When it comes to editing images to use in our digital projects and we don’t have advanced design knowledge, using tools similar free alternatives to photoshop can save us from more than one embarrassment.

And, if these tools similar to PhotoShop Online are free, you can already imagine the game that we can get from them, either for their own project or for a client.

There are many advantages that we can deduce from them, since it is logical that when we use quality images, we want that after their editing, they do not lose a single bit of their original attractiveness .

Advantages Of Using Free Alternatives To PhotoShop (Online and Free or Paid)

These are just some of the multiple benefits that, in my opinion, these digital tools have:

1. You Don’t Need To Download The Software On Your Device

Actually, one of the advantages of using this type of software avoids having to download the program and install it on a computer.

This means cost savings and consumption of internal memory of the computer equipment.

2. You Save On The Investment Of Buying A License

Although I always defend the use of original and professional tools, if there is a possibility that we can save the investment in a paid license by using these alternatives to PhotoShop, we should take advantage of it.

This is that perhaps, if the use that you are going to give to said program is only punctual and for sporadic projects, it is not worth taking the complete package.

3. Its Functionalities Are Equivalent To Photoshop

Taking into account the two previous reasons, if we calmly analyze what functions are capable of performing the vast majority of tools that I will recommend below, you will notice a detail:

All of them are capable of successfully carrying out the vast majority of tasks carried out by the Photoshop program.

For this reason, you will understand that obviously it can be very difficult to use one of these alternatives.

photo edit, photoshop online free

4. Your Brand Image Is At Stake

If at any time you have contemplated the use of a program or tool as an alternative that, even if it is paid for, lacks the quality provided by a professional one, I do not recommend it.

Remember that on the Internet, given the competition that exists today and the importance given to everything visual , using tools that detract from your content will affect the interest that your users will show for them.

Therefore, surely your Personal and Corporate Brand will be diminished more or less sooner.

Today You Will Discover What Are The 15 Best And Free Alternatives To Photoshop Online For Free!

As I mentioned earlier, there are many online and free photo editing alternatives and, in this article, I am going to talk about 15 of them, so you have a choice.

These free alternatives offer you a wide variety of powerful tools to improve an image, whatever its format.

You can enter the photo you want to edit and, in a few seconds, crop it, apply shadows, effects, text, filters, frames, corrections and much more to improve it.

Photo Editing Software Screen. Abstract Vector Application for Photographers to Edit Pictures.

These are options that go beyond mere red-eye correction and romantic filters.

15 Best Free Online Tools Similar To PhotoShop

Since there are programs capable of being used directly through the browser, you will not need to install any program on your computer.

However, at the end of the article, I also show you downloadable Photoshop alternatives to take it wherever you want.

1. Pic Monkey

free alternatives to photoshop example

This tool is easy to use, complete and with a very friendly interface . Among its advantages are:

  • You can register in a few seconds, through Facebook, for example. That saves you the need to go through a long registration process.
  • It is very easy to use and has improved a lot over the years.
  • It is based on a drag system of those filters and utilities that you want to apply to the image panel.

Like any program, Pic Monkey also has some “buts”, and that is that the free trial only lasts 7 days.

2. EdMyPic

free alternatives to photoshop example

This is a program that is used through the Web and, in fact, it is a complete package of programs , where you can choose the one you want at any time, since each one specializes in one type of edition.

Among the advantages of EdMyPic are:

  • Ease of registration.
  • Ease of use thanks to a very intuitive interface. Ideal for beginners in photo editing.

Among its disadvantages, we can indicate that it has few features and little power, compared to Photoshop Online that you will be used to.

3. Adobe PhotoShop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

PhotoShop lovers can not only use it when they download it. They can also handle it for free and Online. Among its advantages is:

  • It is free and has multiple menus and effects .
  • You will not need to have reserved space on your hard drive, since its use is completely virtual, that is, from your browser.

For putting a “but” to this Adobe Photoshop Express Editor , I will tell you that it is only a reduced version of the original.

You will be much more limited in your possibilities, especially if you want to integrate very elaborate designs in any of the compositions you make.

Also, when it comes to image editing, it only works for editing “jpegs”.

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4. Fotor

free alternatives to photoshop example

Like almost all the ones I have selected in this list, it is a very versatile and effective program. You can use it if you are a beginner in photo editing , because its use is not complex.

To highlight some of the benefits of Fotor , it is worth mentioning that it contains a large number of filters and effects, which give you the possibility of making very attractive creations.

Among its drawbacks are:

  • The free version has few functionalities, so you will have to contract a license to expand your features and make it work as a true alternative to PhotoShop Online.
  • The program applies a watermark to certain content, which prevents you from being able to use it freely.
  • It contains a lot of advertising , which can affect the user experience .

5. Krita

free alternatives to photoshop example

One of its main characteristics is that it is made based on free code . With it, you can create, above all, drawings and digital painting.

Some of the positive things that are remarkable about Krita are:

  • It allows you to make all kinds of drawings, illustrations and paintings from your computer (PC or Mac).
  • If you are an artist, you can get a lot out of it.

However, it is more limited than others when it comes to photo editing.

6. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

Like other programs that I mention in this article, with this you can edit your photos without having to download any executable that you must install on your computer.

Pixlr Editor will therefore be a good alternative to PhotosShop Online, adding that it is also completely free.

