Looking for a free high resolution image source? Here I will show you the best platforms from which you can download free stock photos to use on your blog, website or social networks. If you are starting a new digital project, one of the first needs that you will have to cover will be to obtain high-quality audiovisual material.

Although premium graphic resources are the most competitive option for quality and quantity, it is normal that not all of us always have the necessary budget to invest in them. Therefore, free stock photos (where to download those photos) are more than enough if we have a reduced budget.

free stock photos, İmage banks

Where To Download High-Resolution İmages And Free Stock Photos To Use On Your Personal Or Corporate Website?

If we are talking about a community manager or a blogger, there is no doubt that they need a large number of fresh, high-quality (HD) photographs to make the posts and infographics they publish on their blog and on their networks more attractive . But, in addition, these contents must be as original as possible, in order to differentiate themselves from the rest.

It is perhaps for this reason that having a very wide variety of free high resolution stock photos, easily accessible from your own web browser, is one of the most convenient solutions for any of these professionals.

Because if we can’t afford to use premium material, we shouldn’t allow that to affect the overall quality and originality of the content we generate too much

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So, thinking of providing some extra recommendations, is that this time I have compiled a large number of websites to download free multimedia files (some little known and very original) so that you too can always have them at hand.

The 42 Best Free Stock Photos To Download İmage For Your Blog, Web or Social Networks

1) For Free Stock Photos: Freepik

With Freepik  you will have access to thousands of graphic resources in jpg, psd and ai format, so that you can modify and edit each of the multimedia files that you want.

All free downloads can be used without any limitation, as long as you give the required credit for each case.

This free stock photos and is one of the best content available for any type of project. Currently, this is one of the main multimedia files that I have been using for my blog posts.

freepik homepage

2) Pixabay

Pixabay is a very popular HD free image source. In it you can find more than 400,000 free stock photos, in addition to illustrations and vectors, from authors who only seek to share their own creations freely.

Pixabay homepage image

The Pixabay website offers a large amount of content to illustrate any type of blog.

It is ideal for bloggers of different themes, since you can use Pixabay’s free stock photos without even having to create a user account (and in many cases, no link is required to quote the author).

3) Morguefile

MorgueFile.com offers royalty- free content. She is a very good platform for lovers of high resolution, but who do not have a good budget to buy photographs on paid online sites.

Morguefile free content, free image source, free stock photos

4) iStock

iStock was a bank of very original free images and royalty-free stock photos (vectors, vectors, illustrations, videos, and audio).

After the acquisition of iStockPhoto.com by Getty Images, the situation changed. Now she only offers some free materials weekly, but I still wanted to keep her on this list due to the high quality of her resources.

She started in 2000 as a pioneering photography website on the Internet. IStockPhoto has become one of the most successful and profitable online places in the world for user-generated content.

iStock - The best free image banks, free image source, free stock photos

5) Foodiesfeed

Foodiesfeed.com is a free stock photos that provides photos related to food and gastronomy in general, for free use on social networks, websites or blogs.

Foodiesfeed - The best free image banks, free stock photos


6) Picjumbo

Picjumbo.com is a bank of free high resolution images totally free for both commercial and personal use. It has a great variety of category.

Picjumbo - The best free image banks

7) Stocksnap.io

On the StockSnap.io website we will find free high-definition multimedia files (free of copyright restrictions), for all those who seek to make their blogs or social media profiles more attractive.

StockSnap io - The best free image banks, stock photo

8) Pexels

Pexels.com provide free high-resolution images for designers and bloggers and high-quality photos that they can then use on their blogs, social media, or professional and personal projects on the Internet.

Pexels - The best free image banks, free high-resolution photographs, free image source, free stock photos

9) Gratisography

Gratisography.com offer free high-resolution photographs to use in your projects or Internet sites.

Gratisography - The best free image banks, free high-resolution photographs

10) Jaymantri

Jaymantri.com is a good online platform to download free photos, although it does not have too large a stock.

11) Picography

Picography.co provide free high-resolution photos, for use on the blog or social media.

12) Magdeleine

Magdeleine.co offers a set number of free high-resolution photography every day.

Magdeleine - The best free image banks , stock photo

13) Freevectors

FreeVectors.net is a small community of graphic fun lovers, who share vectors for free.

All graphic resources on this site are free to use for personal topics, and many of them can also be used commercially.

Freevectors - The best free image banks, free high-resolution photographs, free image source, free stock photos

14) Join.Deathtothestockphoto

Join.deathtothestockphoto is a bank of multimedia files that provide a number of free monthly photo downloads.

joinDeathtothestockphoto - Best free image banks, free high-resolution photographs

15) Lifeoxpix

LifeOfPix.com offers weekly visual content that can be downloaded free of charge by its users.

LifeofPix - The best free image banks, free image source, free stock photos free high-resolution photographs

16) Stocksy

Stocksy.com gives us access to free high-resolution multimedia files.

Stocksy - The best free image banks, free high-resolution photographs

17) Foter

Foter.com gives you access to a wide variety of free or free media files.

18) Splitshere

At Splitshire.com you can download free stock images for personal and commercial use.

Splitshire - Best Free Image Banks, Free Stock Photography, free high-resolution photographs

19) Newoldstockphoto

New Old Stock brings us vintage or old photos from public archives and without any known copyright restrictions.

20) Pond5.com

In its project called “In the Public Domain” , the Pond5.com platform allows us to access (in addition to paid material) a large number of multimedia files that are free of rights or released by Pond5.

