Accepted challenges, diverse hashtags, new trends, and more… All describe TikTok for different reasons and the changes TikTok has brought to our lives.

Since 2016, TikTok has been a colorful platform used for various ideas and it collected the different voices of people. Even today, we see so many trends on air for a great number of people.

However, using TikTok a step further comes with TikTok marketing trends and whether you know it or not there are many ways to boost your sales and make new promotions on TikTok.

We have collected essential information about TikTok in marketing and marketing trends that can help you get into a new world. Let’s go little rockstars!

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The Impact of TikTok

TikTok has not only been used for daily entertainment, but also for searching for new products by most people.

Taking this into consideration, you may guess starting to create content for TikTok might be a nice idea. However, you need to be careful in creating new content because it should be suitable for your brand and appeal to potential customers.

Additionally, TikTok can be a great idea to contribute to your brand awareness since you have a chance to reach more people on other social media platforms.

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How is TikTok Used For Marketing?

Creating an account on TikTok is not the only thing to do, of course. The second thing you need to do is to build a community who are familiar to you.

You don’t have to appeal to everyone on TikTok, yet if you build your circle with devoted followers and customers, they want to know more about you through your account or your website later on.

While you collect your followers and army, you should not forget your competitors since they might have a TikTok account that you want to struggle with. TikTok is not a literal battleground but it is highly challenging to survive.

Therefore, focus on creating unique and relevant content for your brand to increase your followers.

For example, if your brand deals with beauty and cosmetics, you need to search for something new since everyone deals with cosmetics and promotes their products with influencers.

However, if your brand deals with IT, this is another kettle of fish and you should determine your perspective accordingly.


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In addition to the benefits of video marketing, there are many outstanding TikTok marketing trends for growth as follows:

There are many trends that we are not aware of these are marketing trends, and the most outstanding TikTok Marketing Trends are as follows:

There are many trends that we are not aware of these are marketing trends, and the most outstanding TikTok Marketing Trends are as follows:

1. Brand Accounts and Videos

Creating a TikTok account for our brand would be wise to give a start.

You do not have to find a choreography for your brand at first glance, yet you need to observe what your competitors are doing first.

It is crucial for you to be authentic and creative. You need to think like your customers, such as what they would want to see and learn from your account or what your differences are unlike your competitors.

Creating an account and examining your competitors will be useful steps to see that you have been catching up with trends and want to grow your impact.

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2. Branded Hashtag Videos

Hashtags are highly common in social media and they are the game-changers on TikTok.

Though branded hashtag videos can be divided into sub-headings, the main point here is that they are the bridges between the users and the brands

According to what TikTok has offered, there will appear five important aspects when you make use of branded hashtag videos: Brand awareness, ad recall, favorability, purchase intent, and association.

And even, if you add a link on your bio so that people can be led to your landing page it will be easier to have conversions and increase ROI.

3. In-Feed Ads

In-Feed Ads appear in feeds naturally. They can be determined by the system or arranged manually.

When done manually, the videos are shown on the ‘For You' page and it makes people think that these are customized for them. In a way, the aims of the brands and potential customers meet themselves.

The reason why these are among marketing trends is that they monetize the website and lead people to buy since the buttons mostly include CTA.

Also, these all are towards the improvement of the user experience of TikTok and the attainability of your brand.

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4. Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover Ads appear when someone opens the app in full-screen mode and it gets whole attention at first.

It is one of the best ways to convey your message and aim to your customers directly. Since they show up when the app is opened, the ads reach a great mass of people.

On the other hand, though you have a chance to reach more people and advance your brand awareness, they have high costs because brand takeover ads can also come out on the ‘For You’ page in different formats (GIFs, images, videos).

You need to make the calculations if you are a new marketer on TikTok since brand takeover ads may not be your first choice to make the debut.

5. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

People love videos on Tiktok, but they also care about the process of creating.

Although it is not so easy to create content as a BTS video, they are helpful to include the users in the process.

Subject to the business your brand deals with, BTS videos can be valuable choices.


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6. TopViews Ads

TopView Ads appear on the first part of ‘For You’ page and it lasts up to 60 seconds in full-screen video mode.

These are among the most effective ones to capture the users’ attention.

In addition, if you create an inspirational video to keep the users with you, you can get the utmost efficiency from TopView Ads with the full-screen feature and the duration of the videos.

7. Branded Effects

If you concentrate on including your users in the newness you experience, they will be happier obviously to follow you.

With branded effects, you use effects in a playful manner and put the brand at the forefront again.

Branded effects may be composed of dances, games, choices, and interactive elements which lead the users to relate themselves to the brands.

The most positive side of branded effects is that they leave a place for creativity and interactive collaborations with different interesting techniques.

