What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs? I’m sure if you’ve got this far, you want to know how to work from home online. Therefore, in this complete guide we are going to show you some ideas and practical examples, with which you can earn a living thanks to the Internet.

Subsequently, you will learn about the first-person experience of a professional in the digital world, who has been working on what he is passionate about for several years and from his own home.

He will give you some great advice and recommendations, so that anyone who wants to turn their lives around gets it. And it is that there are already many who wonder if it is possible to work from home. Furthermore, the real question that perhaps you are asking yourself is:

Can You Work From Home And At The Same Time Earn Money Dedicating Yourself To What You Are Passionate About?

In my personal experience, I can say YES. And it is that, there are already many of us who have opted for this new (or perhaps, not so new) work at home methodology, especially thanks to the Internet.

In a sector such as digital marketing and Online business (as is my case), where their natural environment is online, that facet of work is even much easier to carry out.

For this reason, below I will give you 12 possible professional activities to which, after adequate training and preparation, you can dedicate yourself from wherever you are:

What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs? 12 Ideas and Professions With Which To Best Work From Home Jobs Thanks To The Internet

Although surely there are many more, here I leave you some of the best activities that you can develop professionally (without having to be physically in any office or company) and 100% online:

1) Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

The best place for remote work. Young man is working outsourced sitting on the couch. lat design vector illustration, ready to animation vector concept for web site

This is one of the most recurring professions of professionals who are trained in the different areas of digital marketing, given the high demand for companies and businesses that need specialized advice to have a presence on the Internet.

In addition, everything related to said advice, creation and implementation of the marketing strategy to be carried out by the business, you can manage through the network, holding, if necessary, regular conversations via Skype or Hangouts .

In this way, you can clarify all those points or actions that may be somewhat confusing for the person with the person who, within the company, is going to implement this strategy.

2) Copywriter, Editor or Proofreader

Writer work on computer paper, vector illustration, flat cartoon person editor write electronic book text top view, laptop or journalist writer work writing letter or magazine. Blogging

Another of the most popular spaces on the Internet is that of editor. Whether for companies, niche blogs or online magazines, professionals are always needed to write content adapted to the needs of each topic to be addressed.

In fact, surely a large part of the content you consume every time you enter the Internet to solve any doubt, has been written by a professional digital copywriter from your own home.

From the editor, derives another of the digital marketing specialties, such as « Copywriting «, from which we can say that it is the ability to create commercial and more persuasive texts, with the aim of reaching the Online target or potential client of a business .

In this way, through Copywriting you can work from home for companies that order the texts from their website, without the need to go to their offices every morning.

3) Community Manager

Another way to earn a living from your own home (or from wherever you are) and that is closely related to new technologies, is to manage the social networks of a business like Community Manager.

This profession has many job opportunities today. If you look at any job portal and look for Community Manager offers, you will see that there are hundreds of offers . But, to be a true professional you need to have very specialized training.

4) Create an Online Dropshipping Store

In case you prefer to choose to sell products instead of professional services, a more than interesting option is to set up an eCommerce, thanks to the Dropshipping technique , which I already told you about earlier on my blog.

In this way, you can manage all orders from your own home , having previously reached agreements with wholesalers who supply you with the products you offer on your business website.

In this way, you will not have to have any of them in stock, but the order will physically go from your supplier to the final customer, just as Dropshipping giants such as Amazon already do, which today succeed with this technique.

How Dropshipping Works. Direct delivery. Drop shipping concept. Vector illustration

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5) Create an eCommerce With Your Products

This is a variant of the previous way of working from home online, but here what you offer are your own products.

For example, in case you are good at crafts of any kind , you can also sell your creations through your own online store it could be your way of life.

In this way, you can create a free Online store with PrestaShop or other CMS. You just have to be fairly organized and keep an exhaustive control of the products you have to create, as you run out of stock.

6) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

More and more bloggers and professionals who dream of working from home and having the lifestyle they have always dreamed of, choose to earn money with affiliate programs .

