What is the target audience and how to identify the target of your brand or business?

¿Cómo identificar a mi público objetivo o target?

I had a very interesting discussion with a couple of colleagues about the importance of the target audience . That is, to whom to direct the message when our goal is to try, in some way, to influence consumer trends and also to loyalty to the customers of our Brand or business.

That talk has led me to meditate on the subject and write a post and reflect on it. But, in addition to defining it, I also want to invite all of you to participate in this debate, leaving us a comment or opinion at the end of this same post.

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What is the target audience?

The target audience, in a nutshell, could be defined as the group of people who want and / or need what our business or brand can offer them and, for that reason, they will be much more likely to consume our products and hire our professional services.

In the world of Anglo-Saxon marketing, this definition can be related to the terms: target market, target group and target market, as well as target, target group and target market anglicisms. Although each of them, in turn, could promptly have some distinctive or extra qualities.

At present, knowing this segmentation or learning to correctly identify our potential consumers is essentially essential to be able to design any commercial or marketing strategy.

But, now, having this definition clearer, what you should also ask yourself is:

Why should we know who is the target audience of our business when communicating?

Any brand or professional needs to know who their target audience or market is, because that means making sure, among other things, that their marketing efforts knock on the right door.

“If you do not go to a clear target or target audience, in the end it will be as if you had never talked to anyone”

Personally I think that before spreading our message, for example in the different social networks, it is very important to define “who is” , “how is” and “where is” our ideal client .

This segmentation of our audience will help us design a digital marketing strategy that has a more attractive and effective message.

Why? Because we must not only be clear about what we are going to say, but also to whom and where we say it.

Following the example of communication in social networks:

The users that we can find on each platform are not always always the same or, as a minimum, they do not behave and interact in the same way in all of them.

That is, it is not worth being everywhere.

If you do not go to a Target +/- of course, in the end it will be as if you were not talking to anyone.

I recommend you read: The most important Social Networks in the World “Updated list” , article in which you can discover other social platforms and some very interesting data.

¿Cómo y por qué identificar a mi público objetivo o target?

How can we know who is our target audience in Marketing?

Using a little common sense and seeking to simplify things, we could identify some specific characteristics of a group of people or companies, according to the parameters that we think are the most representative of the type of potential customer or prone to acquire our products or services.

These characteristics are usually called profile (of the client, follower or user).

In most cases there are a few general characteristics that can be taken into account to help us classify those customers.

For example: age, gender, income level, studies, shopping habits, occupation or profession, marital status, family status (children or without children), geographic location, ethnic group, political affiliations or inclinations, hobbies and interests, etc.

Nor is it necessary for us to divide the analysis using endless filters.

But, the more accurate a segmentation is, the better the end result of any strategy.

I would like to emphasize here that, in some very specific products, we must take more into account points such as the level of income and / or technical knowledge that this target has, above all, to choose the platforms in which we have the greatest possibility of finding them and to be able to communicate with them without being too intrusive.

“Do not forget that the one that covers a lot, little squeezes”

Because our target market can be very broad. But, our audience cannot be anyone and we will not find it anywhere.

I insist, and I apologize for the reiteration, but without a clear idea of what we want to say and to whom and where we are going to tell it, we will be running the risk of our message being diluted behind a great blanket of smoke.

Now, to help you create your own target audience, I leave this infographic with the 18 questions you should ask yourself on the Internet.

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¿Cómo identificar el público objetivo en Internet de tu negocio?

Portada (businessman): Shutterstock – Foto (Star Wars): jdhancock.com

And you? Why do you think we need to know who our target audience is and how do you recognize it?

It would be interesting to know your opinion and to provide more light on the subject.

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