What Is SaaS? Have you ever heard the term SaaS in computing? There is no doubt that in our current digital environment, there are programs and Apps that we do not have installed on our computer, but that we can still use normally from any device connected to the Internet.

It is therefore common to see more and more services run remotely or online, which have their own advantages to make our daily work much easier, although practically none of us know exactly how these remote platforms called SaaS work in short .

It will be precisely the main topic that I want to bring you in this article, in which you will know more deeply what they are about and the benefits that they have for companies. With the help of one of them I am sure that you will increase the possibilities of making your business a much more competitive environment .

What Is SaaS?

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SaaS , for its acronym ” Software as a Service ” is a method or system through which it seeks to provide a computer program as a remote or remote service.

It is characterized by giving users and companies access to a specific program that is located in the cloud and not physically within the company, or on a personal or portable PC (or Mac).

Currently there are many of these programs, some of the most common examples are web-based email and cloud storage.

If you’ve used either of these two examples, you’ve already used a SaaS! or at least one of its forms.

As with many cloud services, it is possible to access these softwares through a browser, without the need to download any special program.

In addition, in general, these programs generate accounts for each user , which makes it possible to access from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection and an account with which to enter (it is not necessary to do so from the company).

What Is A SaaS For?

Now, the fundamental objective of Software as a Service is, as I ventured before, to provide software to companies in an accessible and remote way , without the need for them to install any specialized program or equipment.

This is possible thanks to the cloud, which allows companies to access an Internet connection to a central server, where the software is installed and everything necessary for it to work, making it a fairly convenient service.

Like many other services, SaaS usually work with a subscription , which can be paid monthly or annually, depending on the provider company. It is, without a doubt, one of the advantages offered by this type of software, although I will talk about that later.

With this said, when a company hires a provider, it does so with the intention of taking advantage of the benefits of using a program in the cloud, saving the inconvenience of the traditional method.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but it cannot be denied that Software as a service is an excellent alternative for companies , especially those that are just starting out.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Saas In Your Project Or Company?

Now that you know what a SaaS is and what it is mainly for, let’s see what its advantages are and why you should consider using these services in your project or company.

1.You Don’t Need Your Own Servers

The main advantage offered to your company, business or project is its convenience. You can see it this way: all the software is installed in one place, but not in your business.

What does this mean? That you don’t need your own servers, you don’t need to maintain the software and you don’t have to install anything.

Practically it is just opening the browser, going to the page of the program or application and logging into your account .

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This will save you a lot of time.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that, as with all cloud services, you can access your account from anywhere and on any device as long as you have the Internet and a browser . In many cases, SaaS also have Apps to make logging in from mobile devices an easy job.

This makes them very convenient, if you have to work outside the company.

2. They Are Less Expensive In The Short And Medium Term

One reason that makes Software as a Service an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs is that their costs are lower .

As they are generally subscription services, these usually have a low cost for their services, which makes the initial investment really minimal.

In addition, you do not need to invest in equipment or people who maintain the service . That will be taken care of by the provider you choose.

All these factors make the price minimal; the only drawback is that, in the long term, the costs will add up; Even so, keep in mind that providers usually give special prices for companies, which together with the efficiency of these programs, profitability is high, so monthly subscription will not be a serious problem.

3.You Have Full Access To The Application Information

Optimizing processes is an important part of every business, and is no exception when it comes to collecting data and information.

A SaaS has the advantage that it is practically a centralized network, that is, that all the information that the application stores in the company is registered in one place , which makes it very easy to access it at any time.

Of course, the only ones who have access to this information are the parties involved, that is, the members of the company.

You should know that no service provider can have direct access to the information you store, since it may contain important information from the entity; For this reason, the privacy of your company is assured .

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4. They Are Excellent Tools For Teamwork

One of the fundamental aspects of teamwork is being able to share information efficiently, and as you know, the cloud is one of the most efficient methods for sharing information in real time.

A SaaS enables work teams to create, modify, and share projects in real time , making work happen efficiently and optimally.

If the program in question allows it, it is even possible to work simultaneously on the same project from more than one PC. If you want your work teams to be more efficient, you should consider this type of software.


As you can see, a SaaS is a fairly efficient tool to work with, and it has a multitude of advantages for your company, surely many more than what I have summarized in this article, so if you know of any more that you have experienced, I invite you to leave them right down here in the comments ?

And back to the topic at hand, then, why not take advantage of all your business benefits?

They are accessible, inexpensive, convenient and help you optimize various business processes , so there is no reason not to hire these services.

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