In this way, any person or blogger will have access to millions of historical files from the “Pond5 Public Domain” option that you will find on their own website.

21) Designrush

Designrush.com is everything you need for your personal or professional creative projects, here you will find vintage or modern content that has been labeled as “public domain” .

22) Unsplash

Unsplash.com provides you with high-resolution photographs for free, for all those who have the need to share such quality visual content on social networks or Blogs.

By subscribing to Unsplash you will have access to 10 items in HD that are automatically renewed every 10 days.

23) Designerspics

Designerspics.com is a royalty-free visual content platform, for both personal and commercial use. Furthermore, no acknowledgment of the original author is necessary.

Designerspics - The best free image banks, free Stock Photography, free high-resolution photographs

24) Publicdomainpictures

PublicDomainPictures.net is another of the free stock image on the Internet that also provides us with portraits in the public domain.

In it you can download high-quality HD photos or even upload your own .

25) Depositphotos

Sp.DepositPhotos.com is an online site that has a large repertoire of paid photographs, but also has an extensive section of content Free!

26) Vecteezy

Vecteezy.com is one of the banks of royalty-free images and has one of the largest amounts of vectors in the world (according to what they tell us).

On this platform you can find all kinds of vectors for different types of needs, such as: for the cover of a post or simply icons to include in your projects.

Veectizy Stock Photography, free high-resolution photographs

Behind this page is Eezy, a company that carries out other projects also directly related to creativity and design.

27) Flickr

Flickr.com is one of the largest social networks on the planet for sharing visual content. But this does not end here, she could also be considered as one of the largest free or free stock photos in the world today.

On this social platform you will get access to all kinds of graphic resources from very varied authors and with or without free use rights or Creative Commons “CC” licenses .

28) Public Domain Pictures

Publicdomainpictures.net is another one of those free stock photos that you should have on hand, whether you are a blogger or if you have an internet business that requires illustrations.

Also, being free, the problem of investing in photos will be solved. Even so, they comply with the «CC0 Public Domain» regulations.

Public Domain Pictures, Stock Photography, free high-resolution photographs

29) FreeImages

As its own name in English indicates , here you will find all the illustrations that you must integrate into your content, as well as in any project that requires including this type of files.

To download them you must register at no cost, in order to later be able to choose from its immense database.

FreeImages, Stock Photography, free high-resolution photographs

30) Stockvault

Thanks to its powerful search engine, at Stockault.net you can find just what you are looking for, be it an image for your corporate page or a vector file for the cover of your articles.

Be that as it may, it is a more than interesting option and the alternative if in the previous 37 banks you have not found what you consider to be “ideal” for your project.

Stockvault free Stock Photos, free high-resolution photographs

31) RGB Stock

If what you need are multimedia files of a considerable size and so big as to later be edited and integrated into your digital project, RGBstock probably your site.

As in other banks or platforms, you must read their terms and conditions of use, before registering and using something from their extensive database.

32) Freedigitalphotos

Freedigitalphotos.net allows us to download free and premium photos and illustrations for a website, blog, social networks, advertising campaigns, online newspapers and magazines , ebooks and much more.

All of their free images are of very high quality, produced by their community of professional photographers and digital illustrators.

Freedigitalphotos - The best free image banks, free Stock Photos, free high-resolution photographs

33) Death To The Stock Photo

Many times, when you are creating a web page or blog, you want the services or other sections that should be grouped together to have the same appearance. For this, Deathtothestockphoto.com is ideal, since it has very interesting thematic photo packs .

34) Pickupimage

Pickupimage.com is one of the largest collections of author photographs.

In it you can download free multimedia files from a high-quality stock, all its graphic content has the name of the Creative Commons “public domain” licenses.

35) Littlevisuals

Littlevisuals.co is an online site to download and share free files.

36) 1Millionfreepictures

1MillionFreePictures.com is an online repository of 100% FREE visual content !

37) Photopin

PhotoPin.com is a search engine that provides free photos for bloggers, through Creative Commons licenses.

38) Thestocks

Thestocks.im also provide HD content. In it you can download 10 new photos for free every 10 days.

39) LibreStock

I recommend that you consider LibreStock.com as a quality option , due to the great variety of illustrations and sizes.

LibreStock, free Stock Photos, free high-resolution photographs

40) Stokpic

The free download of each of the photos on this platform ( Stokpic.com ) will be governed by a series of precepts, which you can consult for all of them in the text next to the “Download” button . In most cases, its sale or reproduction on other platforms that are not the registered user’s own will not be allowed.

Stokpic, free Stock Photos, free high-resolution photographs

41) Adobe Stock

(Fotolia is now Adobe Stock) Stock.Adobe.com , is one of the largest payment free stock photos in the world, but it also has the welcome offer of 10 graphic resources that you can download upon registering for its service.

42) Shutterstock

So, if you have not been lucky enough to find what you needed among the millions of free multimedia files from the previous platforms, here I leave you to Shutterstock.

This premium stock photography, video, vector, illustration and video library is the world’s largest HD image download website.

Shutterstock.com is the ideal place to find what you were looking for and at a fairly affordable price. She has over 215 Million high-quality Photographs.

In addition, if you are registered on their website, you will be able to download one free graphic resource per week.


Thanks to this great variety of free high resolution image banks (or platforms for downloading free photos online), you will be able to give a much more attractive appearance to your website or the content you generate on your personal or professional blog.

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