Nobody doubts that online podcasts, like Soundcloud‘s, are very fashionable nowadays, and much more if we think in terms of marketing strategy to promote a brand.

Now, is Souncloud The Best Tool For Its Dissemination?

As we will see, it offers everything you need for it and more. Not only is it a showcase for uploading and sharing sounds of all kinds, but it has become an entire social network .

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Who, If Not, Has Never Received A Link To Or From Soundcloud?

Its 175 million current active users support the use of this tool.

Although in its origins it was more aimed at the world of music in general (and in fact it is its most well-known facet today), today there are many users who are taking advantage of Soundcloud for another purpose: to record live podcasts, upload them to the cloud, make comments and share it on social networks.

So today I want to share with you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Soundcloud so that you can, thanks to this platform, enhance your personal or corporate brand and make it reach as many people as possible who may be interested in this type of content.

Shall We Start Creating Our Account On Soundcloud And Upload The First Podcasts To It?


1) Create Your Account (or Profile)

The previous step to start using Soundcloud is the same as the one you have to do on any social network: register as a user.

To do this, go to where you will see the following screenshot:

Shall we start creating an account on Soundcloud?

At the top right you will see two options: “Sign in” (enter an existing account) and “Create account” (create a profile). Choose the second option, and then you will see the following box:

Create Soundcloud profile

As you can see, there are different possibilities to register: through Facebook, Google or with your personal-professional email account.

I recommend that you choose the email option, and do not worry about connecting Facebook or having to do a Gmail with your Soundcloud account, since later you can do it, activating or deactivating the automatic publication system in different social networks.

Once you have entered your username, choose your password, enter your age, accept the terms and conditions and finally click “Continue” .

The next step will be to choose the name with which you will make yourself known, that is, the one that will be for all the visible name of your account or profile.

Once your name is written, choose your gender and click on “Get Started” .

Get Started on Soundcloud

Ready! Your account is already created and you can start using Soundcloud with your own username.

2) Access Your Profile

The first thing you will see when accessing your profile is a list of podcast genres, from which you can choose which one or which ones to listen to.

Although half of the genres include almost all existing musical styles, among them you will also find some like Science, World, Religion, Audiobooks, Stories, News, Business or Sports.

As indicated in the image below, each time you click “Like” on a podcast that grabs your attention, it will be saved to your own “like” list to return to when you need to.

Like on Soundcloud

Very good. Now what?

In the top bar of the page you will find the most important options for using Soundcloud. As you will see in the next screenshot.

These menu options include:

  • «Home»: personal home page
  • «Collection»: which includes the “likes” that you keep
  • “Search”: is the general search bar
  • “Upload”: of main interest for what interests us, upload podcasts and then share them
  • Profile name with a drop-down list that includes the functions «Profile» (with which you can edit your profile at any time), «Groups» (where you can see the existing groups you want to belong to by affiliation), «Who to follow »(Who to follow),« Go Pro »(switch to a paid plan, which we will talk about later),« Stats »(statistics of your online podcasts), and« Tracks »(your own podcasts available on Soundcloud).
  • A bell representing “notifications”
  • Messages
  • A final dropdown with different options: legal terms, blog, help, your current subscription type, your account details (“settings”) and Exit.

SoundCloud Top bar image

3) Edit Your Profile

One of the first actions you should take is to edit your profile. To do this, go to the drop-down bar to the right of your username and click “Profile” .

Then you will see the following screen:

SoundCloud Edit profile image

The first action to take is to choose two images:

  • Your profile picture (“Update Image”)
  • Your cover photo (“Update Header Image”)

Then click on the right of the page where it says “Edit” and a screen will open with all the details to edit in your account: your photo, your username, the URL with which you will identify yourself each time you share your profile on other social networks, your name and surname, City, Country, your “Bio” (biography) and “Links” (other links of your interest to which you can redirect your followers).

I recommend that you be clear and concise with your description here, since it is your letter of introduction to the world on Soundcloud.

Once you have completed all the information, save it by clicking on “Save changes” .

Now your profile is updated and you can start interacting in the Soundcloud environment.

4) Upload or Record Podcasts or Audio Files

Now we come to the most important moment: the moment to share our content with the world.

To do this, go to “Upload” in the middle of the top bar and then you will see the following box:

Upload podcasts

Here you will find two very different options: “Choose file to upload” and “Start new recording” .

It is important to know that you have 180 minutes to share podcasts on your free account, although there are currently different payment plans to increase those minutes significantly (which we will also see later).

► Option A – Clicking on “Choose File to Upload”

You will be able to upload any type of audio wave file: AIFF, MP3, WAV, MP2, AAc, among others, but keep in mind that the heavier the file, the longer it will take to upload and the longer it will be loaded by anyone who wants to listen to it. I recommend using the mp3 format because it is the most convenient for this environment.

Once you have chosen the file to upload to the cloud, the following box will open with 3 well differentiated aspects:

Soundcloud Edit basic profile

  • «Basic Info» : here you can choose the header photo of the podcast, change the title, discriminate the genre to which it belongs, edit the “tags” of your podcast, a description, the private or public character (sometimes very useful for doing a private preview before making it public) and the social networks where you can share it.

Soundcloud Metadata image

  • “Metadata” : where the most important thing is the distinction between the “All rights reserved” license and “Creative Commons” (some rights reserved). I recommend that you choose the first option here, since your podcast is unique and you will not have any problem with copyright (something that does not happen so frequently with the music files that are shared on Soundcloud).

Soundcloud permissions

  • «Permissions» : are the permissions that you will grant to your publication. The first option (“Enable downloads”) is one of the most significant, since it allows you to choose between enabling or disabling the download of your podcast.