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8. Duet Videos

Not all brands love songs, or they do not have their songs either. However, the main point should be the possibility of making collaborations to increase brand awareness.

Duet videos are common, yet brands generally do not prefer songs to collaborate on instead of dealing with an influencer who can promote the product.

Everything in this list about TikTok marketing trends deserves a chance, so a brand can determine a song to be sung and identify it with itself.

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9. Stitch Videos

Stitch videos are the ones in which two or more videos are combined by a creator. These are so similar to duets since different videos are blended.

However, when duets display the videos side-by-side, stitch videos show the original video first and the new video about the original one later.
Stitch videos deal with the topics for elaborating while duets focus on collaborations.

Although the stitch videos are primarily to-the-point and you need some original videos to play a part in, you could need some collaborations.


Now Introducing: STITCH! Make the ultimate collab with your fav creators 🎬

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10. Live Shopping Ads

If you are willing to sell your products through lives, it is possible as well.

As a part of TikTok for Business, live shopping ads take place by placing the item during a live show.

Your brand ambassador or influencers may introduce or promote the products to the audience, you give a chance to purchase them at the same time they talk about the help of this trend.

Taking YouTube’s Live feature into consideration, this feature can work well like the YouTubers selling the products during the shows. It is a good idea to carry this idea on TikTok.

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What is Important in TikTok?

We determine the four most important criteria in TikTok.

- Creativity

Considering both as an advantage and a disadvantage, everyone knows about TikTok, and everyone tries to be included in trends. The important thing here is that you should put creativity at the forefront. You should not imitate, but be capable of finding new ideas for your brand.

- Content Richness

Since there are many people, you can choose your side or be limitless. In other words, if your brand appeals to everyone, you need to embrace new cultures, places, and people of all ages.

That’s how you can be closer to creating rich content. Yet, if you think your brand is a niche, then you need to determine the audiences which you address on TikTok.

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- Uniqueness

People look for uniqueness, and it is the same case on TikTok as well. Being out of popular belief will help you redefine the trends. After examining your competitors, you need to find what they lack and do more than them.

- Togetherness

All social media platforms love having different communes because the people in communes support each other, and they share a lot. If you can find a commune to be a part of with your brand, it increases your chance to break the boundaries and reach more people. Also, remember better together!

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Is TikTok Good for Marketing?

Yes, TikTok is evidently good for marketing since people are not using it just for fun. Since marketing has many choices to go, trends help brands rise and shine. Also, as long as being used wisely and strategically, all social media platforms affect the growth of the business in better ways than ever.

Why is TikTok Important?

To answer this question, there are solid reasons, like:

  • TikTok reaches more due to the great number of people who use it.
  • TikTok increases creativity since humans care about authenticity.
  • TikTok helps you stay ahead of your competitors while catching up on trends.
  • TikTok gets more insights when the right marketing techniques are applied.
  • TikTok increases credibility because when more people know about your brand, you grow audience engagement.

Why Should Marketers Be on TikTok?

Marketers need to see the benefits of TikTok and here are some.

  • Newness is the best and when the marketers choose another platform to be on the stage, that’s a breath of fresh air for the brand.
  • Marketers have many choices of marketing trends to choose from.
  • Depending on your brand type, you have a chance to redefine influencer marketing.
  • TikTok makes reaching the target audience easier.
  • Marketers can lead professional content on their accounts based on their specialties.
  • Because TikTok is a platform open to improvement, marketers can add meanings with their own hashtags.
  • TikTok is another way of content creation if the business is fond of growth marketing.
  • Marketers should also catch up with the flow, so TikTok is a good way of doing this.

How to Create a TikTok Trend

Creating a TikTok trend may be easy and complicated at the same time since there are some features that need to be considered.

One of the most crucial things is timing; you should definitely know when to start a trend. That is, if you follow the seasonal campaigns as a marketer, it will be wiser.

Also, there is a marketing holiday calendar that you may have a chance to create a trend based on the importance and your business needs.

On the other hand, it is important to know when to stop your trend. Because every trend has an end, then they become outdated after some time. As the marketer and the business owner, you need to see the deadline of this trend in order not to make it cringe for your customers.

Mentioning the customers, the more relatable, the better. No one wants to include if a trend is not relatable or suitable to the content of their account. Therefore, you need to pay attention to whom you collaborate so that you could have a target audience to relate to and use your product.

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Though TikTok is mostly used for entertainment and challenges, it is possible to apply marketing strategies and take advantage of them.

Now that you know the importance and some of the most common TikTok marketing trends, you should start your own marketing strategy by including TikTok.

Even if it is not your priority, you may give a chance to have a good TikTok account and be open to new ideas for the sake of your brand’s growth and future.



Top 10 most poetic moments in cinema. #austok #netty

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