In this way, you can promote the products or services of third parties through the contents of your website or blog, so that, if it achieves a sale from your website, you would earn a commission.

How much money would we be talking about?

This already depends on the policies of each affiliate platform you register with, but the truth is that some of them are usually quite substantial.

In this aspect, my personal advice is that you only promote products or services that you know, for sure, that are of a truly exquisite quality , since otherwise, this could negatively affect your Personal Brand and reputation as an affiliate.

7) SEO consultant

Having a website or an eCommerce very well positioned in Google, is an indisputable advantage for any business today. The problem here is that not many know how you should design and implement your positioning strategy.

If you have this skill among your professional qualities, I assure you that you will not be short of job opportunities of any kind. I know hundreds of SEO consultants who make a good living from another profession, which also allows you to work from home.

But, as I have said before, to be a good professional you need to train and always be updated. And, for this, nothing better than having specialized training in SEO positioning .

8) Creation of niche blogs

Despite the fact that nowadays this form of monetization through the Internet is very widespread and, I dare say that massive, creating a WordPress blog on a very specific topic (or “micro-niche”) could be your more than viable option .

The most usual way to earn money with these types of niche or micro-niche blogs is through Google Adsense or the promotion of Amazon products , through affiliate links.

9) Help other people with Coaching sessions

With how widespread and widespread Coaching is today, I think it will not be necessary to explain what it is. And it is that the sector of self-help , coaching and other areas related to emotional Intelligence are a great outlet to work on the Internet.

If you are a professional in this sector, you could start by creating a blog and corporate website where you offer your services. In this way, you could organize your sessions with people who can help you feel better, realize yourself and find your mission in life.

Help other people with Coaching sessions

10) Professional translator or language teacher

If your specialty is languages ​​or you have previously been a teacher in academies or colleges, you can also work from home translating digital texts professionally.

And traditionally needed (and still are still needed) translators to move from one language to another books originally written in a language online is the same.

In addition, you can also monetize your language skills by giving non-face- to- face classes to your students through platforms such as Skype, Hangouts or similar, which I have already named.

11) Graphic designer or web developer

Another of the ways most put into practice by more people today is to design web pages or graphic materials.

A task that does not need your physical presence in a local or office at all , so you could perform this function from your own home and online.

Here they would enter, from creating a blog or website for a freelance professional, to a website or an eCommerce for a company, to give you some examples. (see:How To Increase Web Traffic Or Visits To My Website & Blog? “3 Real Cases”)

With which, in addition to knowing how a classic like WordPress works, I recommend having a minimum training in CSS and HTML code development.

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19 Best Graphic Design Programs Free, Paid, Online And Installable

12) Share your knowledge with online courses and infoproducts

I know a multitude of people who, tired of working all their lives for someone else (with all the inconveniences that this entails), decide to undertake. They can “dump” all the knowledge acquired during those years in digital courses or infoproducts and share it with others.

Simply find a spacious room, as much soundproofing as possible, buy a whiteboard, good sound equipment and a quality video recording camera and… share your knowledge with others!

What Are The Risks And Benefits Of Working From Home For A Professional In Any Sector?

Like all professional activities, it is never exempt from risks and potential obstacles that hinder our success. That is why, surely you are wondering about what risks this mode of entrepreneurship entails.

When talking about developing your work activity at home, we also refer to an environment that is full of potential distractions and temptations that can radically lower our productivity.

And, if we add to this that the Internet is an optimal scenario to allow ourselves to be absorbed by banalities, more questions arise:

How can we organize and be more productive to earn money from home?

It is precisely this topic, seen from the perspective of a marketer, that we will talk about in this guest post. And for this, I will count on the collaboration of another tireless teleworker, such as Javi Pastor.

In this post, Javi will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home on the internet and share some of his tips and tricks that will help us to be more productive in our day to day as digital marketers.

What are the risks and benefits of working from home for a marketer?

Advantages, Disadvantages And Tips To Make Working From Home On The Internet A Good Option For You

The current situation of the labor panorama in Spain and in practically the entire world is not very hopeful. The unemployment figures go up or, if they go down, they force you to live chained to a junk contract.