  • It is super intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can use it in many languages.
  • You can work with multilayers , which increases the possibilities.

Among its drawbacks are:

  • It has a lot of publicity.
  • You must install Flash Player to be able to use it.

7. Photo Raster

Photo Raster, great alternative to Phoshop Online

David Levinsky is the developer of this program, which is not as popular and used as others I mention in this article.

However, the functionalities it offers are numerous and it gives a good result. I recommend that you try it and tell me in the comments what you think.

As strong as Photo Raster are:

  • You can use multiple layers.
  • You can work with filters.

However, depending on who uses it, it could be a disadvantage:

  • That you have to register to be able to use it and that implies a simple but somewhat cumbersome process, when you have the possibility of using others without registration.

8. Photopea

Photopea, a program similar to Photoshop Online

It’s free and easy, so you can’t ask for much more from Photopea . Also, it has a very similar appearance to Photoshop Online, so it will appear that you are using the latter.

It is a very complete digital tool, since:

There are no obvious drawbacks to highlight, so I encourage you to give it a try so you can see if the results convince you.

9. Canva

free alternatives to photoshop example

Like the other programs on this list, you can use it through the Internet, from your own browser and also without paying any amount, although it also has a paid version .

This is one of the free PhotoShop Online image editors that we use at our agency JF-Digital, for the layout of cover images of articles.

Among the peculiarities that can encourage you to use it are:

  • It allows you to use folders to organize your work.
  • It offers you a capacity of up to 1 GB of storage .
  • It can be used by multiple users.
  • It contains many templates to give original touches to your works.

The clearest downside to Canva Editor is that you need to register to use it, but if you can spend a couple of minutes, you won’t mind.

Not only does it allow you to crop, adjust features, and apply effects to images, but its comprehensive set of tools and filters offers the ability to rotate, distort, skew, warp, or scale a photo.

You can adjust colors, resolution, brightness, contrast, shadows and, thanks to its layered way of working, apply multiple effects and design all kinds of creations.

10. Sumo Paint Lite

Sumo Paint Lite

You may be surprised by the interface of this program, which is not as attractive and current as other programs on this list.

I have included it in it for those who prefer programs with a retro style .

It has advantages like the following:

  • Easy to use and good basic tools.
  • You can use it in Spanish and other languages.
  • It has little advertising, so this will not be a problem or a nuisance.

On the other hand, among the drawbacks of Sumo Paint Lite is that its free version is quite limited and very soon you will have to switch to the paid version.

11. iPiccy


With more than a hundred filters and effects, the iPiccy program offers you many possibilities. It’s good because:

  • It is easy to use, you select functions and dump them over the space where you want to apply them.
  • It allows you to work with most image formats.
  • It gives you many creative options.

However, it has drawbacks such that only an English version can be accessed .

12. Befunky Photo Editor

With a certain resemblance to Pic Monkey, which you could see previously, Befunky Photo Editor has a taskbar on the left where you can find the effects and filters.

Its advantages are:

  • It is easy to use and when you finish a design or composition, you can easily share it on the main social networks.
  • You work with layers, allowing you more creative possibilities.

3 Of The Best Free PhotoShop-like Programs For Your PC or Mac

Once you have seen the alternatives to use in a virtual way and without installing any program, you also have options available to always carry with you on your computer.

In this way, the ones that I advise you the most are:

13. Gimp

free alternatives to photoshop example

Another program worth trying is Gimp , for the following reasons:

  • It is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Work with layers and Photoshop files and its Online version.
  • Despite certain difficulties, if you are a beginner, you can access good tutorials.

14. Inkscape

free alternatives to photoshop example

It is a free and open source, advanced and professional tool for the use of graphic vectors for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Among the most important advantages of Inkscape for your digital project are:

  • It contains numerous resources to learn.
  • It has extensive functionalities for you to make good creations.

15. Seashore (for Mac)

Seashore, alternative program to Photoshop for Mac

My last recommendation is a resource for Mac. It is very simple and its design is attractive.

In addition, it has numerous super intuitive functions, which makes it a highly recommended option to replace Photoshop Online for free, especially for people without much knowledge in graphic design.

However, the only downside of Seashore is that it does not include the possibility of editing text on the images.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Free Programs And Alternatives To Photoshop Online?

As you can see, there are a large number of options available Online, free and alternatives to the PhotoShop that we all know.

Among the advantages of using them are:

  • They are much easier than the Adobe program , for which you must have certain knowledge.
  • You should not be familiar with the work area or the tools, because they are very intuitive programs .
  • You don’t need to spend time downloading and installing programs. It is enough to enter the website and you will be able to use most of them.

Only in some cases it is necessary to go through the registration process, but sometimes, you can even do it very quickly, from your Facebook profile .

  • You have a set of filters and functionalities with which you will achieve magnificent results, which will have nothing to envy to professional programs.

design concept

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Some of the unique features of the PhotoShop program (and its Online version), such as asset linking through Adobe Creative Cloud, mean that it will always remain the tool of choice for professionals.

However, not all of us are specialists in image design at a professional level, so sometimes, those of us who are dedicated to Online Business, it is wonderful to have these types of tools at hand that I have shown you today.

In short, using PhotoShop Online substitutes is possible with all these 15 previous alternatives.

Surely, you will feel so comfortable working with them, it will be as if you were in the original Adobe program.

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