Once you have completed all this information, click “Save changes” to save it.

► Option B – The Second Option To Share a Podcast Online Is “Start New Recording”

In section A we already saw how to upload an audio wave file from your computer, so this time we are going to focus on the “REC” option (record from your device).

Clicking here will open a new page where you will find the steps to follow to either directly record a podcast from your computer, or upload and share an existing file.

Upload podcasts to Soundcloud

Clicking REC will open a small Adobe Flash Player screen asking for the necessary permission to access your microphone.

Click accept and you’re ready to start recording with your device.

Click REC again and recording will start.

Once you have finished, go to “Upload recording” and you will see the following screen:

Record podcasts on Soundcloud

While your audio is loading, fill in the necessary information so that your online podcast has all the information you want.

The fields to edit are the following:

  • The title (Title) that will also be reflected in the link with which you will share your podcast on other social networks
  • The podcast header image (Upload image)
  • A detailed description
  • Podcast type and Genre
  • The relevant tags
  • The license (which can be changed in Change License), which by default is “All rights reserved”
  • The possibility of publishing your podcast publicly or privately (Settings: Public or Private)
  • Advanced options: a) enable or disable direct download; b) Enable or disable the display of advertising insertion code; c) Activate silent mode (Quiet mode) in case you want to deactivate automatic and public comments on your podcasts (something I do not recommend if you are interested in people leaving a record of their activity when they visit your profile)
  • Personalize it to automatically share it on other social networks (Make it personal): here you can make a brief summary of your podcast that will be reflected in the social networks in which you choose to have your publication done together with that of Soundcloud

Once you have filled in all the fields, click on “Save” to save all the information.

Even if you have followed steps A or B, when you click on “Save” you have already published your first online podcast automatically.

Now is the time to share it on your social networks.

5)Share Your Podcasts Online And İnteract On Soundcloud As If It Were A Social Network

As you will see in the following screenshot, this is the way you will see your podcast published at the moment you click on “Home” , and your followers will also see it published.

Sharing podcasts on Soundcloud

At The Bottom Of The Box You Will See Different Options To Do With Your Podcast:


  • “Like” this option is very interesting on Soundcloud: it is the measure you have to find out how many people are interested in your publications, and at the same time you can also use it to “mark” what interests you. Remember that every time you use it, the podcast you have liked will be saved in your favorites
  • Add to playlist, ideal for grouping together a set of related podcasts under a specific title
  • “Add to group” (add a group of people you already belong to)
  • «Share»: this is another of the “social network” functions that Soundcloud has. Every time someone clicks on this button, it will appear reposted on their own home page (Home) of their Soundcloud and will be visible to all their followers. Can you imagine the possibilities that open up from this perspective?
  • “Edit”
  • “Delete”

It is worth developing the second option, “Share” a little more, since what interests us most is that our brand circulates and reaches as many people as possible. When you click here you will see the following:

Share on Soundcloud

On This Screen You Will See 3 Options: «Share», «Embed» And «Message»


  • In the first, “share”, you can either copy the link that contains your podcast and paste it on the social network that you want to share it, or click on any of the available social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), log in from the Soundcloud itself and share it directly from there
  • “Embed”, in turn, offers the possibility of embedding an image and editing your podcast to make it more attractive compared to that of your competition and facing your followers
  • Finally, thanks to the “Message” option, you can share your podcast by direct message with whomever you choose. Just search for it by name and click “Send”
There is another option to use soundcloud as a social network: comments.

Just choose any published podcast, click on the minute and second you want to comment, write your comment in “Write a comment” and press «enter». automatically you will see your comment reflected, while your comment will be seen as an orange dot on the bell representing “Activity”.

You will also see it when you receive a comment and you can, in turn, give your own response with a new comment simply by clicking on “Reply”.

All right! You have already shared your podcast online on your social networks and it has already started to “move” among people, although this is not the last thing I will show you in this tutorial.

6)Embed Or İnsert A Soundcloud Player With Your Audio On Your Website Or Blog

Your newly published audio file on this platform can also be shared on any website or blog, thanks to a code that allows you to embed or insert a player.

Here is a clear example of this. And, incidentally, enjoy the music ?

What are you missing? Well, what on many pages: choose an affiliation plan that is right for you.

7) Choose a plan to suit you

At the top right, in the drop-down bar of the three ellipsis, choose the option “subscription”. You will see what follows:

Subscription types

You are currently subscribed to a “Free” plan, which includes only 180 minutes of audio files in your account. To change your plan you have two options:

  • Click on “Upgrade”
  • Click on “Go Pro”

Types of plans on Soundcloud

As you can see, you have two payment plans to choose from:

1 – Pro : which includes double the free upload time of the plan, the possibility of accessing the statistics of your listeners by country, and the possibility of editing your “Spotlights” (news) and positioning them at the top of your profile.

2 – Pro Unlimited : which includes everything from the previous plan, plus unlimited upload of audio files, the ability to see the cities where they listen to you the most and the ability to see which applications play your podcasts more frequently.

Note: as you can see in the screenshot, both in one plan and in the other you can make the payment month by month or annually. Logically, the annual option is less expensive


Once you have chosen your plan according to your needs, everything is ready. You already know how to register, edit your profile, upload your podcasts and share them on social networks thanks to this wonderful tool.

Now you just have to go to «Home», see who has a profile and what they have published, and start interacting in the Soundcloud world. As you can see, they are simple and easy steps that are within your reach to reach whoever you want and to follow whoever interests you.

We should not waste social networks like these, which, although they are minority, serve to connect us with users with very specific interests, thus also obtaining greater commitment and interactions than we could achieve through other channels.

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