However, as negative as it may seem, this situation has a very, very positive aspect, and that is that it has taught the world to earn a living and start earning money online and from home.

You no longer have to be tied to a contract, linked to a schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or putting up with that boss you can’t stand or that colleague who asks you for favors every 5 minutes. That ended!

Nowadays you can have your own job sitting in your desk chair, in bed with your laptop, on the beach that you have 5 minutes away and you can even work from a different country.

In short, we are facing the era of work from home , where teleworking is no longer unusual and freelancers are beginning to stand out above many companies.

And if this is so, you will ask yourself:

Why can’t I work from home online?

Contrary to what you might think, you can too! But I will not deceive you, since this is not really easy and it is not achieved in 2 days, because it has absolutely nothing to do with working for others.

But that does not mean that it is impossible. Everything good has a price, right?

I have been working from home in the world of digital marketing for more than 3 years and I have lived all kinds of experiences.

I have learned to live with myself as a boss and to know how to organize myself so that the clock does not eat the hours.

Would you like to know how I did it?

Do you want to know how you can work from home online and generate your own salary without leaving your room or office?

So you better read on.

What Does Working From Home Consist Of?

Before starting, I would like to define what teleworking is, working from home, working at home or working online.

► Let’s see what Wikipedia says about teleworking:

“Telecommuting consists of the work carried out by a person for another individual or company from a place far from it through some telecommunication system”

In short, working from home is to carry out your profession from your home for companies or clients that (obviously) do not share a physical space with you.

It is true that the definition can be a bit misleading, since you can start a business at your home and work from it receiving your clients there.

Even so, in the world of “online marketing” it is most common to do it as the definition says.

I would also like to clarify something else: for me, working from home does not consist of filling out surveys, clicking advertising for a few pennies or doing some type of action of this type.

That will almost never give you stability or sufficient income.

Why Is Working From Home A Good Option?

I am a strong advocate of self-employment, a year ago I chose him over working for others and I will never regret it.

In fact, I motivate many friends and acquaintances daily to launch themselves into this world at once.

13 Tips to succeed and earn money from home

And why do I advise and encourage so many people to work from home online?

Well, for various reasons I am going to tell you right now:

1) Working from home means enjoying

As I said at the beginning, I think that very few workers are really satisfied with what they do.

Their salary, their schedule, their colleagues, their bosses or simply working in something they don’t like conditions them day after day.

Why not change the situation?

Why not convert that plan B of self-employment into plan A and go for it?

What’s the point of staying tied to a life where you’re not happy?

That is the first reason why I always recommend working from home: you do what you want, how you want and when you want .

You have the freedom to choose your profession, your methods and your clients.

This freedom is transformed into happiness.

You will no longer go to work, because in fact you will work from your home “office”, but you will go to do what you want.

And that’s worth more than money, really.

2) You will spend less money

If you work in a company you will most likely have to travel to it day after day.

You will spend on gasoline, subway or any other means of transportation to get there.

In addition, at least in Spain, the hours are usually split in the morning and afternoon, so many times you have to eat there.

And it’s not every day that you feel like carrying food in a tupper, right?

These are all expenses and more expenses that if you work from home you can eliminate.

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3) Working online saves time and increases productivity

Sitting in front of a PC for 8 hours in a workplace does not ensure that you are more productive.

And losing 2 hours between going to and from work does not help much to enjoy the free time left by the workday.

If you work from home, these difficulties are eliminated and, not only will you not have to go anywhere, since turning on the PC will be “connected” to your customers , but you can also increase your productivity if you know how to do it.

At work you can’t be getting up, going to eat something or even taking breaks every hour.

It is something that is frowned upon in most companies, however, at home you can do it and even divide your workday into the hours in which you work best.

What are you productive working from 5 to 12 in the morning? Well, he works at those hours.

What morning do you have an event and need to change your schedule? You can do it.

The advantage of working from home is that you can shape your schedule and work habits however you want.

