligence that best responds to the needs of its customers.

How Do Large Companies and Brands Apply Artificial Intelligence?

Taking into account that you already know what Artificial Intelligence is exactly, its types and something that awaits us from now on, this time I will tell you how some international companies implement their «AI» strategies in Digital Marketing.

In this way, you will be able to understand step by step and better and better what scope this technology has and why it can offer us so much potential.

1. Creation Of Quality Content

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This application should not be confused with thinking that, if you practice Content Marketing as an “Inbound Marketing” tool for your business, you should stop writing on your blog and that now it will be a machine that will do it for you.

That moment has not yet come, although seeing how fast all this is going, nothing would be surprising …

»For the moment, what has been achieved is not small:

Have you seen how companies like Amazon recommend products of your interest, based on your purchasing behaviors or those of people with a profile similar to yours?

Surely that has generated a positive user experience , it has surprised you and probably even made you spend a little more than expected on occasion.

Netflix does something similar when it recommends series or movies, based on your previous choices. In this case, monetization is not as clear as in the previous one, but we also see how Artificial Intelligence is being applied in the content world to improve the customer experience and multiply profits.

And you, who are an entrepreneur or a small company with a blog, will be wondering what you can do with all this that we tell you, right?

In this sense, you could, for example, show your blog visitors only the content that they might like , based on their previous interests.

Or, if you have an eCommerce, you can do something similar to what Amazon is doing. You dare?

2. Digital Advertising

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One of the branches of Online Marketing that has been most impacted by the arrival of Artificial Intelligence is Advertising.

Google and Facebook have long used Artificial Intelligence to predict what kind of audience can have a more productive interaction with company ads.

The essence of the process carried out by these technologies is the same as that previously mentioned.

The behavior of users, their interests, tastes and habits, etc. are studied.

All this, to predict new behaviors and thus benefit both advertisers (who receive better quality traffic) and users (who receive less intrusive advertising and more linked to their own interests).

3. Chatbots

People ask questions for the chatbot, ai

We have heard a lot in recent times about this new technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

It is, as you probably already know, a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a person and, therefore, they are increasingly present in messaging applications, such as on the Facebook pages of companies.

These tools have the ability to solve doubts , answer open questions and learn based on behaviors, to evolve in their aptitude for solving different situations.

One of the biggest advantages of these automated programs is that they are available to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and retain consumer data.

This saves a lot of resources in terms of recruiting staff.

In addition, they have the human characteristics of warmth and empathy that are needed to provide good experiences, but not with the weakest points of people, such as the loss of patience.

4. Predictive Analysis

Another of the favorite uses of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Digital Marketing is the use of « Machine Learning » to predict behaviors, such as the probability of turning a Lead into a client.

In this way, information as crucial as the ideal price for each prospect to convert at a given time can also be accessed.

It is based on qualifying the Leads according to criteria previously defined by the Marketing and Commercial team, to give each segment a different treatment and execute personalized actions that make the processes more efficient.

5. The Role Of Marketers Regarding Artificial Intelligence

Do not think now that this technology has come to displace Marketing Departments. Not at all!

Its function, on the contrary, is to promote and take to another level the results generated by creative and innovative ideas proposed by the marketers in the Brand’s marketing plan .

It is important, when deciding to take the step towards this transformation, that all the teams are committed to this trend and that it does not only involve the implementation of a new technology.

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Artificial Intelligence is capable of changing business models and has to be taken very seriously, from the management department to the intermediate command teams in all areas.

Now that you know more about «AI» and its many uses in Marketing, are you ready to start exploiting it in favor of your brand or business?

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