In this way, you will increase your productivity, add hours to the clock and give you time to do many more things.

4) It gives you more time to enjoy with your family

The quality of life depends, on many occasions, on the amount of time you can enjoy with your family.

If your schedule, commuting to work and so on subtract you almost every hour of the day, why do you live?

Especially if you have children, the quality of life increases a lot when you work from home.

During your breaks you can play with your little one or, if your partner is at home, talk to her for a while.

For example, I love to play with my dog ​​(yes, he is part of my family), so, during my breaks I usually spend time with him and even take him for a short walk on long breaks.

This relaxes me, makes me disconnect and helps me to be more productive.

They are small moments and, even if you are on your business hours, they help you feel much better at the end of the day.

Freelancer with child working on laptop. Parent working with son. Home office. Remote worker, employee schedule, flexible schedule concept. Pink coral blue vector isolated illustration

5) It allows you to work from home online (if you want) in your pajamas

Okay, I admit this benefit is very rare and unique, but it’s just an example.

Working from home, especially in the world of digital marketing, allows you to get out of bed, have breakfast, and sit down without even changing.

Although they do not recommend doing it, since many experts say that it hurts productivity , it is priceless (at least for me).

This is just a simple detail that marks the freedom you can have to do what you want if you work online.

And freedom is something we all want.

13 Tips To Succeed And Earn Money From Home

Okay, I’ve already convinced you that working from home on the internet is cool … a lot.

But of course, it is not so easy.

In fact, if you work on your own from home, everything is much more difficult than if you do it with a “comfortable” employment.

When I say “comfortable” I mean that, on many occasions, the risks and responsibilities that you have in your position are much less than those that you have as your own boss.

Working from home everything depends on you.

I have been working for a while (and earning my own salary) from home and it has cost me mine.

You have to learn to live with yourself and, although we previously saw many positive things, being your own boss is more difficult than it seems from the outside.

To help you get started and guide you a little, I will give you 10 tips that I would have liked to know when I first sat down to work online.

They are the best? The worst? I don’t know, but they are the ones I give to anyone who wants to start their own business adventure at home.

1) Create your own working hours

Okay, I know I said that working from home gives you the freedom to do it whenever you want. But, that does not mean that every day you have to work at different hours without any sense.

Create a work schedule and try to stick to it!

For example, I have always liked working at night, but I found that I was much more productive in the early morning.

For this reason, today I get up at 6:30 in the morning and, after training or playing sports, I start working very early.

Do I follow the schedule every day? No. But the vast majority do.

Without a schedule you will end up working at the wrong time, distracting yourself, leaving things undone and losing a lot of time.

You can skip it someday, but try to do as much as you can and you will get better results.

What Is Direct Response Advertising And Real Time Content The New Frontier Of Content Marketing?

2) Eliminate distractions

Working at home can mean increasing the number of distractions exponentially.

It is worth that you do not have your partner or your boss giving you the stick, but you can have “too much” freedom.

For example , if you live with your family you have to make them understand that, even if you are at home, you are working. Otherwise, everyone will distract you and will enter your small office when they see fit.

There are also many other distractions on the Internet and, above all, if you are in the world of online marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, a blog, a news portal,… It is all distracting!

When you work, close everything and focus.

And teach everyone who lives with you to understand that, if the door to your room or office is closed, it is because you are working.

The sooner they understand it, the more time you will save.

In the same way, for those of us who work in digital marketing, this online world also involves you and can get you absorbed in superfluous tasks or activities without importance.

And without forgetting the classic gossip on some social networks, which are irrelevant.

For this reason, another way to be more productive can also be to set some guidelines and hours a day to check your profiles on social networks .

Eliminate distractions

3) Take care of your productivity

I started out as a complete disaster in terms of schedules and productivity.

Really, it was criminal how poorly I managed my schedules and how unproductive it was.

Until one day I said “this is over” and focused on improving my productivity.

The result? I work less and do much more . But much, much more. And I even do better.

In my blog I invited 9 bloggers who work from home to talk about productivity techniques and how to improve in this regard.

If you are interested in doing more in less hours, read it ?

4) Use tools and delegate tasks to other professionals

Time is worth money, and when you work from home, it is worth even more.

In a job you usually charge the same, do 100 things in 8 hours or do 2 in those 8 hours.

Working from home, every hour counts and every extra minute can be another completed chore.

And unfortunately, the number of tasks increases a lot compared to working for others.

For example, if you are self-employed and work from home you have to keep your own accounts.

What does that benefit you? In nothing, it is a waste of time, so, I recommend you delegate it to a company, a manager or someone you trust and pay for it.

Think about it, if you pay € 50 a month for your advice and save 5 hours a month, you are making money.

If you charged € 11 / hour (I do not recommend charging by the hour) or took less than 1 hour to generate € 11 profit, you would be earning.

When you work from home, time is the most valuable resource.

Learn how to delegate and use payment tools to reduce the time it takes to do some tasks and even to get rid of others.

5) Make yourself visible (really)

If you want to work in the world of online marketing you have to be visible and with visible I do not mean having a profile on Twitter and an account on Instagram , far from it.

I mean, above all, having a blog where you demonstrate what you know how to do, for me a blog is the epicenter of the success of an Internet marketing professional.

It is better to have a blog in good condition, than to spend the whole day posting and sharing things on social networks.

A good post can give you a thousand times more reach than 50 or 60 tweets.

And it will not only give you scope, but it will give you authority and will serve to strengthen your personal brand.

In a world where, as I mentioned before, there is saturation in all markets, personal branding is the solution to differentiate yourself.

You don’t even need to have a blog with more than 100,000 visits a month .

I know dozens of professionals who have blogs with a small community, between 5,000 – 10,000 visits a month and who live on that blog.

My blog does not have a very high average of visits per month.

However, I have managed to get a salary thanks to him and I get new job offers day after day.

Do not obsess with generating thousands and thousands of visits, obsess with generating high quality visits to convert the maximum number of visitors into potential customers of your services, infoproducts or affiliated products.

personal, Online identity management, digital Identity management, product web presence concept.

6) Do not become a statue

Working online has a great little health hazard: sedentary lifestyle.

When you get used to working from home there may come a time when you spend the day sitting in front of the PC. Try e vita RLO at all costs.

I am a very delicate person with injuries and I have several.

In fact, I have doubted for years that sport is healthy, for this reason, hours and hours in front of the PC are not the best for my body.

When I started working from home I used to spend up to 12 hours sitting here.

The result? Back pain, tired eyesight, headaches and a nice weight gain.

The solution? Easy: do sports.

I recommend you get up very, very early and that is the first thing you do in the day. For me it is the best time, it takes away from making excuses like ” today I don’t have time ” and prioritizes the important thing: your health.

And when you’re on the PC, take breaks, get up, stretch your back, stretch your arms, and don’t leave your neck stiff as a rock.

I use Focus Booster to remind me that every 25 minutes I have to stop and move.

It doesn’t matter if you do a push-up, go down to play with your dog or get up and walk around for a while.

What matters is getting up, activating the body and saying ” hey, don’t fall asleep with so much chair .”

Also, from time to time treat yourself to a massage.

I have, within my personal budget, a part dedicated to health care both through training and physical therapy. And I don’t regret the expense.

Work at home and health - Don't become a statue

7) Learn to say “NO”

“No” is the most difficult word to say and at the same time the most useful for anyone who wants to work online and earn money from home.

If you don’t learn to use it on time, go saying goodbye to having a life.

At first, when you start your wanderings in the world of online marketing, the normal thing is to say yes to everything. The fact of charging just enough to “get experience”. It is normal, almost all of us have done it.

Of course, there comes a time when you have to stop, rethink everything and start saying no.

For example, I started as a personal brand advisor, but finally I saw that my market was in the world of copywriting.

What did I do? I dismissed all future assignments as a consultant, delegated them, and focused almost exclusively on content and text creation.

I do not regret it, and despite having let some clients go, I generate more than if I was diversified.

Stop doing favors to everyone, give a bonus for your work, but do not end up giving 100 times more than what they ask you because the client tells you that they are “5 minutes”.

Charge more if you have less availability

Growth in online marketing is like this, if you do not learn to control it, you can die of success.

I know people who cannot cope with their work and who, because of not using the “no”, earn half the money they could earn and working twice as long.

8) Collaborate with other professionals

The world of online marketing is one of the most collaborative in existence.

In other jobs the competition comes to hatred and the junk is thrown, but here many help each other even being part of that competition.

Working from home does not mean not relating or meeting new people.

Connect, comment on blogs, exchange tweets, do interviews and call other professionals who do the same as you and share opinions with them.

Working from home in this world can be lonely if you don’t relate.

Normally, nobody understands what you do in your close circle and you will lack people with whom to talk about SEO, content marketing or copywriting topics .

For me, sometimes I have spent hours talking to people from this world, either through Hangout, mobile, Facebook chat or private Twitter messages.

9) Be careful with the email

This point could enter the productivity one, but I prefer to separate it.

Email can be your biggest enemy and can turn a workday into a complete disaster. Set schedules to open the email , learn to know what are the good times to answer and which are not.

Avoid kilometric emails, use your mobile more and try to reduce the time in front of the damn Gmail.

You not only have to educate yourself with email, but the rest of the people who work around you. Above all, explain that you do not check the email every 5 minutes and that if they have an emergency they must call you on the phone.

If there comes a time when your email is overflowing, think about looking for someone to help you solve the problem.

You will not be the first or the last to hire a secretary to deliver the mail.

10) How and where to look for courses to keep you in continuous training

If there is one thing that defines marketing, it is continuous innovation. What worked and was popular today, may be out of fashion tomorrow and be an archaic technique.

Online marketing is not theoretical, it is not something watertight nor does it always stay the same over time, it evolves day after day and if you are not in that day to day you can be left behind very easily.

For this reason, it is very important to continuously train .

Believe it or not, all of us who live from marketing do it, we read eBooks, we are signed up for courses and we download free content from other bloggers on a daily basis.

If you do not update your services, they will begin to be out of date, your content will be useless and you will not be able to add real value to the marketing blogosphere.

The good news is that there are dozens of platforms to take courses and train from home that are free.

Apart from these courses, there are others that are very popular in the Hispanic world such as Quondos, Wontalia or TeamPlatino among others.

They are paid and require a monthly fee, but the benefit in exchange for that payment is so great that it is worth doing.

What are the best work from home jobs.

11) How and where to look for clients on the Internet?

When you start your freelance career working from home it can seem difficult to get clients.

If nobody knows you, you don’t have a community around you and you lack contacts, it is normal that customers do not knock on your door.

But we have all started there and we are not exactly few who now have enough customers, so getting them is far from impossible.

For example, to start you can look for work in any of the freelance rs portals that exist today.

There are more and more and the job offers in them are increasing little by little.

The portals for freelancers that I recommend are the following:

In these portals there is work for writers, programmers, designers, WordPress specialists and practically anything you can imagine, especially on Fiverr and Geniuzz.

They can be good places to start earning the trust of the discerning Internet audience.

In addition to signing up for these portals, I would recommend starting to establish relationships with established professionals .

Most well-known bloggers or marketing companies are always looking for qualified people to delegate to and that person can be you .

My first clients for my copywriting services came through this channel.

I received proposals to write articles based on recommendations from other professionals and I worked for them helping them with their day to day in creating content.

Finally there is another way to find small jobs: the forums .

Find a forum on your topic and jump to actively participate in it, offer your services in a post and you will see how customers start to arrive.

Do not be discouraged and keep in mind that initially customers will come with droppers, however, as you have satisfied customers, more and more recommendations will come.

And with those recommendations, customers will start knocking on your door more often.

12) Tools to organize and plan your daily work from home

The tools are a great ally of the marketing professional who works from home.

Why? Well, because they save time, improve productivity, automate tasks and even allow us to charge more for our work.

The problem is that there are hundreds of tools and it can be difficult to know which ones to choose.

My advice is that if you try one and you like it, stick with it.

There may be better or worse alternatives, but if you try them all you will lose a lot of time.

If you like one, stick with it.

Worker using computer for collective virtual meeting and group video conference. Man at desktop chatting with friends online. Vector illustration for videoconference, remote work, technology concept

And what are the tools that I use in my daily life working from home?

The ones I use the most are the following:

► Trello

Without Trello I would be “blind” for my life.

For me it is the base of all my productivity, since in this tool I order my day to day, my relationship with clients, the pending tasks and a thousand other things.

Try it out and I promise you will fall in love, although its competitor ( Basecamp ) is also very, very good.

► Spotify

Listening to music on Spotify is my method of isolating myself from the world when I work.

Personally, for this I use Spotify and, although it seems a tool that does not fit anything here, it is very useful to stay focused and not end up lost in the happy multitasking.

► Skype

If you work from home you will have to organize meetings with clients, collaborators and other colleagues in the sector.

Skype is the easiest way to do it, as it’s free and works great.

► SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog or DinoRANK

SEMrush  is a digital competition analysis tool. Why? This way of earning a living is not without competition.

Also, if you dedicate yourself to topics related to SEO, content, blogging, etc. There are also platforms like Ahrefs , Xovi , Screaming Frog or DinoRANK that you should not be unaware of.

► Metricool

Being all day on social networks putting everything at hand can be a real torture. Therefore, I have Metricool .

With Metricool or Hootsuite tools, that is over, since you can schedule updates and see how your reach and follower base increases in a “semi-automatic” way.

► Google Analytics

I cannot conceive of creating a blog or a website and not adding Google Analytics .

You must know what is happening in your “base camp” , what are the best contents, what is interesting and what is not and hundreds of other things you can learn with Google Analytics.

► Doopler

With Doppler you can create a list of subscribers from the first moment, which will help you generate more customers through your blog.

For this you need an email marketing program like Doppler. You can also try Mailchimp or Mailrelay, which works similarly and has a larger free version.

► Feedly

Feedly is a perfect application to stay up to date with all the news portals and blogs that you like the most.

Add them all to this RSS reader and don’t bother going to each site again and again to see if it has been updated.

► Evernote

Evernote is a great all-in-one for productivity.

Jot down ideas, archive posts and news that you want to read later, write snippets of content for your future post while you’re on the Metro or out for a walk and do pretty much anything with Evernote. 100% recommendable.

13) Take a vacation and rest

The world of online marketing is absorbing and working from home is even more so.

You can enter a spiral in which, when you realize, a year has passed and you have not taken a breath.

Prevent that from happening and take your own breaks.

The good thing about being autonomous and working online is that you can organize it as you see fit. Seize it.

For example, I decided that I was only going to work Monday through Thursday. I use long weekends (Friday to Sunday) to get away, disconnect and have my own vacation.

Also, the good thing about working from home is that you can go to the island of Bali on vacation for 2 weeks and continue from there one or the other morning without problem.

I could do my work in Cádiz, which is where I live, in Madrid, in Beijing, in Ireland or in Boston.

Of course, although it is normal to work and answer some emails one morning loose if you go on vacation for a long time, disconnect!

Remember that you are going to enjoy and rest.

Stay home concept. Girl takes care for houseplants, reading book, doing yoga. Cozy modern scandinavian interior. Self isolation, quarantine due to coronavirus. Set of illustration of home activities


I think I’ve talked enough about working at home already, right?

Of course, I wish I would have known all these things before sitting in front of the PC for the first time.

It is not an idyllic world and behind self-employment there is a darker side to know .

Anyone is not made to work from home and less in a sector as competitive as online marketing, where new professionals (and a lot of smoke) come out daily.

Of course, it is a beautiful world and it can make you feel totally self-realized.

Also, I believe that working at home is the future of employment.

Distances are very short thanks to the Internet and there is no point in extending them with car trips, journeys and so on.

Source: josefacchin.com